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10/03/2019 6:25 pm  

Am I the only one who senses that Melania isn't a monster like her husband is? I actually feel sympathetic towards her. I and my mom both suspect that she may be abused by her husband. Plus she seems to love her son Barron very much. She always appears to be affectionate with him in their photos.


I once had a strange dream that changed my mind about her. I used to think like my friends did that she was nothing more than a gold digging trophy wife who married Trump for his money. But in my dream she invited me to the White House and was throwing a party wjere she was actually very kind to me and gave me a tour. She seemed like such a sweet person in my dream. Maybe this dream was telling me not to judge her for the actions of her husband?


Also despite being an ineffective First Lady, I believe the reason she wanted to 'end bullying' was because her son Barron is most likely being bullied at school. 


It is ironic because her husband is the biggest bully in this country, but I believe her intentions are well-meaning. It then occured to me that when it comes to horrible world leaders people tend to always blame their wives for the terrible things that their husbands did. That really isn't fair in my opinion.


Take the Italian Dictator Mussolini and his mistress Claretta for example. I don't believe that she deserved to be brutally killed the way she did...



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10/08/2019 9:30 am  


I decided to look at Melania once. I can't say what kind of human being she is or isn't but here's what I feel:

1. She HATES being FLOTUS. She never signed up for that gig. She married DJT for money and stature reasons. She was attracted to his money and she loves living in NYC with Barron. She does love Barron very much. She wanted the money and stature to help her bring her parents to the US and give her a great lifestyle (in NY)

2. She feels TRAPPED. I feel she may be depressed a lot since she was forced into this situation by making a deal with the devil. I keep feeling this is not what she signed up for.

3. She was HUMILIATED by the news revelations about his dalliances but not jealous. I think she had/has a boyfriend and misses him (in NYC). Trump cheated on her throughout their marriage and she has known about all of it.

4. Unfortunately I don't believe she has a caring heart for our country (like the children at the border, etc.) I feel she was forced into going there by Trump. She wore that jacket not saying it just to Trump but because she's not thinking/caring about how we would all feel too.

5. She will leave Trump after all of this is done. I'm not sure how much money she'll end up with though. I think she's going to be caught up in the whole mess. I hope not too badly for Barron's sake.

Ultimately, I think when you sell your soul to the devil, you end up being burned. I feel she is very miserable with everything going on. She also struggles with Trump and his administration telling her what to do. I feel like she actually started being miserable with Trump even before he became POTUS, but liked her life in NY. However, she doesn't feel like a victim to me. She strikes me as someone who is a little like Trump in some ways too. Perhaps a bit narcissistic or in a bubble of sorts. A bit out of touch with the rest of the 90%. I feel she may even re marry someday because she longs for a real relationship with love.

I hope this's just what I feel.

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10/09/2019 7:44 pm  

I don't know, are bikini models usually attracted to hideous men with fake orange complexions, bizarre yellow comb-over hairdos, who schlump around in ill-fitting suits, with bad manners and no sense of humor, and who also happen to have a rectum where a mouth would normally be?     &:^*


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10/09/2019 9:48 pm  


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10/09/2019 10:11 pm  

Melania came to the US as the Slovenian model, Melania Knauss, and somehow ended up cavorting with Jeffrey Epstein.  I honestly don't know what the Epstein-Knauss relationship was about, but I do know Epstein had a modeling agency that recruited beautiful foreign women with no resources and who aspired to be famous models.  Melania fits Epstein's target pretty well, don't you think? There are also rumors that Epstein's agency was a front for something that leaned more towards his darkside. I got this tidbit of speculation from something I read, but it was a while ago and I can't remember the source.   

Anyway, if you're interested, do a Google search on Melania, and you'll see a bunch of modeling photos of her in various states of undress floating around  -- all from the Epstein/modeling period in her life.  And don't forget it was Epstein who introduced her to trump. I'm betting Melania and trump both let out a big sigh of relief when Epstein conveniently had his assisted suicide.  Maybe her secrets are safe now.  

