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The Economy  


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05/14/2019 10:44 pm  

I currently have a child in college. The state of this country and world terrifies me and breaks my heart in many ways, but I get so sad thinking about what things will look like for my kids as they enter adulthood. My son is a political science/Spanish double major, and I truly want to believe he will be a force for good, but he’s also never really been challenged or had to work too hard for things. He’s a bit “charmed,” and I don’t know how far that charm will take him into the future. And then there’s the worry about student debt he will accrue through grad school ... will it be worth it? Will he be joining an economy that has imploded? Will he live in our basement until he’s 35? And what about his sister, who isn’t nearly as book smart or driven as he is, but is monumentally curious and artistic ... will there be a place for someone like her? Will the world just weigh with ugly heaviness on a spirit like hers? I feel like our entire existence as a country is just a board game being played by greedy, shallow sociopaths, and we are pawns in their hands.

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05/14/2019 10:52 pm  

That's how I am feeling...I use to believe that if we worked hard, we could achieve the American dream, however we define that for ourselves.

But I no longer feel that way. I do believe I am on track spiritually, but for the physical world, I feel like we are just expendable for those in power.


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05/14/2019 11:34 pm  

He craves approval so he wouldn’t mess up on purpose.

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05/19/2019 7:18 am  

to anyone worried about the national debt and China holding a large amount of US debt, I highly recommend watching this video by Pro Stephanie Kelton. You'll feel better afterwards.

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