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04/18/2019 8:07 pm  

Many have strongly sensed that Mueller was constrained and felt under pressure to complete the report.  Former FBI Assistant Director Frank Figliuzzi has been interested in Mueller's state of mind, and possibly the grand jury, specifically as it relates to mango being called to testify under oath.  Figliuzzi addresses this pressure in the attached short interview with Brian Williams.

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04/18/2019 8:10 pm  

I admit to watching a lot of news today and my overall take is that there is a lot of damaging information in the redacted report, information so damaging to Trump that Barr's flagrant attempt to spin the report in Trump's favor is actually backfiring.  It will be fascinating to see Mueller testify in front of Congress.  Like Jeanne, I think Mueller's investigation was cut short and especially now that we learn there is a "robust" grand jury still at work plus  so many other ongoing investigations that the report had to be redacted in part to protect those proceedings.  


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04/18/2019 11:25 pm  

I’ve read the report and it’s damning.  Barr should resign over his lies and misrepresentation of Mueller’s report.  Wait for Mueller to testify before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees.  Tons of evidence is there for obstruction in his report.  Half a dozen other cases still at the state level are being investigated.  Those are pardon proof.  Mueller knew what he was doing.  He’s by-the-book and didn’t stray outside of his very narrow lanes of investigation but passed all evidence of other crimes to the proper state court systems.

Jean, I feel what you said in a prior post will hold true. Next year and a half will be political hell for Trump and he’ll not elect to run because a new Democratic Senate majority will team with the House and impeach him.  Either that or he won’t get the GOP nomination.  Republicans will smell blood in the water and will have a different candidate run in the presidential election. 

We are truly at the beginning with Trump’s eviction, not the end.  

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04/19/2019 12:32 am  

Spot on, Bluebelle.  I am convinced there are sealed indictments and have been for a long time.  Mueller's no fool.  I find it hard to believe he labored for two years, knowing full well that attempts to thwart him and the investigation as a whole, would be made, and didn't plan for it.  Someone here, and I have to find it, said they felt Barr told mango that he would protect him as best he could, but wouldn't be able to cover everything.

June 2019

"Mueller brings more indictments. Trump's family members are targeted."  Bluebelle, predicted 8/20/18


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04/19/2019 5:28 am  

Yes. I believe there are many sealed incitements. This is a new beginning. The energy and process now moves forward.

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04/19/2019 8:46 am  

I've been reading through some of the excerpts (haven't read the actual report), and the thoughts of well educated individuals (former intelligence community members, former/current prosecutors/legislators, current/former attorneys/law professors...). I broke some of my news boycott and read in the last week or so regarding this issue. Many seemed to believe that Mueller didn't have an ironclad case for collusion or obstruction, and I had a hard time understanding what that bar may have been. Why would Mueller 'punt' this to Congress for possible impeachment vs criminal indictment-especially with a Senate that puts power over law or country?

I feel that a good part of where Mueller was cut off was the DOJ philosophy that you can't indict a sitting president. Once they had the acting DOJ in place, and his line of thinking was that you can't indict, followed by Barr, who's ideology seems to be that his oath to uphold the Constitution takes a backseat to keeping the GOP in power, Mueller's hands were tied. I revisited my wondering about Mueller's reasoning for not indicting either generation of the fraudulent first family before the report's release.  The more I've read, the more I've come to ponder if Mueller didn't take this path figuring that if he didn't indict, but gave Congress enough to impeach, then some of his farmed out work could be brought to bear to indict without DOJ interference. That was kind of backed up for me with Baba's 5 of Pentacles for Mueller. He is on the outside looking in, looking for refuge and assistance. He was working for the DOJ, and as such he had no assistance. On the outside, it would be rugged, but Mueller's ethics are not currently in sync with the upper echelons of the DOJ at the moment. 

