Situation unraveling for Trump  

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09/07/2019 2:30 pm  

As I was returning from the wilderness today I overheard Canadian airport security joking loudly and openly about the clown in the Oval Office.  They were derisively laughing at his idiotic suggestion to nuke the hurricane followed by his Alabama gaffe and our Government’s attempts to cover it all up. 

As I walked away from them a clear knowing came to me that reflects what others have posted here —that Donald Trump will soon fall flat and be remembered as a pathetic clown of a president. That he will be a momentary blip in our history. 


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09/07/2019 2:46 pm  

Interesting... I have never seen scrying done. The images do look unsettling. 

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09/07/2019 2:52 pm  


There's many different ways to do scrying.  

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09/07/2019 8:14 pm  


Regarding scrying. I’ve never heard it called that before but you can create any abstract image using tea leaves, coffee grounds, mud, drips in tile or glass  from the shower and look at the image with a question in your mind.  Then allow the abstract formations to suggest something to you.  That’s how the Rorschach ink blot test works.  What you “see” in the abstract image becomes your intuitive vision.  

You can also just start scribbling or playing around with a paintbrush and then step back and see what the image suggests to you.  

I used to see the collective emotions of our country by staring at the drips coming off the tiles in my health club showers.   I allowed each tile to represent a year and then I’d “see” a graph from the drips which then described quite accurately the state of the collective.  

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09/08/2019 2:07 am  


Let me guess - at some point you've seen those drips circling the drain? Kinda like our country is circling the drain right now?  😉 

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09/09/2019 11:30 am  

Does anyone else feel the tension rising in the collective? I have been feeling a nagging sense of something big about to happen with regard to T. since last night. Between the scandals of his self dealing with the government’s money in Scotland using the military, his rage tweeting and inviting and uninviting the Taliban to Camp David shortly before 9/11, it coming out that intelligence people were so untrusting of him not blabbing about a source inside the Ru. government that the person had to be removed from the country for his safety and the House about to start formal Impeachment Inquiries, I ask myself what more chaos is going to evolve this week! It feels like the tide is starting to turn and events are going to speed up. Does anyone else get a sense of this?

I think we are all going to need a good sleep in and a vacation once we are done sorting all of this stuff out!

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09/09/2019 3:07 pm  


Yes!!  And I thought it was just me.  Been feeling this way for about a week.  I've had periods of feeling hyper, then free-floating anxiety.  Also very deep, active dreams, which unfortunately I can't remember.  Plus waking up more during the night.  No concrete explanation for any of it.  Feels like things are speeding up, and/or a crash of some sort is coming. 

I've tried to revisit that Oval Office vision I had about a month ago, but can't clearly  connect with it.  In my earlier vision the Oval Office is bright, clean, sun streaming in from the windows behind the Presidential desk.  The Orange One is gone.  Things feel joyful, hopeful.  The best part for me was, in those few moments I felt like we were already there in time.  It felt wonderful.

That positive vision is still there; it's just now hidden from view, behind a dingy red curtain on stage.  I can see it, but I can't feel it.  It can't be released until the current actor and props are removed.  The Orange One is on stage, refusing to leave and take his props with him.  A stage (shepherd's) crook extends from offstage to pull him away -- something you'd see in a vaudeville act or in a Looney Tunes' cartoon.  I can even hear the Looney Tunes' music.  (Hmm ... didn't someone in one of their visions hear, "That's all, folks!" ?)   

Somebody finally says, "I've had it!", and pulls the fire alarm.  

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09/09/2019 3:35 pm  

Baba: I kept throwing the cards today, couldn't get any "psychic" feelings about them--just confusion (I don't read cards that often at all) when I first read them this am. So I left them, kept working at my job, then went to lunch, and just threw them quickly and felt "connected".  The cards (I Asked: "Will DJT be out of office/white house before the election in 2020") showed me clearly (outcome is 4 Wands) that he will.  (Cards were Ace of Wands, crossed by the Devil), above was King of Pentacles, below was Knight of Wands, leaving/recent past is 8 of pentacles, coming soon is 4 of cups, How everyone sees/feels is Temperance, Hopes/Fears: is 5 of swords, outcome is 4 of Wands.  I also keep getting November 7th flashing in my mind!

Deetoo: That made me laugh so much and gave me a boost today! Love it! 😀

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09/10/2019 2:30 pm  

I've been feeling the tension too. My anxiety is through the roof although in my personal life it's mostly good stuff going on, and what's going on on the global stage is pretty much the same (i.e., awful).  I tried to share some of my anxieties with hubby and friends, and only one friend, who is indigenous and a strong witch shares my feelings. Everyone else thinks I'm being ridiculous.

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09/12/2019 5:01 am  

I thought that this article was interesting and on point for those of us who think it is better not to feed into T.’s every outrage - thereby feeding his limitless desire for attention,  but to calmly do everything to work towards positive change that we can and let him destroy himself.

As a personal example, I was once confronted with a narcissistic family member who thought it was ok to literally scream in my face and have a tantrum about something that they didn’t like that I had no control over. It was the first time that it happened as an adult and I was visiting for a family event. I calmly told this person that they could either stop what they were doing or that I would pack up my things and leave and that I was no longer going to accept that kind of behavior. Believe it or not, I then received an apology and this person - who still has tantrums - has not tried it with me personally again. My point after that long-winded story is that sometimes calmly stating what is and then carrying on with a sensible plan is sometimes the most effective strategy when dealing with someone who thrives on drama and chaos.

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09/12/2019 11:28 am  

Honestly I think we all feel the anxiety right now.  Everyday there is anew, I don't even know what to call them anymore, disruption maybe?  I have a feeling this has to do with Congress coming back from vacation.  I know people get really upset at Nancy Pelosi for not calling for impeachment already, but I think she is a calculating person.  She has stated she wants Dump in prison and I believe she is  gathering info and recruiting supporters.  On one hand, even though I want Dump gone NOW, I can understand that it has to be done right.  MoscowMitch and BillyBarr will do  everything they can to stop the procedure, the idea is to make it so strong that they can't.  I think his financials are going to show how close he has come to treason.  There is something in them that is so damning that it will not be able to be ignored.  Putting an impeachment vote out that will be assured to be defeated will nto do any good.  Yes it will draw attention but a defeat will give Dump and assoc fuel to ridacule the Dems and could be an explosive tool in the next election.  And we ll know how Dump is if you give him a bone!  

I just keep repeating to myself Dumps MO is deflect, deflect, deflect, deny!  He is loosing more and more of his mind and geting more and more uncontrolable.  I seriously don't think he will make it to the election.  I did laugh when I saw the cspan shot of the crowd at the NC rally.  The stands behind him were packed as usual by paid sign carriers.  When they panned outto what was infront of Dump it was almost empty. Maybe a hundred.  I was disappointed in the NC election but NC is one of the most corrupt states in the South.  I heard there was only 35% voter turnout.  Sad. 

Oh well another day another round of stupid explosive tweets!

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09/12/2019 12:05 pm  


Your post about IQ45 falling flat and disappearing in history did my heart good. Each day I cringe at all the darkness he and the Rethugs are spreading across this country. 

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09/13/2019 1:02 pm  


My father did that to me all the time (but he was manic 1) and I used to get a better response from him when i calmly told him the same thing. Sometimes I screamed back because I was so used to being screamed at by him it made me anxiety ridden. I once had a boss who screamed at me like you described and I calmly told him that I gave him nothing but respect and deserved/expected in return. He never screamed at me again and he apologized for days.

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