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[Closed] The Unraveling -- Donald Trump  

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12/12/2019 12:55 pm  

@Vestralux @Lovendures


Your posts brought me GLEE!

I've been feeling heavy lately too, and now I'm laid low with an upper respiratory virus (because I always get sick a. when I'm stressed, and b. at the holidays). I've been actively avoiding news cycles this week. I have been focusing my attention on stupid TV. My favorite stupid TV right now is The Masked Singer. Yes, it's on Fox, but so is The Simpsons.  It's so entertaining, I don't even look up online spoilers, I just enjoy the ride.  I recommend watching it with a [spiked] eggnog in hand.

As Solstice approaches, I feel we all need to hibernate just a little, to recharge so we come into 2020 ready to fight the big fights. Donnie Douchebag et al will get their comeuppance...

Happy Full Moon and Namasté!

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12/12/2019 4:04 pm  


When your tree fell down again this year yet none of your ornaments broke, is that possibly a good sign?  Back in 2017, Trump took over, and succeeded in breaking common decency rules and the Constitution (among other things).  Basically, American unity and decency fell.  However, this time in 2019, your tree fell again, but none of your ornaments broke.  Perhaps this is a sign that Trump will fall, and the things that he has not destroyed will remain intact?  That the dreaded "Civil War" he predicts his supporters will launch should he fall fail to materialize?

Speaking of which, several Trump supporters actually approached me today and told me they planned to take up their guns and shoot the democrats if Trump was removed.  My response (summary) was this:

"Go ahead.  You bring your guns, then we will bring ours.  There are over three million more of us than there are of you, and you succeeded in driving many people who voted for Trump in 2016 to our side anyway, so there are more of us now then there was then.  If you wish to die for a sexual predator and child cager, we are more than happy to oblige you!"

Their response?  Shock.  Then they backtracked and tried to justify their actions.  "Uh, we didn't mean go after you!  We meant the corrupt liberals!"

Me-"I support removing Trump, so that must mean I am a liberal.  If being a liberal means I am anti-rape, anti-sexual harrassment, anti-child abuse, etc., then sign me up!  What do you think happens when you threaten people?  Eventually we get sick of it!  So keep up the threats!  But don't beg us for mercy when we take you down!  Because we will not be intimidated by a bunch of rapist, racist republicans!"

Needless to say, there was more back-peddling and self-justification (with assurances that they didn't actually "mean it," while I responded that I fully planned on defending myself and others if they tried.)

This event brought a new realization.  These people are cowards.  They think that by threating violence, they will scare the rest of us.  But when faced with actual opposition, they back down.

The truly sad thing?  There were three of them and one of me!  And yet when confronted, they were not prepared with the realization that someone would actually fight back.

Do I think we need to threaten violence as a result?  Of course not!  WE are of the light, and it is not our way.  But I think that if we started confronting these bullies back and make them realize that we can and will defend ourselves, then they will rethink their tactics.  It is one thing to threaten people with violence.  It is another when the target of your bullying suddenly has a group of friends surrounding you.

The darkness is rising.  But so are we!

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12/12/2019 5:22 pm  


When you say the darkness is rising, when can we expect it to die down?

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12/12/2019 6:52 pm  

 I've been actively avoiding news cycles this week. I have been focusing my attention on stupid TV. My favorite stupid TV right now is The Masked Singer. Yes, it's on Fox, but so is The Simpsons.  It's so entertaining, I don't even look up online spoilers, I just enjoy the ride.  I recommend watching it with a [spiked] eggnog in hand.

Let's put things into perspective. I know it's on Fox. I also watch a few Fox shows for entertainment in spite of the name. I too like to watch escape tv. Maybe it will brighten your day to know that while Faux is crowing about how Hannity has been winning in the ratings, they don't say that he only averages 3.25 million viewers. That's about half a million less daily than say, The Young and The Restless. And face it, Y&R is probably more realistic. It's about a third to a quarter of the viewers who watch the Masked Singer. When folks talk about how big his base is, only 60% of those eligible to vote actually showed up at the polls in 2016. That means he was only voted into office by about 30% of adults in the US. How many have defected since then? I also love that the youth of this country who didn't show up for the election in 2016 showed an unprecidented 79% increase in their turnout for the 2018 elections. I imagine that number will climb for the 2020 races, given the stakes. 

When I'm up for it I watch selectively. This five minutes from Eric Swalwell was worth every second. 

For that matter, when the Chief Narcissist of the US went after a 16 year old on Twitter today, I found it highly amusing that she owned him by changing the 'about me' section of her Twitter page to show him his opinions were inconsequential. Go Greta! 

