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03/24/2019 8:12 pm  

To quote my favorite line from the movie "Bowfinger" -- "Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together."

Here are some takes that should help ease some of our panic:

NY Mag

Daily Kos



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03/24/2019 8:14 pm  

Barr was hand picked by Trump.  The Mueller report has a set of facts these facts were to be interpreted by the attorney General and Rod Rosenstein, not Mueller.   This can't be the end after so many indictments.  I think the delivery of the facts is not being factual, or interpreting it in a very bias way.  

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03/24/2019 8:14 pm  
  • Yes. Page 3 of Barr's letter says Mueller does not exeronate Trump on obstruction. Black and white. And this is from Barr! Also consider all of Mueller's quotes are partial sentences. 

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03/24/2019 8:16 pm  

I am not reading Barr's letter. Feeling too sensitive to read low life partisan nonsense, so thanks for summarizing.  Am glad he at least said Trump was not exonerated yet. 

This is what I know: Three things cannot be hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.  

I'm also not reading the tweeto-sphere except this one a friend sent:

Sean Hannity tweeted his typical  apoplectic nonsensical raving BS, and then this Shauna person replied "Sir, this is a Wendy's."  This was followed by a series of responses that I enjoyed, especially the baby who falls over laughing.      We will get through all of this.  PATIENCE is the best virtue right now! 

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03/24/2019 8:31 pm  

P.S. Thank you Laura, Lawerence, Polorberry, Bluebelle, BrightOpal, Coyote, Enka, and welcome Lindamae72for raising the vibration of this thread.  Love you all.  Did I miss anyone?Then thank you too. 

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03/24/2019 8:59 pm  

Hi all

I still feel that it is early. And I expected to be denied the truth today. Still I do feel a bit disappointed myself, but truly I feel weighted down physically by the confusion and despair I feel in the air tonight. It is making me feel heavy and leaden almost.

I am encouraging people to not give up hope.  "Hope is the thing with feathers..." Emily Dickenson said that. Now we must unite together and help raise the vibration of the planet. It feels like itn spins off kilter with all the emotion flying around and all the thought and talk and fear. But that is on the surface. We are still rooted , we are still spinning on course. WE are stronger than this time period and we will all soon remember it I pray.

Chin up. It's all still unfolding.

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03/24/2019 9:05 pm  

Have you heard the saying, “What you give attention to grows?” I made a decision today that I am no longer willing to have this administrations or those who support it take up more space in my life. I asked myself,  why am I spending time listening to people who twist and distort the truth? Crazy!  There are millions of people in need in one way or another. We are all  surrounded by bright, gifted, loving people. We  long to move forward. We are spending too much time talking about Trump. He is receiving way too much attention. We need to stop. It is toxic.

The way to overcome the stranglehold of a narcissist is no contact. It is not easy, but it is the way to freedom. Instead of the news. I’m going to listen to podcasts where people are addressing change. I am going to listen to people who are helping others. I am going to align myself with people who are step by step changing their lives and the lives of others.

We have elected people in Congress who are working on the current issues. We have people in the DOJ. It is up to them to get to the bottom of this stuff. It is up to me to be the best person I can be and love whoever shows up in my life each day.

I’m taking my power back. I am loved. I am at peace. All is well.


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03/24/2019 9:22 pm  

I've been reading through this thread and share hope for justice in the future.  There are still many ongoing investigations through SDNY and don't forget the hard work of Barbara Underwood, now serving under Letitia James (AGNY).  Underwood brought down Trump Foundation, and James appears to be focused on doing the same thing to the Trump Organization.  Wishing you healing comfort, Yogagirl.

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03/24/2019 9:26 pm  

"Heart sinking" is about all I can come up with on feeling words. I do wonder if this is the beginning of the "bad feels" that I and a handful of others have been describing. I'm usually a very positive, bright side, thinker...but I just haven't been able to shake this sense of doom feeling for the last 5 months. A lot of folks have leaned towards natural disaster-doom feelings..but I'm more inclined to believe it begins with politics and those politics revolve around a terrifyingly, hopeless sense that Trump will turn this country into a really bad place. :-( This stinks. I miss my happy self. 

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03/24/2019 11:46 pm  

Very depressing.  The hate and division continues.

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03/25/2019 12:49 am  

Thank-you, Stargazer.  I am with you. I have a few rules for myself that have strengthened me this year that fit with Stargazer's plan.  I'm not saying these rules are right for you. But they work for me. 

1. I do not read or listen to anything by partisans from the Right. Since 2017 I have not burned my eyes by looking at any photos of the president and I shut off the news if his voice comes on.  Never ever read anyone who is not part of my own lovely community. (You all are part of my lovely community so I love to read what you have to say. You make my heart sing.)

2.  I only read news media I trust, and I listen to my choir --the choir is the group of people who support me, have my back, enliven me.  It keeps you strong. 

3. I also don't pin my hopes on any short-term outcomes.  I pin my hopes on the truth and I know it will shine through in time.   I see the truth about the folks who are the liars and criminals and I am grateful to be able to see it.  I know that eventually the truth will come out and the thugs in charge will be outed.  

4. I accept that the world is not perfect nor will it ever be.  Humans will always have darkness and from time to time in one's life span the evil thing will be in charge as it has been since 2017.  Then the light will arise and be in charge.  The light is rising now, but it's not yet in charge of the Executive Branch or the Senate in the U.S. That day is nevertheless coming. The House Freshman women are fierce heart warriors.  More of them are coming along with fierce heart warrior men like Beto and Pete Buttigieg from Indiana.  