What I've been reading of scholarly interpretations of the report say that there was enough there to make a case for obstruction-without a doubt. It's borderline on the collusion as far as being proven beyond a reasonable doubt for Littlefinger, but Jr.  and the rest of the campaign workers is another story. 

Part of what I feel is happening is that it's not time yet for the entire house of cards to fall. Faux "News" has been crowing. Even asking for Dems and real news networks to issue apologies for their coverage. I happen to agree about the news networks owing an apology. They played the entertainment game through the election and through the report issuance itself. If they had not been pandering for ratings and doing more real investigating, the US population would be more informed. It's like the Tower card. Everything that is weak, unfit, and corrupt must fall. The only thing that should be left standing is the part of the foundation that is sturdy and reliable. 

The report showed that  the Russians interfered with our elections and that had an effect on the results. We may never be able to quantify the effect, but the election itself and it's outcome should have gained more concern. Instead it's a game of smoke and mirrors. The news and the hardcore GOP base don't care about that. It worked in their favor, so it's ok to let it slide. Hypocrites can rarely see their own hypocrisy. While we all focus on the other issues-which need attention-we can't say well that's old news and not keep bringing it to the forefront once the crimes and criminals have been dealt with. Littlefinger and his posse may not be on the next set of ballots, but that doesn't mean that the Russians won't continue to try and meddle. 

Too many people still believe what is spewed on Faux "News" and will deny there was anything more going on than a witch hunt. This will change. The redacted version is just the tip of the iceberg. With the exposure of Sen. Burr and the Senate Intel Committee providing the WH with information on the investigation, things will change.  Dems will now press harder to reveal what's in Littlefinger's taxes, the corrupt dealings with banks, and emoluments issues- and they'll do so without regard to their fellow GOP's committee members feelings, warnings, or input.. 

This is just the beginning of the voyage. The ship has just left it's last port. Everyone, including passengers, thought that the Titanic was unsinkable. We all know how that turned out. 

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04/19/2019 10:30 am  

My hero, maxine Waters, just called Barr a FAKE AG!  Love that women.  I agree with what everyone has said.  I think Mueller's process was interferred with all along.  I also feel he is smart enough to realize these hackers were going to try to trash the report and he made safe guards by passing info to other agencies.  Right now the Dems seem to be coming out in full force, I hope they keep this up.  Pelosi made a strong point that the last election was interferred with by the Russians and that this needs to be addressed.  I don't think they will impeach simly becausse the Reps won't vote for it.  The Reps are the "me first American people last" party.  Mitch will not allow anything to happen to Trump.  He likes his money too much.  I will say Mitch is taking a beating here in Kentucky.  The two major newpapers in Louisville and Lexington have been bruital to him.  He diserves it.  Two of our Reps, Masey and Barr (?), have made public fools of themselves in the last couple of weeks.  I can't remember if that guys name is Barr of not, he is from Eastern Ky and invited AOC to come to talk to the coal miners and explain her Green policy.  She accepted whole heartedly and he backed down.  In typical AOC fashion she owned him!  Masey tried to go toe to toe with John Kerry and looked exactly like the ass he is.  That's why I get so upset when people say call your representatives, these are my representatives!  I never voted for any of them.  I don't know who Kentucly will get to run against Mitch bt we need someone young and stromg.  So far no takers.

I'm sorry I missed the meditation last night.  I am having router problems and coundn't log in.  I did light three white candles and state an intention of solidarity with the Pink Full Moon Meditation.  I hoped it helped.

I agree I don' think this is over by a long shot.  The mango moron and his minions are too arrogant to not continue to do obvious stupid things. None of them are smart enough to keep their mouths shut. They will be brought down.  I do believe that this will follow them the rest of their careers and will hurt them mightly.

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04/19/2019 12:56 pm  

Yogagirl, did you read where Rusal is investing 200 million in Kentucky for an aluminum mill?  The company is partially owned by Oleg Deripaska, an oligarch with close ties to Putin.  Sanctions were quietly, quickly and conveniently lifted on the company.

