Progressive voters and the Democratic Party  


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11/19/2019 12:56 am  

So this just happened and I think it is a "pay attention" moment.

Mark Kelly (D) , former astronaut and husband of former congresswoman Gabby Giffords is running for senate in Arizona.  He is running for the late Se.  John Mc Cain seat currently occupied by Gov. appointed Martha McSally (R). It is currently the most hotly contested seat for the upcoming election.  

 Here is where things  get interesting.  Mark Kelly is a former independent.  He recently wrote an article for Time Magazine's "Next 100 "about Kyrsten Sinema, current Democrat senator who won the seat of vacating Rep. Jeff Flake. This was a huge victory for Dems in Arizona. HUGE!!!

But progressives are apparently a little pissed off at Sinema right now.  She does not always vote along with Democrats on all issues.  She has at times voted with Republicans, breaking ranks.  Back in September, progressives wanted her censored for breaking ranks and supporting corporations and Trump nominations like Barr.  The progressives support Kelly but have been letting him know ( loudly) he should not be supporting her and that they will not be voting for her in the future. 

There is a lot to digest here.  Do we want a our politicians to ALWAYS vote the party line?  Do we ever want them to vote their conscious?  Do we only want to vote for people who can get elected which may mean they might be a bit more purple than we would like.  Or too Red or Blue.  

Kelly would  not  win Arizona as a progressive but he has a great shot as a purple-blue democrat.  Overall, I have liked him for many years and have seen him as a man of honor.  I also respect how he has stood by Giffords side since the  attempted assassination on her life.  

My point here ( I think)  is that I now have a warning light going off in my head.    Are we going to cut our noses off to spite our faces in the up coming election? Also, how many times have we wished a Republican crossed party lines to vote for an issue the way we feel is just and important?  Should we not value that trait from a Democrat even if doesn't match our viewpoint?  Honestly, I think it is too early to really see how Sinema will stack up down the line and I don't like all of her votes.  But,  I also can't stand when a Republican gets slammed for not toting their party line.  

Moral dilemmas.




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I agree. That is why Meghan McCain actually said on the View that she likes Sinema. My suspicion is that Sinema was always an old fashioned Republican and became a democrat at some point. (The GOP is not recognizable as the party it used to be).  There are many examples of Dems who vote both sides of the aisle, especially since they are in Red states. (Joe Manchin).

I think we can't afford to cut our nose off to spite our face just as you said. We need to be flexible and I don't want to ever see a democratic POTUS act like DJT who makes everyone tow the party line - no matter what. We do though need them to vote for the good of the Democratic party in general.

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11/19/2019 10:23 am  


I want to see more candidates to vote by hearing and paying attention to everything not just party lines. I would rather see a politician who takes notes and does pros and con list. Not just voting party lines. Look what he have going on now.  Almost everyone is voting for  party they belong in. Why do we even need Republicans and Democrats? Can’t We just vote for the person not because oh he is Democrat or Republican..etc.  Sometimes I hear a Republican (not lately) and I think wow that sounds reasonable. I would vote for him even though I am more in line with Democrats. This is now becoming ridiculous and destructive.  We have Democrats trying to save us and Republicans trying to destroy us. 

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11/19/2019 12:13 pm  

I love this thread. My view is simple. I want politicians who are principled public servants and vote their conscience. However if their conscience directs them to support corporations over labor, the pharmaceutical industry over consumers than I won't support them. This country needs a powerful left movement, I'm thrilled to see it being built. Does it mean that everyone has to toe the progressive line? Of course not, but if they want that vote then they should. 

If someone's conscience leads them to support the oil and gas industry, wonderful, they can be open about that and also not expect support from progressives. 

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