5. Be glad you live in the light. 

6. Don't let the darkness get inside you. 

7. If you find yourself angry or hating, then the darkness got in.  Go back to rule #1.  






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03/25/2019 1:17 am  

Stardancer (and everyone) - I have been doing what you suggest since 2017. Allow me to offer some podcasts that I listen to that give me some info on current happenings but with a twist (usually comedic), and some stuff that's totally unrelated but very informative or at least entertaining. All are available in "the usual apps". As follows:

From Crooked Media -- Pod Save America/Lovett or Leave It/Hysteria

From Greg Proops -- The Smartest Man in the World

From Dan Harmon -- Harmontown

From Malcolm Gladwell -- Revisionist History

From NPR -- Wait Wait Don't Tell Me/Hidden Brain/This American Life/Planet Money/Fresh Air

And lastly, an old friend of mine has his own podcast (!). Each one is about 15 minutes long, and each one is a look at the background and related trivia/litle known facts of a rock or pop song (Dad Rock, for you millenials).  I wouldn't plug it if I didn't find it enjoyable. It's called How Good It Is.





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03/25/2019 1:35 am  

Yogagirl, sending you healing thoughts, love and hope.

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03/25/2019 2:09 am  

There are so many heart warriors here tonight.  Thank you for posting to help us all during this difficult day.

While many of your words resonate with me, I am going to echo what Jeanne just wrote.

Today I have not listened to the media.  I have read only a few articles and some of that was to see if we had a hit for a prediction.  Because of this, I have been pretty calm.  I was also able to speak calmingly to a very upset sister-in-law.  

Yes, absolutely be glad you live in the light as Jeanne said.   Be glad you have this website to visit, it is filled with light.

Start listing things you are grateful for, the things that fill your world with light.   Why?  Because when a day like this happens, you can more easily find some balance in a world which suddenly  becomes unbalanced.  For me, I have been mentally checking off  all the things I love about my dog and I am simply enjoying his spirit today.  I also have been telling him how grateful I am for how he exudes joy, his never-ending love for his family, his clownish behavior, his ability to chill, his ability to express love and his ability to bring laughter and a smile to everyone he encounters.  

Perhaps you can actively support an organization you appreciate this week?  One which is bringing light to communities impacted by Trump Administration policies.  Doing something positive can make a big difference.

I also have hope.  I believe our world is filled with people who are light workers.  I look to my daughters and their friends and see a bright  future.  This generation is speaking their mind.  They have begun to  move mountains.  They are teaching us lessons about love and understanding.

You might not be able to do something right now about our national government leaders but you can do something about your very now neighborhood, the community in which you reside, the one where you call home.  Start by being a light worker in your own backyard,  You just might see it spread light to places you never thought imaginable .  




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03/25/2019 2:26 am  

"There are three ways to ultimate success.

The first way is to be kind.

The second way is to be kind.

The third way is to be kind."

                                      --Fred Rogers

I'm feeling gratitude for being a part of this community defined by lovingkindness.


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03/25/2019 4:54 am  

Thanks to everyone who posted with their sentiments and good advice about how to deal with trying times. Although I do try to challenge my beliefs by reading media that I don’t agree with, I definitely think it is not healthy to do when one is feeling fragile or discouraged. It requires strong centering but I ultimately think that it provides insight into what others are thinking and why - which can be valuable in countering their arguments. There are times like now though, when it is too much. 

I decided last night to channel my energies instead into sending light to the situation and those who can provide clarity. I found a prayer to Archangel Raguel who counters injustice that for me personally, found resonance with the current situation. I will post a link below for those who might be interested in it.

Just remember that although it looks very dark now, those who are not acting in the interest of the people are becoming overconfident and will be more likely to do something which exposes the bad things that they have done. Just take a deep, cleansing breath and keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

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03/25/2019 8:35 am  

I have 2 questions: how does Robert mueller feel about the summary that’s been given, and does this community feel certain trump collided with the Russians?

i remind myself that god delivers what we need, if societally we need more corruption before we get to the truth so be it. But with years of work in this investigation does mueller feel the AG is misrepresenting to the American people the conclusions his report found?

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03/25/2019 9:03 am  

I listen to a few other psychics on youtube and they all said this was the beginning of the end.  It is but the end is our country not Trump.  Remember SDNY can only bring state charges so the best they can do is money laundrying or fraud.  Trumpa nd Rudy will keep those suites tied up in court until they die.  This really is the end of our country as a democracy.  Everyone wondered why the Reps in the Senate didn't do anything to counter Trump now they have an  open field to do what ever they want to this country and the Dems can't stop them.  The House has limited powers they have to have the Senate to do anything crucial.  I try to believe in God or a higher power but after the last two years I give up on that idea.  There is power and there is money.  The will of the people means nothing.  If it did Hillary would be president not the mango moron.  I guess my saving grace is I have cancer and probably won't have to endure much more of this BS.

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03/25/2019 9:10 am  

Just to clarify the Southern District of New York, or SDNY, is the federal US attorney and they would only bring federal charges. The New York State Attorney General would be the office that would bring state charges.

I also feel that the House has more power than is appreciated. While they can (but won't any time soon) vote for impeachment they will be using their investigative powers in the near term to expose Trump. 

Everything is moving painfully slowly at the moment but I am confident that truth will out in the end.

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03/25/2019 9:41 am  

Responding to Jaidy:

Mueller feels the work got sidelined and the report is a bipartisan sham.  The information is there and has been out and will make its way out through other channels.  Al Capone was brought down by tax evasion not organized crime.  Mueller is done for now and he’s glad to be with his wife.  

Trump colluded  with Russia. 

There is also plenty that has come out over the last three years and nearly every mainstream non GOP media outlet has a story this morning listing what we already know.  Perhaps someone here can list a good article summarizing what we already know.  There have been many. Here one.

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