It's all about money, all of it.  The lies, treason, stonewalling, cover-ups-they're all in bed with Russia for profit.  They sold this country for profit.

I apologize that I missed last night as well; I had to go out.  I hope to make it up tonight.  I am going through the monthly predictions and making a list of all predictions that relate to the downfall of mango, and Jeanne, with your permission, I will post them here for quick reference, meditation and light surround.

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04/19/2019 1:02 pm  

 Yogagirl, I love your alliteration - the Mango Moron and his Minions!  Very nice!  I once called a Kentucky rep, can't remember his name, to tell  him a piece of my mind and ended out getting the worst most annoying Thuglican propaganda for months until I finally had to call back twice to get them to stop sending it. 

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04/19/2019 1:58 pm  

SO sorry you had to experience that Jeanne.  Welcome to Kentucky.  What is most fearful is the amount of money that the Republicans are raising.  Unfortunately a large part of Kentucky is very rural and very, very poor.  They are Christians and all a candidate has to do is say Praise Jesus the Dems are devils and they beleive it.  They are the ones who have elected McConnell all these many years.  The Democarts and indepenents in Kentucky are working long and hard to get our message out.  We have two strong candidates for Governor but so far none for Mitch's seat.  Heck the SOB will be over ninety years old in 2026 or when ever his next term would expire.  He is a vile hateful man.  He is still using the hate Obama card in his latest campaign ads FGS!.

I just read something aweful and shocking onFacebook.  I am taking it with a grain of salt since I can't say for sure it is from a credible source, but....  I know it probably doesn't belong on this thread but I wasn't sure where to put it.  Hopefully someone can move it to the right place.  There is a group of Armed white naionalist militias now coordinating with the US border control to arrest asylum seekers in New Mexico.  These guys came from all over the US to help halt the invasion for Trump. They claim they represent the true constituton of the US.  The BP acqknowledges that they are not sanctioned but will not give them a stand down order.  The Governor of NM releasted a statement saying these people donot belong there but will not call for them to be arrested for interference.  When I read this my blood ran cold.  They want to build watch towers and pick off immigrents before they cross into the US.  If they do kill someone do you think MM will pardon them and praise them forbeing great americans? 

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04/19/2019 2:09 pm  

What I find so incredibly upsetting is that so many Americans just skim the news and once they saw Barr's initial summation, just assumed the whole thing had been hooey and have now tuned out. That is what they wanted.  Barr delivered. I don't know why any of us thought he'd be impartial, he was brought back from retirement just to deliver on this. 

This whole thing is impacting the lives of many of us. I have a fifty year friend who I blocked for calling me this week. All he does is pick fights over Trump.  The final straw for me was his telling me people in the news media need to be killed to shut them up. I just cannot get past that. He's gone. At my age you don't toss out friends easily. He's just into the Trump cult and has lost his reason. 

I am grateful for this forum. 

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04/19/2019 3:28 pm  

I believe that the Dems in Congress should go after the truth.  I know that some  Dems are concerned about the 2020 election and don’t want to overplay their hand, but it is their duty to investigate this stuff.  But I want them to do their investigations in a strategic, honest, and thoughtful way.  If their search for the truth comes out of vengeance, then it won’t work in the end.  Ultimately, they need to be the light that will shine truth on the darkness, for all of us to see (maybe with a little help from the leakers!).   

Right now I think the biggest thing that will change most people’s minds about going after Mango et al. is if the economy crashes.   I don’t like saying that, and certainly don’t want to see it happen.  Congressman Tim Ryan is campaigning in Iowa and was asked this morning whether the people there were commenting on the M. Report.  He said that unfortunately it didn’t come up at all until the very end of his stay, almost as an afterthought.  Ryan said the people were focused on being able to provide for their kids, being paid more or finding better employment, saving for the future, healthcare – meeting their basic needs and also giving their children a better life than what they’ve had.  

