Pete Buttigieg  


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03/18/2019 7:01 pm  

Has anyone been following Pete Buttigieg? I have listened to a few interviews and I am impressed. He is thoughtful, straightforward, answers all questions posed to him. This guy is beyond smart!  

Although Mayor Pete governs a fairly small community in South Bend, Indiana he has been successful in bringing both sides together to get things done. I think he has the capacity to govern this country for many reasons, but most importantly because he is modest, curious, kind, compassionate, bright and knows not only how to put an effective team in place, but is a team player. And he likes to read! A president who not only likes to read..he has authored  a book that he has actually written.

On his website I located the letter he wrote following the terrorist attack in New Zealand. I will see if I can find it and post a link.

I have a good feeling about him that runs very deep.

I would like to hear what others think.


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03/18/2019 7:35 pm  

I just saw him on youtube -- especially around minute 2.20 when he starts talking about why he is running.  He says that his generation has a lot at stake which is why he wants more millennials involved in politics.  He's 37 years old which is young but  Kennedy was 42 years old when he began running for president so not that far off.  He was a Rhodes Scholar so he has a brain. I like that he uses the term "freedom" a lot. He's bringing back the terms the GOP stole and twisted, only he's using this term to mean what it is meant to mean, true freedom for Americans.  

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03/19/2019 8:13 am  

I don't know if he's going to go anywhere in this coming presidential election, but he's definitely going places. I've been impressed by him since I first heard him speak, like wow impressed. I get a very clean, light energy about him. I wouldn't be surprised if he shoots past some of the other more known candidates.

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03/19/2019 12:13 pm  

I think Buttigieg has a very bright future.  He's intelligent, modest, thoughtful, forward thinking and kind, the antithesis of what we see in the White House today.  I'm so impressed.

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03/19/2019 12:40 pm  

I really like him, too. My parents are Hoosiers, and my dad says Mayor Pete is liked, but he worries the gay thing will stop him from getting too far. I say if a town of 100,000+ in northern Red State Indiana, home of Notre Dame, can elect him, so can the US!

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03/19/2019 3:45 pm  

I agree with everything that's been said.  Very impressed with Buttigieg.  Wonderful energy, quiet strength.  Uses his brilliance wisely!  I sense he lives his core beliefs.  Someone on MSNBC was drawing a comparison between Buttigieg and Beto O'Rourke, commenting that Buttigieg was recently interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox and was thoughtful, clear and detailed with his beliefs and proposed policies.  By comparison, this person felt that O'Rourke hasn't been very strong on substance.  I like Beto but have felt the same about him -- but in all fairness, the media isn't helping by putting too much focus on his ability to raise money, and energize and draw a crowd.  

Back to Buttigieg -- I'd love to see him rise in the primary.  He needs to be heard.  Once more people are exposed to his message, I believe they'll really like what they see and hear.


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03/19/2019 7:40 pm  

Love Buttigieg, but I doubt he can win.... I think a likelier route for him is Governor or Senator.

BTW, for anyone who needs it, his name is pronounced BOOT-edge-edge

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