Melania and trump strike me as very similar in that they're both "transactional" people.  And they both like living very well, too.  People make marriages work on less than that. Really, they do.  Remember that message on the back of Melania's jacket?  It said, "I don't really care.  Do you?" It pretty much sums up my ambivalence about our unlikely flotus.   

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10/10/2019 12:06 am  
Posted by: @unk-p

I don't know, are bikini models usually attracted to hideous men with fake orange complexions, bizarre yellow comb-over hairdos, who schlump around in ill-fitting suits, with bad manners and no sense of humor, and who also happen to have a rectum where a mouth would normally be?     &:^*


Not attracted to the men, but attracted to their money, especially if they are much older.

I have limited sympathy for Melanomia. My sympathy extends only insofar as to her role as mother to a child on the autism spectrum. She couldn't have known that she was signing up for that, no one does (although there is some anecdotal evidence out there to suggest that old sperm can be a factor for development of autism in offspring). I see that she is loving towards Barron and puts his needs as top priority.

As for everything else regarding her, she was 1 step above a stripper/prostitute. She had enough beauty and ambition to get here to the US. I doubt she ever wanted to be FLOTUS. I feel that she is lonely and unhappy in her marriage (and I agree with KB), but I think she signed a tight pre-nup. She's just waiting for Cheetolini to die, she knows if she leaves she gets nothing (vide: Marla Maples). She knows she made a deal with the devil, she's no dummy. And so that's where my sympathy dead ends.

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10/10/2019 8:16 am  

Just wanted to point out that Melania dated the Orange One for 6 years prior to marrying him. Certainly by then she knew all about his profound insecurities and deficits,  bullying, incessant lying, inner corruption, alleged money laundering and  predatory behavior ...and was still all in to marry him. Doesn't speak well of her character. I see her as very similar to (although not as outright evil) as Trump in her core values and extreme self-absorption.. She happily promulgated Trump's Birtherism lies on TV.  I don't feel that she cares about our country one bit nor our democracy ... Except insofar as it can offer her a gilded life in Trump Tower and that about sums her up. Don't honestly see a whole lot there on any level... No one twisted her arm to marry him. Sad for them both. I see them both as extremely unevolved, materialistic souls caught in the pursuit of ultimately pointless pleasures and endless posturing and striving. I think they both offer us much to contemplate regarding America's fascination with consumerism, our focus on "selfies" and fake social media parallel lives and deeply superficial values.

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10/10/2019 8:53 am  

I feel that, spiritually, perhaps they both are here at just "the right time" in our nation's evolution -- as an example for us to ponder and to help us find our way back to real authentic solid values as a a kind of instructive  "morality tale". Not to be partisan but look at the Obamas and Sanders as a comparison. Lives lived with solid values and real love. I doubt Melania or DT know what that is.

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10/10/2019 10:14 am  

Something to know about Melania:  

1. In 2017, she successfully sued  a 71 year old  Maryland blogger for "a substantial sum" who had passed along a rumor from the Daily Mail that she had once worked in an escort service. 

Her army of lawyers crushed the man.

In her lawsuit, she claimed that he had robbed her of the chance to earn hundreds of millions of dollars selling her many products now that she was the most photographed woman in the world. 

The suit said his  article had damaged her “unique, once in a lifetime opportunity” to “launch a broad-based commercial brand.”

So, to Melania, becoming the First Lady meant she could cash in big.  

I was surprised that she would actually claim publicly that she had intended to use the First Lady position for her personal financial advantage.  This was going on when Trump was scrambling to figure out how to beat the Emoulents Clause

If you think that her husband, not Melania, was in charge of the whole lawsuit action, know that in an unusual move for a public figure, she showed up personally at court, a move usually made to impress the judge that the lawsuit was important to the plaintiff and not just originating with her lawyers;  and also no doubt to use the office of the Presidency to intimidate the judge.