Now if the Dems can convince the general public that Mango is a fraud, that he and his minions don’t give a damn about them, that they only care about enriching themselves (and proving that with reliable information regarding Mango’s crooked deals), and that two sets of rules are still operating in this country – one for Mango et al., and another for the rest of us suckers – if the Dems can sell that message, then perhaps we won’t have to wait until the economy tanks or we have a major security threat on our hands.   

I really don’t want us to have to learn the hard way.   But learn, we will.  What’s that saying?  “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable"?   So I’m going to suck it up, try to stay strong, spread some kindness each day, and focus on what is just and true.  We will get through this together.

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04/19/2019 4:58 pm  

deetoo, while I do think there will be a downturn in the economy for a variety of reasons, I think Rumpelstiltskin's time is nearly up because his finances and dirty deals will bring him down. His father was crooked and was eventually barred from doing any further real estate deals or development in NY. Rumpel was raised the same way he raised his kids-dirty dealing is the only way to go. He isn't self made, his company was formed to take daddy's place when daddy was sidelined by the law. Rumple is not self made as he claims-he lost tons, and eventually got the bulk of his wealth from his inheritance when his father died. 

He brought in a ringer to the DOJ to try and get himself off. It will only delay the inevitable. The Mueller report didn't trace the source of all his money. I'm not sure how much of that may be in the 12 still redacted outsourced ongoing cases. Grand Juries are still seated, have had extensions granted, etc. The fat lady did not sing yet. 

Within days of the election, when asked by a co-worker what I thought, I told him I believed the election wasn't valid, that the Russians had much to do with it, and that this was about a business deal. I figured Roseneft (Russian oil) since it was mentioned in the dossier and Rumple was looking at Tillerson (someone he didn't know) for Sec. of State. I figured he wanted an oil man in the post so that when he got around to lifting sanctions and talking with the Russians, he'd have someone on board for oil deals. I had names of contacts with the Russians like Stone and Manafort. At that point in time, no one gave serious thought to the Russians or the dossier. When I had read the story on the server in the Tower pinging a Russian server, all sorts of bells and whistles had gone off for me. I think my co-worker thought I was crazy. He's a liberal, but he still thought I was into conspiracy theories (and I have great dislike and distrust of them). Somewhere in the archives here I had posted about a dream where I was told by spirit that Hillary was the true President just days after the election. It stuck with me and I trusted my instincts to guide my research-which is what I was spouting to my co-worker when he asked my take on the whole situation. Months later I even had a vision of Rumpelstiltskin in prison attire which I shared here as well. Kind of like the outfit that his Press Secretary had on while doing her denial tour in the last two days-but his stripes were vertical instead of horizontal. ;)

I had told my son that Rumpelstiltskin wouldn't make it a year. I figured he'd be out on his ear. Little did I know the time frame was for the start of investigations. I still think his time is just about up. The quicker they get his financial information and start following the money trail, the quicker he'll be gone. The quicker he's gone, the less impact it will have on the economy. We'll still see a slump of sorts, since it's cyclic. But the quicker his particular brand of chaos is put on ice,  the less steep it will be. 

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04/19/2019 8:31 pm  

Cindy, love the “Rumpelstiltskin” …  people here are so creative with the names.

I pray that you’re right about Rumpel being ousted sooner rather than later.  I had some similar impressions about the ending of his presidency, but I’m not great with predicting the timing of things. 

About 25 years ago I used to frequently visit a friend in NYC.  That’s when I really learned about Rumpel’s shenanigans.  Being a New Yorker, she shared the real story about him.  Up until that time I thought he was an egotistical showman, but I was actually impressed with how he managed to get quickly back on his feet after a couple of bankruptcies.  I learned from her how he was a bad businessman, stiffed so many people, discriminated against African Americans, tied people up with lawsuits, etc. – and eventually no bank would loan him money. 

