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Signs the US is becoming less powerful on the world stage  


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03/19/2019 1:32 am  

Hi Jeanne and All,

Ok, starting a new thread with your amazing vision of the US becoming less powerful on the world stage over the next few years. A big topic with much to say. Here is my original post from the "greatest hits list." 

So true Jeanne about the cascading hits. I guess it makes sense that people were tuned-in to such a powerful time. Speaking of which...this is not a specific news item type of hit, but more of an evolving hit. I have wondered for a while about your comment in the paragraph that describes 2019 into 2020 when you say, "The U.S. seems less powerful on the world stage," 

Until recently I couldn't figure out what would happen that would make us less powerful on the world stage so quickly. But now with this cascade, it seems to be unfolding as a global loss of trust in the U.S. that may never be repaired--from deceptive "bottom line" Boeing, to our racist, fear mongering wannabe dictator encouraging widespread natural born killers as we do nothing to stop him, to the cultish NRA continuously, willfully looking the other way post-carnage, to Facebook--way too little and way too late, to name but a few.

A sense of safety is a basic human need. It's pretty clear that most US citizens in positions of power have little interest in the safety or well-being of others. We have come a long way since WWII... --Melissa

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03/20/2019 12:41 am  

When that prediction came to me back in 2015 I felt that the US’s decline on the world stage would coincide with an internal economic decline, a recession.  

The recession may still be coming but I now see that the decline is more than just economic. It's a decline in trust.


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