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Trump and Mental Health  


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02/15/2019 11:39 pm  

I believe that Trump will not serve his full term in office. I also believe it will be due more to his mental health than what has been discovered by Muller.  I  believe PLENTY will be found by Mueller, but ultimately it will not matter in the long run.

For a few years I have felt the President has been suffering from a form of dementia.  This would be in addition to any and all personality disorders he has and any learning disabilities.  I believe he has both personality and learning disorders and because of this it is difficult to always determine what is normal Trump and what might be dementia.   

For instance, if he has always had difficulty reading ( which I believe), one can't really point to reading mistakes in a speech or mispronouncing words as possible dementia. 

If he has a long history of lying as it appears, then this would be normal behavior.

There are other signs however of dementia.  

Getting lost and  not knowing a sense of place is one.  He frequently will walk somewhere and not know how to get from point A to point B.  He often wanders after walking down the steps of Air Force One and doesn't know where to go.  Wonders past heads of state waiting to great him,  Wandered around the Queen (and around and around) while inspecting the troops. Has wondered away before signing bills and so forth.  These are not one offs but now normal for Trump.

He is comfortable with repeating his greatest hits.  One could say it is for his base, but  I believe there is more to it than that.  He doesn't come up with new things to play to his base.  It is still about the wall, Hillary, the ninth circuit,  terrorists, being a great businessman, something costing billions and billions and so forth. When talking about something new he can't get the facts straight.  He makes them up. But why does he make them up?  Besides whatever personality disorder is guiding him, I also believe it is because he CAN'T learn new things anymore.  He has a grasp of 10 of the 100  pieces in a puzzle and comes up with anything that comes to mind to fill in the missing pieces.  Additionally, things he knew from the past (immigration issues from the 1980's and 90's, how  the world economy used to work, coal energy) are  how he approaches many current situations.  Perhaps on some level  " Make Americas Great Again" might really mean ( Make America what it was because I don't understand how it works today to make forward progress.)

He is also rambling more and being more bizarre. 

More and more Republicans are beginning to distance themselves from his comments and actions.  Keep and eye out for them to begin to mention his odd actions or strange behavior.  If more and more start talking about the weird things  he does , this might be our cue that they are  getting the public used to the idea that Trump has some mental issues, which will then make it acceptable to eventually remove him from office.  Once he is found to be mental unstable or have dementia, it would be difficult to charge him with a crime.  " He didn't understand what he was doing, he is not capable of understanding the gravity of his crimes...".  This will then obsolve them from any roll they played in the madness of Trump.  They will insist they didn't know or tried to protect the country or are victims themselves.  Watch for more White House personal saying the are frustrated or don't understand Trumps rationale for decisions  like his White House lawyers stated today about his calling National Emergency for the boarder wall.

I think this explains much of what our community has been seeing and why people are not seeing Trump in prison, just in an isolated not relevant place.  

This is what I am sensing but who knows for sure.

Anybody else what to comment?


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02/16/2019 9:10 am  

Read an interesting post on Kos the other day about Trump's recent physical. It seems that one of the drugs he is on, rosuvastatin, is used for lowering cholesterol AND is also used off label for dementia. The dosage he is on, 40mg, is unusually high also. 

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02/17/2019 4:05 pm  


I have posted here elsewhere my own views on Cheetolini's dementia. I spent years working with all kinds of brain injured people, especially many forms of dementia.  I continue to believe that his dementia is what's known as Syphilitic Dementia or Neurosyphilis.

From the NIH website: "Dementia is one of the manifestations of late syphilis and it is characterized by cognitive deterioration and behaviour disturbances. We report on a male patient with cognitive decline, behaviour disorder, hyperactivity, hallucinations, short-term memory...."

I agree he was learning disabled as a youth, and that accounts for some of what we see, but the "word salad" aspects of what he says are definitely consistent with dementia, as are the rages that we get leaked reports of.

What Paul W says about Rosuvastatin is true. My husband takes it for heart disease, and he only takes 20mg per day. Given Twitler's body size, age, etc., I agree it's likely being prescribed for cholesterol but also for the off-label benefits of leveling off dementia progression in earlier phases of the disease.

Lots of smoking guns....

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