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12/12/2019 10:57 pm  
Posted by: @allyn

The darkness is rising.  But so are we!

Amen to that!

And never back down from a Bertrand, I say. They just don't know what to do with themselves when you flex back.


I'm hibernating right with you, @laura-f. Shoot. With this whopper full moon in Gemini tonight, on top of the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto/Venus/South Node pile-up happening all in Capricorn, I've been getting the weirdest pressure migraines this week. It feels like the Earth's gravity has ratcheted up a point or two, like something needs to break open soon to release some of this mounting intensity. 

Hmm...feels prophetic. 😉

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12/12/2019 11:28 pm  


Wow!  I had not thought of  the falling Christmas trees in that way.  I like your thought on on this.

As an additional note, the tree that fell this year is our " tree of many travels"   It is decorated with ornaments we have brought home from places our family has traveled to together over the years.  We took a trip to DC about 14 years ago and I went again with my eldest daughter while Obama was president.  It is filled with relevant DC ornaments including The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights, Lincoln, Washington's Home. The White House, Bo the dog and Macaroni, the Kennedy pony.  I also have Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell and Valley Forge from our trip to Philadelphia, colonial soldiers from Williamsburg, presidents from Mount Rushmore and the USS Arizona from Pearl Harbor.  I would say our tree is about 1/3 patriotic.  

Well, if  my symbols of The Bill of Rights, The Constitution and The Declaration of Independence can withstand the Great Fall in my house this year,  surely the actual ones can withstand the "Great Fall of Trump 45".  

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12/13/2019 2:46 am  


I have been getting the same sort of migraines all week and woke up with a fresh one today. There is definitely a strong, unsettling energy around this week.

I saw that the House Judiciary Committee is resuming their hearing at 10 am this morning and will have their vote in the full light of day. The Supreme Court is also set to decide whether or not to take the cases involving T’s taxes. It is also Friday the 13th. This is going to be a big day one way or another. 

I am going to make a special effort today to send good energy to those who are trying to protect the people and the constitution. May good things happen today!

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12/13/2019 3:20 am  

@baba  I mostly lurk on here, but have had a really bad feeling the past two days (totally unrelated to impeachment, when I think about that, I feel neutral).   I felt compelled to login and reply to your post.

I have a horrible feeling about the US election equipment and that we may not be taking the threat seriously enough.  With this Brexit result, I am even less confident we're going to have an accurately recorded and counted election.  I wonder if we're picking up on the same negative energy.  I am worried we're at a tipping point for democracy and we don't even know it.  I know we need to do something, but I'm not sure what we can do beyond what we're already doing as individuals.

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12/13/2019 9:41 am  


The senate voted against election protection measures again this week. You are right to be concerned. I think the only thing we can practically do right now is call our representatives and senators and tell them that we will not stand for them not protecting our elections.

I still think the next few months will give us a clearer idea of what is to come and a lot will be happening. I feel the angst in the collective, but I agree with @VestraLux that we need to keep breathing through this so that we don’t become overwhelmed. 

Today during my meditation sending light to the US and those who are protecting us from those doing evil in the US, I had a vision of RBG holding the liberty torch above all of the light workers circling the White House. I hope that bodes well for the decision that the SC is making today regarding T’s tax cases. 

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12/13/2019 10:12 am  


Thanks.  I actually think the public consciousness is what needs to change. 

Those of us who keep up on this stuff (obviously both of us) have already been calling Congress.  We need to view this as an urgent message to get out to all Democrats. 

This isn't a normal, we just need better security, feeling.  This is much different.  I've been highly involved spreading the message on Twitter for the last year but something has dramatically changed for the negative in my view. 

UK's Brexit vote is evidence to me that the elections still aren't safe.  While I know Corbin messed up a lot of stuff, I also feel this wasn't a valid vote and ours is next. Brexit is our warning and we need to heed it.

I hope you're correct on the tax returns.  That would be good.

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12/13/2019 10:17 am  


Yesterday during the Brexit vote, I felt Putin watching with excitement to see if his interference is working. 

It will take hard work for the blues to win the presidential election. We need to send light regularly and call congresspeople too.

 Whatever happens, we are going to rise from all of this.  I know we are.

I don't think the election is predictable yet. When I asked who would win, I saw a man in a suit and no head.  The head was yet to be pinned on that body. I think it was a message that the country out there, not in my community, favors a man over a woman president, but even that could change in a year. The horse race is still on going. 

I feel however that we can see the forces at work now on the dark side. We need to stay awake and in the light.  