So whenever I would hear that some people voted for him because of his business expertise – well, I could understand some of that, since there was a time when I wasn’t informed enough about Rumpel and was taken in by his self-proclaimed, business acumen.   (Plus a lot of people who voted for him were also watching The Apprentice, so they felt like they already knew him.)  I do believe that even if I were still that uninformed woman from 25 years ago, I wouldn’t have voted for Rumpel because of his misogynistic, racist, and xenophobic behavior.  But I’ve painfully learned that there are people who can overlook that.  An example is a female friend of mine who voted for Rumpel because she perceived him as being strong on security.  When I asked her about his abhorrent behavior towards women, my friend replied, “well, John [her husband] talks that way.”  That broke my heart.

Anyway, I think that it may take some time for more of the general public to come around, which might directly affect what some in Congress end up deciding to do about Rumpel.  That’s why I’m thinking that a changing economy would make the difference.  I don’t believe that the Dems alone will be able to do it.  You mentioned the 12 outsourced criminal cases, which does give me hope.   I agree with you that it’s not over.

And I love your vision of Rumpelstiltskin in prison attire!

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04/19/2019 9:09 pm  

I can't stop laughing at the names for hoo-hoo, I mean Mango, no Rumpelskin.  Although I will always love Laura's Cheetolini. 

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04/20/2019 2:01 am  

Since we all have to remembee to laugh these days, Id just like to add a few more of his nicknames Ive heard over the past 2 years.

Oompa loompa

Circus peanut

The Clockwork Orange

Shooter McGavin(when he decided he could take out an active shooter)

Orange Julius Caesar

President inmate 48203

Agent Orange

Sgt Bone Spur

Wizard of Id

Manchurian Candidate



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04/20/2019 8:01 am  

MAS1581, thanks for making me laugh!  Here are a few more:

The Tazmanian Devil
Jimmy the Cheese
Donny Shortfingers
The Rat Pack (his enforcers and enablers)
Baby Herman (from Roger Rabbit movie)
Jessica Rabbit (T’s daughter:  “I’m not bad.  I’m just drawn that way.”)
Toontown (the current WH)
Tweedledum and Tweedledee (his sons)


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04/20/2019 9:22 am  

MAS1581, won't it be fun on the day when his color changes? No longer orange, he'll have to say "i'm peach." 🤣 What can I say, I was a single mom too long-I had to learn to love and do dad jokes. 

deetoo, Rumpelstiltskin just seems fitting. Besides the similarities of the names, the character forced another into spinning straw into gold for him. For Rumpel, once folks learned his name and who he was, he was vanquished as well. 

I don't know if Rumpel will go to jail, tho I'd love to believe he will. Agnew was a crook like Nixon, and he was removed before Nixon was. Congress cut a deal with Nixon about Agnew's replacement, and Nixon's exit. That could very well be the case here. Rumpel will try to make a deal to leave if they promise not to send him to jail.  I hope Congress won't do that. He's a lame duck now, so he can't do much. I'd love for him to try to cut a deal, be told he doesn't understand the art of the deal, and then to be told "you're fired." No get out of jail free card for him. I wouldn't mind watching Boardwalk and Park Place being repossessed as well. 

I understand the thinking that if they impeach and then jail Rumpel, there could be violence and such caused by his base which could be avoided by cutting a deal to have him resign. Unfortunately as we've seen with Nixon, this sends the wrong message. When you look at all the Presidents from Nixon's time to today, every Republican had scandals that bordered on illegal, save for Ford. They chose Ford because he was decent and needed someone the opposite of the crooks that were being ousted. Reagan, Bush Sr. & Jr. have long lists of scandals, from Iran Contra, to millions of missing emails and violating the Presidential Records Preservation act and the Hatch Act, among so many other shady dealings. Clinton was impeached for lying about a consensual affair. Carter and Obama had no major scandals personally, tho there were a few members of their administrations who were asked to resign for unsavory or sub-par performances. When you look at compiled lists for each administration, the pattern is clear. Republicans are more frequently breaking or skirting the laws. They have been becoming more and more self serving instead of looking at their positions as being 'of service' to the country. Their goal is to stay in power, even if they have to do subversive things to achieve that goal.

