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[Closed] Psychic visions of WW3  


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01/04/2020 10:31 am  

With all the chaos developing in middle east I did some intuiting and got the following information:

  • Iran will not declare war on U.S. because they just don't have the military power to fight against such a large force
  • Instead Iran will increase their proxy war and aid enemies of U.S. in the middle east
  • I do not see WW3 breaking out from the Iran conflict
  • However, I do see WW3 becoming official sometime this year of 2020 through other conflicts
  • From my perspective living in Atlanta the main effects of WW3 I see is that the cost of goods will increase but overall it will be just like now.  I do not see a mad max type of future.  The worst effects of WW3 will be focused on the middle east
  • There is a >90% chance that nuclear weapons will be used


And that's what I see.  Anybody care to share any visions of WW3?

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01/04/2020 2:38 pm  

I have been trying to see if I could get anything about this as well. It isn’t yet totally clear to me. However, the things that I sensed were: 

  • That there will be some sort of war - in the Middle East. The war waged on those in the west will be unconventional - more in the form of attacks on the internet or power grids or isolated actions in the US to try to cause fear in the population. This will go on for a few years and fizzle out. 
  • The action that T. took ironically places those dearest to him in danger as a result. Those who wish revenge may also try to dig up dirt on him or to ruin him financially.

As I said above, this isn’t totally clear to me yet and feels like the situation is very much in flux. 

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01/04/2020 2:58 pm  


I saw the same thing as far as Iran(and other Trump enemies-some possibly our national allies). He has made so many enemies worldwide that some, if not many, will try to discreetly personally ruin him instead of attacking the US head on. Most of the world knows that if Trump is out, even with Pence in the WH, we will go back to normal on the international stage. 

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01/06/2020 4:07 am  

On the predictions page, I found the following predictions about 'war' in 2020:

  • War in the Middle East continues. It is here for a while. (Luminata) Predicted 4/29/18.
  • Scary year. Storm clouds of war are brewing. (Bluebelle)
  • People clapping their hands before hachiman, god of war, seeing good (Bin)
  • Want to end the war we’re losing. (Natalie) Predicted in July 2017.
  • Potential Middle East war, short time frame, a few days. Possibility of (Fear of)  a nuclear exchange.  (Howard) [Note from Jeanne: Out of dozens of readers over the past ten years, no one has seen an actual nuclear exchange in the future in any current or past readings. It is always a concern in a world filled with thousands of warheads and more than a few hot heads. It is likely Howard saw concern in the media since several countries involved have nuclear weapons. But he did not actually see an exchange, just the possibility of it floating around.] Predicted 4/19/18.

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01/06/2020 9:50 am  


I was also feeling that Iran will actually go after Trump personally.  I feel his family and property are the most in danger. I looked it up and there is a Trump property in Israel. This would set the middle east into a war of sorts. I'm not sure I feel a world war, but a war that the US gets it's nose into in the middle east.  I feel they will also do something financially to him that will actually affect wall street perhaps.

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01/06/2020 10:37 am  


I saw this on CNN yesterday. Iran is going to go after Trump, Pompeo and Bolton.

Khamenei's 'Death to America' aimed at 'US leaders, not people' | Iran News | Al Jazeera

And supposedly there is a 80million bounty on t***** head. That may explain the visions of him alone sitting in his golden castle. Even with Secret Service protections, life will be difficult with a bounty from a country which kills with impunity.

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01/06/2020 12:36 pm  

He brought this on himself and he has only himself to blame if something happens to his family.  What did he think would happen?  I have been seeing that they are going after him directly  not the US in whole. You know he nor his staff use anything private nor telephone or emails or internet.  

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