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12/13/2019 10:50 am  

Had a vision last night. T was driving a nice 1950's car, a gas guzzler, straight on crashing into a big brick wall. 

Lots of messages within. T is operating with a "take American back to 50's consciousness" and the result is crashing into a brick wall. It's the ending for the old, outdated white man consciousness and their steel grip. An abrupt, tragic end for T and the GOP.

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12/13/2019 11:57 am  


I can't say I am psychic.  Yes, I have had a couple of flashes of it in my past, but nowhere near the level of the majority of the members here.  Having said that, I do believe in signs.  And I do believe that this darkness will clear out.  Yes, Trump seems to be winning.  Yes, Brexit seems unstoppable.  Yes, evil people are in power right now.  And yes, the collective are blind because so long as the evil people don't affect or oppress them, they are fine with turning a blind eye to it.

And yet the predictions in this site are coming to pass.  Remember that the majority here stated that this would be a dark month (with Trump giving the illusion of having all the power and Putin manipulating things behind the scenes).  But it is nothing more than an illusion, designed to discourage us and make us more likely to accept the status quo of evil.

Too bad.  I have never been the type to merely accept the status quo when I know that evil is driving it.  And if it gets to the point that I stand alone against evil people (like yesterday), I would rather die as a light warrior than live in Trump's country as a Trump citizen.  We simply cannot afford to slip into the darkness and allow corruption and evil to take over.  Millions of children living and yet to be born are counting on us to make the world a better place to live in.  And I refuse to let them down!

So keep that in mind when you see signs that you feel are dark.  Walk away, clear your heart, and come back.  Meditate.  Pray.  Get on this site and be encouraged that there are more like you.  

I sense darkness too, but while I know that most of it is coming from Trump and his supporters, I sense another waive of darkness from the Democrats.  It is not so much "darkness" as it feels like a cloth.  Like they are hiding something and are waiting for just the right moment to present it to the people.  Further proof of corruption.  I keep thinking it is related to a child.  I am not sure what it can be.  It may be a report of massive child deaths in ICE camps.  Or we may learn that Trump paid for one of his many mistresses to have an abortion just prior to taking office.  (although I am still not sure if that will be enough to make Trumpers turn against their beloved leader.)  Regardless, I feel shadows near the Democrats, and I don't think shadows are bad things.

Anyway, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, Happy Hanukkah, etc. to whoever is out there!   

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12/13/2019 12:22 pm  


Re your brilliant archetypal description of Uncle Bertrand:   Amen to that, sister!

Disclaimer:  Although I profess to have nothing in common with Uncle Bertrand, I still love fried catfish, and as a kid, used to eat a lot of fried Spam and eggs with my father.

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12/13/2019 1:01 pm  
Posted by: @mas1581

As far as polls were concerned,I got a poll call today from a pollster I have not heard of local to WI. They asked questions of local Milwaukee politics and then went on to Trump. All of the Trump questions were apocalyptic such as "do you A. Support President Trump or B. Feel the US is headed to being a third world country within a decade?" There was no middleground option which is forcing people to say that they either support him or sound like overblown nutjobs. This is a distinct act of pro-Trump desperation, even for horribly biased polls.

Wow, @mas1581 -- Clearly this "poll" wasn't actually a real poll at all, but rather a GOP misinformation attempt mascaraing as a poll.  In other words, ask people questions with false equivalencies in order to sway their thinking.  It is mind control.  The GOP has been attempting to do that a lot and it wouldn't surprise me if they're resorting to calls like this to sway opinions in key states like Wisconsin.

My 89 mother in law recently told my husband, who handles her banking, that she needed to send a check to the Census Bureau.  When my husband asked her why, she said she'd received a "letter from the Census" saying that she had to send a check with her Census forum.   He asked to see the letter and it really did look like something that came from the Census Bureau but when you read the fine print, it was actually from the Republican Party asking for a campaign contribution.  The questions on the fake "Census" form were clearly aimed at promoting the GOP message.   I wonder how many older folks fell for this trick.

Agree with everyone else - things feel very dark and depressing to me right now.  I'm fighting to stay engaged but the GOP garbage is starting to wear me down.  I appreciate the comments in this thread reminding me that I can't give up.  

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12/13/2019 2:32 pm  

Take heart, however you can through these dark, difficult days. Thanks to all of you for urging hope! Set a boundary, meditate, craft a protection spell, whatever it takes to keep your vision clear and your spirits strong. Vestralux is right: they are trying to confuse and dishearten us; don't let them win.

