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Sarah Sanders  


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06/19/2019 4:28 am  

So Sarah Huckabee Sanders is retiring as Whitehouse Spokesperson.        Amen.    i just cant help wondering, tho, just what do Professional Liars retire "to", when they do retire?  Is there a pension plan, for the Whores of Babylon? And who will paint her horrible 2 faced portrait, now that Picasso is dead? And will Milli Vanilli lip sync her along the way to her Eternal Reward?      So many questions

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06/19/2019 11:42 am  

My impression is that she will run for office in Arkansas... she will use her father's reputation to win, and yes, she will win. Not sure if it's really for governor, but it's something.

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06/19/2019 12:43 pm  

Yes, I think she will be active in Arkansas government.  In that culture, she is a celebrity.  What are ya gonna do?  It's discouraging.  However, Karma will come for her in the end.

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06/19/2019 12:49 pm  

The Washington Post called her The Distainful Queen of Gaslighting in this recent editorial.

The article fit what she did to America during her tenure.

I always felt that she was disconnected from her words, that she mimicked DT in order to please him (and her father). That inwardly she is not the gaslighting bully that came out of her mouth throughout her tenure.   She just wanted to be the biggest and most successful Trump mouthpiece.   Well she was, and she did a lot of damage to our country. History will not be kind to her.

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06/19/2019 2:07 pm  

@Jeanne: I always had a feeling that she should know better, so my disdain for Sarah Sanders was particularly fervent. Unlike most members of the Trump administration, she's a mother to young children, and I felt like that alone should have convinced her to stay away from such a criminal enterprise. So thank you for your analysis. It goes to show how our higher selves can be hijacked by the temptation of prestige and the false sense of belonging provided by political binaries. I'm going to go all Charles Eisenstein and venture that, growing up in a politics-obsessed fundamentalist Christian family (with an obviously domineering father), she was subject to subtle forms of emotional abuse, and that's why she mimicked the men in her life. What better way to seek approval from her community? The good news is that Sanders is young, and as society transforms in the decades to come, she might also slough off her corrosive conceptions of self.


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