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[Closed] Latinx or Hispanic?  


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08/10/2019 12:04 am  

I see that a tangent has begun on the Situation Unraveling... thread.

There's a lot of reference being made to "hispanics". I know no one here is using terminology in an ignorant way, but as someone who is part Hispanic, I just wanted to park some information here to clarify. This is not meant to chastise, only to inform.


"It's a common occurrence to hear people misuse the words "Latinx," "Hispanic" and "Spanish." Although the phrase can sometimes be interchangeable, in many cases they aren't so we broke the terms down for you. 

Latinx is a gender-neutral term that is used as an alternative to Latino/a. It refers to people whose origin or ancestry is in Latin America [including Brazil] and excludes Spain. Geographic location is what separates this term from Hispanic or Spanish. Additionally, the usage of the "x" instead of the "o" or the "an" at the end of the word "Latinx" is important as it's inclusive of those in the Latin community who are gender non-conforming, gender queer, gender fluid, etc. 

The word Hispanic refers to people of Spanish-speaking descent. This encompasses countries from Latin America and Spain but excludes Brazil because their national language is Portuguese. 

Spanish describes someone who comes from Spain. Although Spanish is a language, it is also a nationality so just because someone speaks this language it doesn't mean that they are from this European country."

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08/10/2019 12:41 am  

Thanks for clarifying. That makes me fifty percent Hispanic. Also I agree completely with what Lynn who said she is Hispanic wrote about Hispanics back in the Situation Unraveling thread. 

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08/10/2019 11:05 am  


Isn’t that sad that the ones who finally achieved the dream of becoming legal and are living the dream turn out to be the oppressors of the ones who are ilegal when they started just like them. Not all of them but a portion of them. They get this herd mentality. They want to be part of something anything that makes them look more American.  


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08/10/2019 11:41 am  

Posted by lynnventura under Situation unraveling ... thread:

There's racism within hispanic culture, as well as colorism. All the problems, prejudices and dumbassery that exists in the larger American culture exists among hispanics.

@lynnventura and @jessi1978, thank you both for your feedback.  So do you find that such racism exists primarily among those Hispanics who live inside the US?   In other words, does it also exist among those who have not immigrated here?

@laura-f, Oops ... I don't think I've ever never used the gender neutral term, Latinx.  And I've also used Latino/a and Hispanic interchangeably.  Thank you for the clarification.

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08/10/2019 12:56 pm  


I think all people have their biases and prejudices, all over the world. People of Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking descent are an enormous group, and also include within that group people who are the descendants not only of Iberians but of Indigenous peoples, Africans and, frankly, just about every other kinds of person. Latin America has been its own sort of melting pot. There's a Chinatown probably in every country in South America and the Caribbean. There are Hispanic-Jews and middle eastern folks.  So, it's a hard question to answer.  Just because someone is foreign born doesn't mean that they necessarily sympathize with the plight of refugees.  That said, I do think there is a solidarity among Spanish-speaking peoples (I'm not Portuguese so I can't speak to that discrete group), and, while I can't know for sure, I'd venture to guess that those living in other countries are horrified by what they are seeing happening in the U.S.

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