As for a poor blogger spoiling her brand, her brand is decided by her character, and even though she squashed the rumors of working in an escort service, her brand is still weak because she is shallow. Michelle Obama also did not want to be the First Lady.  She didn't want her children growing up under the spotlight.  She is also a very private person who prefers anonymity.  But she began to see the amount of good she could do as a First Lady, the millions of families and children she could help.  

2. When she plagiarized Michele Obama's speech I realized she lacks the altruism to come up with a message that could help millions, including children, young girls, and women who now look to her as a role model.  As First Lady, and a wealthy woman, she has access to top speech writers who could help her craft a great speech.  However, a great speech starts with something inside the person, and I'm not sure what is inside of her other than her love for her son and a need for money and admiration.

You could say that her humble upbringing impoverished her ability to think altruistically.  But Michele Obama also came from humble beginnings. But I don't think she is a bad person, just underdeveloped.

The good in Melania 

I feel sorry for her. Underneath all that power and finery is a frightened child.  She clings to wealth  and status and being seen as beautiful and a fashion icon.  She's a slave to appearances. Since wealth, status and admiration are what she's been seeking all along, what will she do when it collapses?   I don't think she realizes that altruism could bring her real happiness, and she is missing a fantastic opportunity to help others.  Perhaps she does care about others but is too afraid to show it or do anything about it. but I don't think so. I think she's cold inside, like those Red fake Christmas trees erected in her Christmas White House.

Melania loves her son and wants to protect him.  Michele Obama wrote about the difficulty  of raising children in the White House in heartbreaking clarity. I love thinking about her caring for her son.  It makes me feel better about her. 




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10/10/2019 10:51 am  

I was surprised at first that she would publically claim to see the FLOTUS position for a "brand" but the more I see her and listento her the less surprised I am.  Everytime I see someone state that "we nowhave a classy First Lady"  (I wll never  listen to Charlie Daniels again) I laugh out loud.  SHe is one of the least visable first ladies in recent history.  It's like they just drag her out of her bouduor when ever they want the white mob to salvate over her.  I don't think she is that beautiful.  Her beauty isn't from within it is superficial.  Painted on.  As for not wanting to be FLOTUS too bad!  Dump was talking about running as far back as the ninties.  As for her son, she seems like she is a good mom, content to be a single mom that's for sure.  I don't see Dump as having much to do with Barron, he even complained at a presser that Barron is getting too tall.  Barron is now as tall as his old man, thankfully not as orange!

As for what will she do when it all collaspes, who knows.  I think she will try to return to NY and live as she used to but I don't think it will be that easy.  She is going to be shunned like all other things Dump unless sshe turns on him which we all know she won't do.  Not just because it would cost her a lot of money but because she really doesn't care! 

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10/11/2019 3:40 pm  

Ok, maybe I am wrong about her (wouldn't be the first time because I'm a bad judge of character...). I guess it was simply just a dream of wishful thinking on my part...


But I guess we can all agree that she does love her son Barron. 


She makes me think of the character Cersei from the show Game of Thrones, especially in the scene where she was cuddling her son Tommen while a bloody war was being fought outside their castle and she was telling him a fable about the the mother lion who would protect her cub from the evil beasts living in the woods.


I'd replace the words "Lion" with "Eagle" (as in the American Bald Eagle) and the evil "Stags and Wolves" with "Bears and Dragons" (as in Russia and China).





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10/12/2019 3:18 am  

Houston, Texas is the 4th largest city in the USA.   There are more than 40,000 different streets within the city limits.  Dowling St., named after a confederate Civil War  traitor, runs, non-coincidentally enough, right thru the Third Ward, a  historic black neighborhood.  After a long political struggle,  it was renamed Emancipation Boulevard.

And as soon as the new street signs went up, it was announced that the new Kiddie Koncentration Kamp would be located there.   Of. All. The. 40,000 streets in Houston. It had to be on Emancimothafuckingpation Boulevard.