These words from writer Rebecca Solnit (author of Hope in the Dark, and many more books) also helped me today:

"It's clear they put babies in concentration camps. It's clear they refuse all knowledge that interferes with their grasping. It's clear they will not last. "History will not be kind to these people. The truth is that even their best efforts to blunt the political power of diverse majorities will eventually drown in a sea of demographic change. They won the battle but they'll lose the war," said Marcus Johnson today.

The project now is to hasten the transition and minimize the damage in the meantime. Another USA is coming, and the young are already bringing it into the daylight, and it's as different as the age of mammals was from the age of dinosaurs. The Soviet Bloc seemed unbudgeable, and then it went up in flames in a matter of months, from within, from the valiant efforts of those sparks who toiled when winning seemed impossible. Sometimes profound change is unpredictable. Sometimes it seems sudden, but the forces have been at work for a while."

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12/13/2019 2:44 pm  

Okay, with the UK general election results now in, we can be sure that conservative talking heads here in the US, and probably Trump himself, will be yapping in the coming months about how "it's inevitable" he will be re-elected come November. So I'm going to state here very clearly: DO NOT FALL FOR THAT SH*T!

First, while there were indeed many parallels between the 2016 Brexit referendum and the 2016 US election, the minutiae of the political situations on our opposing sides of the Atlantic have diverged sharply in the past 3 years. The UK's most recent election hinged on their own particular issues (including Clinton-like weaknesses in Labour) and IS NOT a preview of our upcoming presidential election. 

More importantly, though, the probable GOP spin on what just occurred in Britain is part of the illusion @vestralux brought up in her excellent Uncle Bertrand post. They want to create a morphic field of darkness and confusion so that they can cow the silent majority into losing hope. And guess who else would benefit from this tactic? That's right, Putin. While I do not doubt that the Kremlin (and probably Tehran and Riyadh) are using influence campaigns and subtle hacking to sway Western elections, it's disingenuous to entirely blame "the Russians" on the string of progressive defeats at the ballot box in recent years. Putin and his allies are only taking advantage of problems that were already festering in the democratic West. Those issues are too many to recount here, but remember this: don't give yourself over to the fatalistic belief that the integrity of our electoral process is hopelessly lost. If we let ourselves be seduced by that illusion, we're only completing a self-fulfilling prophecy that was homegrown from the very beginning.

I want to conclude by relating an experience of mine. Early this morning, as well as yesterday morning, I stepped outside so that I could meditate and talk to my spirit guides under an unobstructed full moon about personal hopes and fears. It was well below freezing, the skies were crystal clear, there was snow on the ground, and my neighbors'  Christmas lights framed the whole scene. In other words, it was breathtakingly beautiful. Even though it was the darkest time of night, the illumination coming from the moon was overpowering, and I could feel it infusing everything around me in healing energy. I would not have flinched or blinked in surprise even if a flesh-and-blood coyote (my totem animal, and a potent agent of healing in indigenous American cosmology) turned the corner and sauntered right up to me. It was that sort of night.  

When I went inside, I meditated on the situation in Washington and focused on sending the healing lunar illumination I had just absorbed to the warriors defending our democracy. I immediately smiled when I saw Pelosi, Schiff, et al. bathed in light. I felt good about the situation and that, with the help of light workers like us, a positive conclusion to this nightmare is within reach. Because that's what we do as light workers. We find hope and healing even in the darkest places and bleakest times, and we radiate that energy out to the people around us who most need it. So it's time to unsheathe those spirit swords of ours and wield them in whatever way we can. 


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12/13/2019 3:03 pm  

@herondreams, thank you for sharing those insightful words from Rebecca Solnit and Marcus Johnson.  Thanks to all of you for sharing your fears, as well as your uplifting and hopeful messages to get us through this dark time.   It is so needed right now.

I was going through some old books and came across these quotes, which I believe speaks to the anxiety and fear that many of us feel now: 

Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future but from wanting to control it.  Kahlil Gibran

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.   Jon-Kabat Zinn


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12/13/2019 3:49 pm  

[W]ith the help of light workers like us, a positive conclusion to this nightmare is within reach. Because that's what we do as light workers. We find hope and healing even in the darkest places and bleakest times, and we radiate that energy out to the people around us who most need it. So it's time to unsheathe those spirit swords of ours and wield them in whatever way we can. 

@coyote, what powerful and beautiful images you shared of the healing lunar illumination!  For a brief moment, I felt that I was there with you.  Thank you.

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12/13/2019 5:20 pm  

I am not understanding how the Supreme Court agrees to hear Trump's tax returns situation. There is already precedent for this and they should have refused to hear the case - well, he'll manage to keep them hidden until the election, thanks to them.

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