Situation unraveling for Trump  

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08/17/2019 8:11 pm  


As far as DT's conservative detractors go, I think the ones who're speaking out right now are carefully and deliberately priming the electorate for what's ahead. I feel big(ger) change on the wind. So, maybe while legislators are away on break, GOP proxies are making smoke signals on primetime.  

@lawrence, have you had a vision regarding who the GOP might run in his place? Anyone else? (I personally don't see Pence lasting more than a little while in the oval, if he even makes it there. I pray I'm not wrong.)

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08/17/2019 8:27 pm  

@vestralux  I'll give it some further thought. I agree about Pence. He has never vibrated for me. Weak. I do feel Nikki Haley has been considered for a while now. Overall, the GOP has dug it's own grave and will soon reap their bitter pill karma. You can't step on innocent people's rights and not pay a price. It's coming.

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08/18/2019 8:56 am  

VestraLux -- I've noticed the same thing,  Suddenly "the Mooch" is all over the place with his criticisms. He's been on TV mentioning Nikki Haley (not as a candidate, but just saying he's spoken to her, why would hey say that?). A few other republicans doing similar things.  A really fear they're planning something (because the repubs always have something up their sleeves). Maybe a candidate just as extreme but less vulgar.  So the policies will be just as mean-spirited with with a better veneer.  And then I can just see them all talking about how they stayed quiet for the good of the country, that they were in the inside trying to keep things from getting too bad. That they were the true patriots. That's going to be their talking point.

Lawrence -- I really hope you're right and that the GOP has dug a hole and will reap a bitter pill. I would hate to have endured the last years, and one more, only to have more of the same with prettier words and less orange. 

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08/18/2019 9:51 am  

About Jill Stein, Tulsi Gabbard, & Russian interference:

My sense is that there is no formal arrangement or conspiracy but that the Russian intelligence behind the bot/trolls and media disinformation campaigns just sees a rift on the left that they can exploit to their end. I'm seeing former "Bernie Bro" types get behind Gabbard & push for Gabbard or Sanders only, arguing that the rest of the candidates are corporate tools. Many of these folks follow Democracy Now & The Intercept, which are legit news sources that critique corporate influence in ways you won't see in mainstream media, but through these networks I imagine they get sucked into Russian-generated propaganda that cements their position against any other candidates. Same mechanism behind Jill Stein in 2016. A local city council representative that I used to support fell into this spiral and was posting all kinds of questionable anti-Hilary pieces, and he was so vehement & angry about it. It cost him his last election and he is no longer in office.

But there are genuine issues and problems that these conspiracy theories ignore and gloss over. No one is suggesting Nader was supported by the Russians in 2000. Many people, myself included, were deeply disappointed with the Clinton Admin., for various reasons. Around the turn of the century I moved to New Mexico and I registered with the Green Party, and yes, I was one of those who voted for Nader. I wanted to see real action on environmental issues, economic equality, LGBTQ rights, etc., and I had lost faith in the democratic party. I did not vote for Stein, but I did vote Sanders in the primary and it was REALLY REALLY hard for me to vote for Clinton, especially after her remarks that she saw Henry Kissinger as a model for foreign policy. My husband & I both felt sick after voting, but we felt strongly (and rightly) that the orange goblin was a much greater evil. We are both registered as independent.

My point is that we ought to listen to the reasons so many are fed up with politicians, our two party system, corporate influence over elected officials, etc. Sanders made the gains he did because many people care more about these issues than just voting for your "team." There was a clear effort working against him from mainstream media and within the DNC--the Russian's merely exploited that to further enrage the Bernie Bro set. 

Gabbard lost me when after the Mueller Report she publicly stated that it was clear there was no collusion with Russia and we should be glad the nation won't need to go through impeachment, etc. I don't see this as Russia telling her what to do, but her pandering to her base, who also follow Glen Greenwald and the narrative that there's nothing substantial to be found in the Russian Investigation. Reports have shown that Russian troll bots & disinformation are working to support Gabbard's campaign, and to my knowledge, she hasn't spoken out against that practice, so I don't have much respect for her and I question her motivation and integrity. 

I'm not sure we should worry about Gabbard or Stein as much as the potential hacking of our voting systems and making sure way more folks get to the polls and their votes actually count. Stacey Abrams just launched an initiative to this end:


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08/18/2019 4:39 pm  


Thank you so much for this post. Insofar as it can be done in fewer than 600 words, you've just clearly articulated my own personal politics, and the process of my thinking on some of these things. When we're outsiders to the larger stream (as all of us are who post in a space like this!), it's always nice to find another member of the tribe, so to speak. 😊

I was listening to a Democracy Now! broadcast earlier today, actually, and it had me thinking about the very crossover you mentioned. If the science of advertising has proved anything, it's that virtually no one is impervious to influence. And "influence" is a science. 