Make no mistake, Melanomia is a troll.  Her anti-bullying campaign is not a protest against her husband's policies- it is just another way to mock his victims.

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10/12/2019 12:01 pm  

It is my unfortunate luck that I've known her personality type many times before. I think Cersei is a good analogy in more ways than one. She appears to rate her own intelligence higher than others would (as if people wouldn't notice her plagiarism) which is very similar to Cersei. She loves her son as an extension of herself, not as individual human being (Also Cersei to a T). If she found out tomorrow that he was switched at birth and not her biological child she would stop loving him. She loves what he is (her blood, DNA etc....) not who he is. When he grows up she will tell him what she expects of him in terms of behavior and career, I doubt she will listen to what he says he wants. 

That jacket she wore with the words I don't care on it was no accident - she's not that brain dead. She went to visit migrant children and in heart she really didn't care at all about them, and she didn't understand why she was expected to care. 

She is shallow, narcissistic, materialistic and as my friends tattoo so poignantly says "The bed you make is the one you lay in", she chose to lay in bed with the orange fool and I don't feel sorry for her at all. 

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10/12/2019 12:30 pm


My version of the fable from this particular scene with Cersei and Tommen:


"Shh, calm my sweet. No one is going to hurt you. I'll tell you a story, you know the one about the mother eagle and her eaglet? In a nest in the American woods there lived an eagle and her son, she loved him very much. But there were other things that lived in those woods, evil things... like bears... and dragons... You could hear them growling in the night, the little eaglet was frightened. His mother said "You are an eagle, my son! You must not be afraid! For one day all the beasts will bow to you, you will be their king. All the bears will bow, all the dragons will bow, the wolves of the north, and the lions of the south, all the birds in the sky and the beasts in the sea. They will all come to you little eagle to rest a crown upon your head." The boy asked "Will I be strong and feirce like my father?", "Yes!" Said his mother "You will be strong and feirce just like your father! I will keep you safe, my love. I promise you..."


Yeah I agree too, I now think Cersei's character suits Melania to a T... 



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10/12/2019 4:31 pm  

I also felt that the Cersei analogy is a good one for Melania. Cersei was the most ambitious and calculating of her family.  Melania came from humble roots but her cold ambition to achieve power through money and adoration made her a fitting consort to Donald Trump. His former wife, Marla Maples, was perhaps too normal for him so it didn't last. She's most certainly the one to have shared  his 2001 tax returns with the press in an attempt to upend his candidacy. [Those tax returns should have been enough to keep him back.  But not in today's atmosphere.] 

Both Melania and Cersei have only sons.  To gage Cersei's maternal instinct, you only need to remember that she was complicit when her lover/brother pushed a young boy out a five story window who happened to catch her committing adultery with her brother.  Her only concern was when she learned that the boy hadn't died from the fall. Cersei's son, the union of her incest, was a sick demented monster who she protected in order to maintain power. Melania's son seems only to be vulnerable, and he has all of our compassion.  She was in a bind when her husband won the presidency, but she did have a choice to opt out to protect him, and she stuck around. She tried to opt out in part, but she can't have it both ways.

For Cersei, her ambitions ended up with her city in rubble, and herself crushed to death. Like Cersei, Melania's ambitions come to nothing. She will be shunned by all but a small group of sycophants.  She will love out her life like a hermit. 

If she had been content to just make money as a top model and live well, she could have been happy. But her ambition to be so much more than that -- "the most photographed woman in the world," as she put it in her lawsuit, have melted her wings, and she will fall long and hard. 

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10/12/2019 5:45 pm  

I definetly see Barron as Tommen (Cersei's youngest son). He was the most innocent of the two sons and very naive and gullible, where as Donald's oldest son Donald Jr. seems more like Joffrey (the cruel one who was a spoiled brat).


Speaking of the way Cersei brought her entire city of King's Landing to ruin... that scene really disturbed the HELL out of me! All those poor people...


I hope nothing horrible like that comes out of the Trump presidency!