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The weaponization of misinformation in 2020 campaign  


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02/08/2020 1:57 pm  

To me, one of the most important things to be aware of during the upcoming U.S. election is the weaponization of misinformation and propaganda.   The Trump campaign found that it worked great in 2016 and will be stepping up their efforts this year.  But, Trump isn't the only one using this approach - we are being bombarded every day by misinformation and attempts to control our minds.  

A very good article on this can be found at this link (The Atlantic magazine):

I feel this is an especially important topic for intuitives because we are more open to picking up signals and signs from the greater collective consciousness and may inadvertently be affected by these efforts without realizing it.  So, it is probably even more important for us to be fully informed about this issue.

And, this isn't just a  U.S. issue either -- this is being used around the world.

So I thought I'd start a thread on this topic where we can share articles and information about how to spot and shield ourselves from these attacks.  Because, make no mistake - these are attacks.


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