It will be painful to have to go thru an impeachment and the incarceration of those who have done wrong, but it is necessary. If others act out in response, they too need to face appropriate consequences. So, yes, I'd like the vision I had to be literal. As it stands now, I know that I was being shown that Rumpel is a crook. The Mueller report showed me that as fact, not just speculation or intuition. I had previously already thought that of the man where his personal business dealings were concerned.

I don't think like a Rumpel supporter, so I don't totally understand why they can be supportive sometimes. I know that most are actually good people. Flawed, like the rest of us, obviously misguided sometimes, but good. I've heard some who don't know any better who believe that he's a good self-made man. I heard one barber cutting my father's hair  saying that he hated the things Rumpel says, but he'd overlook it as long as he kept improving the country and economy. He's only ridden on the wave that Obama created. Now that his policies are starting to take effect, things are slowing down. People are just now finding out that their tax cuts weren't getting them larger refunds or reduced taxes-they went to the rich. Some still hold on to toxic masculinity as just the way men are, so they brush it off. Some are brainwashed from watching Faux News and not understanding that it is more opinion driven by ratings than news driven by truth. 

I read an interesting article several years ago about the differences in the brains of liberals and conservatives : Psychology Today article. Conservative's brains are built differently than that of the liberal. They are more fearful and anxious. They can't deal with change. Our society is changing. They can't handle that. They need it to remain where it was to feel comfortable or safe.  More and more the psychology of our political divide is being studied : Business Insider, Scientific American.

I think it's why things like Jeanne's Full Moon meditation are helpful. Such energy helps soothe those who normally don't feel it. For example crowds gathered at Notre Dame as it burned and they started singing hymns. People like me sent light and asked the angels to help cool the environment and extinguish the flames, and it happened. The fire was extinguished and there was much less loss than initially anticipated.  Those who live as fear based were anxious about the outcome. Those who have faith did what they could to help-even if it was only meditating or singing. Those of us who have faith will see our contribution. Those who live in fear are still pondering the what if worst case scenarios.

Our younger generation is being raised to hope for change. Women are rising up and challenging the status quo. The oppressed (LGBTQ, minorities, women, oppressed religions, etc.) are finding their voices. It will trigger fear in those who can't handle change. Instead of thinking there's enough on the Earth for us all, they fear that someone will be taking part of what little they already have. Instead of seeing that they have struggles because of others being greedy, they'll try to emulate the greedy to ease their fears. 

But trust me when I say that while it's painful to undergo change and loss, we can come out the other side. The changes we hope for will happen, the length of time it takes to get there is the variable. The more we make conservatives fearful, the longer it will take as they fight the changes with greater vigor. Think of teaching your child to ride a bike. Fear of the unknown, failure and injury at the start, followed by the joy of accomplishment, balance, freedom and mobility in the end. The same principles apply. 

Other than family (and then only when provoked) and with friends I know are like-minded, I don't discuss politics with others. I let who I am shine through. When asked by those who don't realize my leanings if I voted for someone, or supported a ballot measure, I give short answers-yes or no (or an occasional "wouldn't you like to know" if the situation warrants it). Conservatives are often shocked at my answers, but I don't engage. They can see me for who they've come to know, or they can judge me-that's their Karma, not mine. Some will realize that good people come from both sides of the isle. Other's won't. That's not my problem. How others treat you is THEIR Karma, how you react is YOURS. 

I believe Rumpelstiltskin's Karma is coming. 


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04/20/2019 9:41 am  

Had a vision this morning of a big pointed mountain with T having crossed over the top and now rapidly sliding down on his butt with his hands in the air. An out of control, powerless freefall, almost like a cartoon drawing.

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04/20/2019 9:55 am  
My favorite nickname comes from Rick Wilson, a Republican strategist.
He calls him the Cheeto Jesus

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