It's never been more important for progressive-minded people (and everyone else) to exercise critical thinking. To do that well, we need to remember to get out of our silos whenever we can, in order to acquire deeper understanding about other ways of thinking, and to exercise greater self-awareness in relation

I'm reminded of a study taught to early students of social psychology. If I remember it right, the study involved groups of kittens that were raised exclusively in rounded spaces, with no exposure to corners or hard edges. At a certain age, the kittens were dropped into an ordinary room with corners and furniture with edges, but were completely unable to see them. They could navigate rounded table legs, but repeatedly bumped into corners. I'd have to read about it again, but I seem to recall there being a window of opportunity, after which these kittens could never learn to see corners.

I'm always a little concerned about whether or not I've exposed myself to a great enough biodiversity of ideas so that I don't lose the capacity to see what's right in front of my face. The internet was going to be the great connector (and I believe it eventually will be), but in many ways, we're primarily using it to further divisions. And those divisions are being used to exploit and influence us. It's still early days in the grand scheme, but even that fact benefits the powerful.

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08/21/2019 5:38 pm  


Replying to your post in the other thread here:

I don't know if you care much about astrology, but we're on the verge of a powerful stellium in Virgo (where several planets all converge in the sign at once). The energetic geometry of these planets with others in the sky right now are collectively forming a grand cross, which is an INTENSE energy to say the least, and not an especially frequent phenomenon. It's important and necessary for our country that this is happening now. But until it passes (after about the first week of Sept, if I recall correctly), we're all going to be feeling a building of tension and potentially even anxiety. 

During this period, I suspect that Trump is going to absolutely lose his ever-loving mind (what's left of it), so be prepared for that. This news about his decision to keep migrant children detained permanently—and about a dozen other things that could feel like swords through the heart—are manifestations of this astrological energy. But they WILL pass. Like a huge release valve being switched, we'll feel that collective tension whooshing out early September. And that'll come sooner than it seems, promise. 

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08/21/2019 6:45 pm  


I'd like to learn more about astrology, but it seems very overwhelming. I was born on August 23rd, at 12:48am, so I believe that makes me a Leo, although I've also seen it as a Virgo.

I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that not only am I affected by the energy of other people, but also the planets? I just know my gravestone will say "Death due to Mercury Retrograde."


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08/21/2019 7:25 pm  


You're a cusp baby, born straddling the signs. August 23rd kicks off Virgo, but that early in the morning, your chart might show you as a Leo. Depends on where you were born. Either way, no doubt this stellium in Virgo (and the grand cross it's about to form in the sky) is having a particular impact on you. 

Everything is fractal in our holographic cosmos, and yeah, that kind of complexity is impossible to fathom. But I wouldn't worry about the stars. And I'm laughing at your epitaph (perfect!) but I gotta say it: definitely don't worry about Mercury Retrograde. In my experience, it's a beneficial and necessary energy. Mercury Rx slows everything d o w n and gives us needed time to process and reconsolidate the hiccups of the noosphere, which moves entirely too fast anyway.

People just like a reason to freak out. 😉 

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If you were born on August 23, you need to know the time of your birth in order to see where the sun was. I am a September 23, on the cusp of Virgo/Libra, but my sign is Libra. 

As far as Trump losing his mind, I believe this joining of Virgo has already accomplished that, given that he has declared himself The Chosen One and The Second Coming (I think - I've blocked it out). And to think he's running our country and all anybody can say is vote in 2020. Something needs to be done long before then.

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08/21/2019 9:45 pm  

@suspira44 Absolutely agreed. It's painful.

And just downright bizarre (as if we hadn't already maxed his credit on that score).

As my granny might have said about him: "The wheels might still be turnin', but the hamster's officially dead."



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I see the "second coming of God" thing a little differently. Trump is badly losing in the polls he sp deeply cares about. He is also fighting for his freedom, as they will lock him up(pun intended), if he loses. 

Here is my line of thinking. He was elected primarily by the evangelical vote. They are still his base but also starting to waver a bit from the "god damn" quotes at his rallys. They initially voted for him because they believe he was sent from God and will bring about the rapture. Essentially they see him as either the antichrist, or a prelude to it. The antichrist, in biblical lore, claims to be the second coming of Christ or God himself(depending on which interpretstion you go by), so him claiming this is a move to reinforce the evangelical beliefs that got him here. As messed up as it sounds, I truly believe that he is now trying to parade as the antichrist to get votes......and it will work to some extent. 

