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Stephen Miller  


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04/07/2019 6:22 pm  

I don’t think he has ever been discussed in length. After all he is the black soul behind all of Trumps ani-immigrant laws and many other things that are happening now at the border. This is a man with a black soul. He always has a deadpan look.  Also he is one of 2 (the other one being that Kelly Conway) longest aid. Everyone else that started with him are gone.  But he still hangs on. I just read that Kirstjen Nielsen is expected to resign since Trump wants a tougher direction on immigration. How much harder then what is happening now? Kids being seperated and are being incarcerated. Does anyone see how long he last? He is just pure evil. When are we going to stop all this madness? Trump wants to stop chain migration and basically no more immigrants coming to the us

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04/07/2019 9:30 pm  

I call him 'Lil' Sinister'. This is one very sociopathic dark soul! It's difficult to go much deeper than the surface when trying to read him, because he is so chilling and calculating.

Even his boyhood family Rabbi begged him to turn away from the dark deeds that he has immersed himself in, but he was born with this condition he has... maybe a Nazi in the previous lifetime. He certainly has that vacant look in his eyes, and I suspect that he is prompting T***p in much of his insanity as well.

He will probably be ousted when his 'Fuhrer' is. In the meantime it is a little scary to think of what they will be plotting next.

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04/07/2019 10:28 pm  

It’s nothing good I suspect. They wish they could go full force on their ideas but this is not the 1930. Anything that happens within minutes we know. That’s the kind of world we live in and thank god. I could only imagine what would be happening right now if we did not. 

Senator Chuck Schumer When even the most radical voices in the administration aren’t radical enough for President Trump, you know he’s completely lost touch with the American people.

Nancy Pelosi. As Homeland Security Secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen oversaw the implementation of the Trump Admin’s increasingly toxic anti-immigrant policies. That she is reportedly resigning because she is not extreme enough for the White House’s liking is deeply alarming.

This is alarming what else are they going to do? 

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