I really cant believe I wrote that. WTF has this world come to?

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I agree, with a little added thought.  He won because of evangelicals and people who were too apathetic to vote because they thought Hillary had it in the bag, plus Russia. He knows he's losing support, and constantly needs to amp things up to get more attention. The economy has him freaked out. Does he believe he's God. Nah, but he just thinks it's something to say that'll get him attention. As Lawrence wrote a few times already, he's sliding down a hill. He's losing his power. 

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Heck, his tapping into being the chosen one and officially offering to buy Greenland was the absolute highlight of my day. I needed a really big laugh.

When I learned that Pence starred in a video that was circulating throughout Evangelical churches all over the U.S. pre-election hinting if not already predicting Trump as the chosen one, I knew my Evangelical friends would get on the Trump wagon big time. He's just reminding the stray sheep that the sheep in wolf's clothing was really and truly chosen and not to forget it.

He's officially a very smart sociopath in my mind-- playing his fiddle (deliberately I might add) and howling, as he pulls us all into his crazies, distracts us from what he and his tribal dynasty are really trying to do and go, while be serves his role and purpose at the center of it all) as the world begins its ascent into madness, destruction and hopefully some awesomely good rebirth as we all continue our endless, mindless running around all of our lemming/gerbil/hamster/karma wheels.

Some days we're all crazy 🤣  

I just make my sign of the Einsteinian cross and pray for inner peace and a gentler flow after the stars align in December-- and things get shaken not stirred big time!


Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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08/22/2019 11:00 am  

While I know how cunning and calculating he can be, I believe he's also descending into a deeper madness.  I think he's heard this for so long from his evangelical base, that he's begun to believe he is the Chosen One.  His pathological, malignant narcissism has metastasized into a messiah complex.  I shudder to imagine what goes on behind those closed doors of the WH.

Speaking of which:  when his butt is finally booted out of there, I suggest that we get together and do a cleansing and healing meditation of the WH.  I've already purchased my sage and candle. 

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08/22/2019 11:17 am  


Absolutely,  deeper and deeper.

Hmmmmm, wonder who he will choose to write his next autobiography. Art of the Deal Redux of All Time ?

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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Just a question, if he thinks he is the chosen one do you think he believes himself to be Jesus' brother?  He now wants to change the Constitution by executive order.  How dumb can he be?  I realize this is all a stall tactic.  He knows if he is booted out of office he will be arrested by the State of NY for al knd of criminal charges.  I truly believe he thinks he is being smart and authoritative not realizing he is being seen as demented by anyone who is the least bit sane! 

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08/22/2019 1:54 pm  

Newsweek had written an article about Trump mental state. The psychiatrist who already sounded the alarm in 2017 now says

He told MSNBC that Trump had "a fundamental need to be all-powerful and all loved and can't stand challenges."

"He can't stand anything that disagrees with him, and the more you challenge him, the more unhinged he becomes, the more paranoid, and the more violent, potentially," Dodes said

He doesn't really love anyone except himself. That's not a slur, that's a psychological fact. People like him are about him. If he's not useful to him, he stops loving him. That's part of the essential emptiness of Donald Trump. He doesn't have real relationships with people." (Something his followers don’t see)

There's something fundamentally different about him from normal people. It's a psychotic-like state. The more you press him, the more you see how disorganized and empty he is. The more he flies into a disorganized rage.

"He thinks of himself as a dictator, and it's all him and no one else really matters," Dodes told MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell.


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Not only was it funny him suggesting he was interested in buying Greenland but also thinking that master of the art of the deal can actually talk Denmark into selling it. He got his feeling hurt when they said no. Just like a child he cancelled his trip there. Is that all you have to do to get him to not visit. 

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08/22/2019 2:20 pm  

Pssst .....

Who's going to be the one to tell him that Buckingham Palace isn't for sale either?

Cuz I sure ain't going to be the one to tell him....

M. Mulvaney - Sept 2019

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I don't think Trump believes he is the chosen one. I think he believes people are stupid and easily fooled and he's fooled them. He's a malignant narcissist who can't stand any kind of criticism or any view that is not his own, but that's not the same as him believing he's the son of god or Jesus' brother.  

He believes he is very special and can get away with anything and has total entitlement to anything he wants.  He is a megalomaniac and a narcissist, and has a number of personality pathologies. 

But I don't think he believes in God or Jesus.  I don't think he's religious or spiritual.  

He's a hedonist and a narcissist, and if he ever thinks about spiritual matters, I feel he's say he's an atheist.  

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