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Kamala Harris running for the Democratic Nomination in 2020 for President.  

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01/30/2019 5:02 am  
Posted by: likesdninjas

It doesn't seem likely that he would be in a position to run in 2020, no.

From looking at his astrological Solar Return for 2019, it looks like he might slink away instead of receiving punishment. A number of tarot readers I watch also have said that he appears to resign. I recall someone saying he got a vision of McConnell going to Trump to tell him that they (the Dems) had more than enough to impeach him, and he recommended Trump to resign immediately.

Somehow, Pence isn't going to be president either, but I don't know why.

IF it were to happen that Pence is pulled out somehow (because of the investigation? he was part of the transition, so he knows what was happening BTS), AND Trump resigned - suddenly Pelosi would become president.

I think the Republican's heads would explode!

I think Pelosi could be the brown haired Woman everyone keeps talking about. She could run for President if she gets there. Republicans might enable her to succeed Trump/Pence, and then she will go to an election, by this time I think people will be looking for someone stable still, Democrats will let her have the primary, and then she might win the general. Progressives will have mixed emotions, and conservatives will be upset. The corporate class will be happy still. 2024 is when someone new will come, probably Stacey Abrams, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Ilham Omar, etc.

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01/30/2019 3:45 pm  

I don't think Pelosi will throw her hat into the ring. She's been talking about retirement. If she becomes president, it would be because both Trump and Pence get kicked out the door (or resign to prevent the shame of being kicked out the door).

She may be the woman who takes Trump down, though. I mean, we're already seeing her know exactly how to manage him.

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01/30/2019 4:26 pm  

Can't imagine that the GOP would let the presidency slip away by allowing it to go to the Speaker of the House in a resignation succession situation.  

Not only have none of us seen this, (although I know we don't see everything), but how would the GOP allow it to happen when they can fairly easily prevent it? 

 Of course anything can happen in this world, I agree.

But the only way the Speaker of the House would take over would be if Pence left office before Trump or at exactly the same moment so that there was no vp to take over when Trump left. 

I am sure that the Republicans have been making contingency plans in case Trump becomes incapacitated or leaves office. As soon as Pence was sworn in, which would happen in a matter of minutes, he would nominate a v.p. although it would have to be approved by Congress.  

When Nixon's presidency was in jeopardy from Watergate, and his vp, Spiro Agnew had to resign because he was caught taking bribes,  Nixon nominated Gerald Ford for vp who was easily approved by Congress, became his v.p. and then became president when Nixon resigned. 

But Nixon, compared to Trump, was actually an honorable man, again, compared to Trump.  He knew it was important to get a replacement for Agnew because there was a good chance he, Nixon, would be leaving office.  

But if Trump cracks up or walks out, Pence will take office unless he is forced out before Trump leaves. Then GOP leaders will be all over the president to nominate a vp. 

Again, I agree that the unexpected can happen.

I am only pointing out that it wouldn't be a simple matter of the president gets sick or resigns, Pence then resigns and the president calmly passes to the opposition party. 

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01/30/2019 4:52 pm  

I wondered that, too, because of exactly the same reasons you mentioned! A year ago I looked into Pence possibly becoming president, or even Paul Ryan (back before he said he would be "retiring"). My cards said Paul Ryan had a better chance of being president than Pence had! Other YouTube psychics I watch also have asked and get a "no" when asking if Pence will become president. No one gets a reason why or how Pence would be out of the running for it, especially with Trump quite likely not finishing his term as president.

Technically, she is next in line for presidency after T and P. When I did a reading on her, it says she (or even everybody) would be caught off guard and surprised if she were to become president. It would certainly have to be a surprise in order for it to happen!

I'd say since the Dems and Pelosi took back the House (or even earlier when they saw the writing on the wall), the GOP most certainly have been making contingency plans, but if whatever happens (which has not been revealed to anyone I know) is so surprising and sudden, they can't implement them, perhaps? This is part of what happens we don't seem to be allowed to know, I guess. Got to leave some suspense in the story!

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01/30/2019 6:00 pm  

Ok. Just a thought. But what if many Republicans who took money from the oligarchs were allowed to not have charges brought against them in exchange for PELOSI Becoming President, executive orders being reversed, and Merick Garland replacing Kavanaugh?

sounds way out there, but it would pretty much even things out for cheating to have trump in there.


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01/31/2019 12:06 pm  

Has anyone looked at Pence's chart or done a reading on him? I wonder if he will have health problems or heart attack...  something that puts him out other than the investigation.

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01/31/2019 1:02 pm  

I have Pence's birth information. I rectified his birth time based on his wedding (because the wedding's exact place and time is known). I hadn't gotten any farther than that.

If anyone else wants to take a peek and see if they can find anything, here is the birth information I have on Pence (and his wedding): June 7, 1959, 12:29 PM -5 GMT, 39 N 15, 85 W 56. Wedding: June 8, 1985 (one DAY after his birthday! so he doesn't forget it, I guess), 15:30 (3:30 PM) -5 GMT, 39 N 47, 86 W 15.

To rectify his chart, I used numerology (to determine the House his North Node would likely be in), then Solar Arcs and Sabian Symbols of the House cusps as a means of confirming the time I chose. If I'm within 4 minutes, it should be accurate enough for Moon progressions and transits. (Solar Arcs/solar progressions need to be exact to be accurate, which is why I use them to determine rectified birthcharts.) On the day of his wedding, he had Solar Arc Moon trine Jupiter. His SA Moon was in the 10th House in Cancer (public displays of nurturing and family), and his natal Jupiter is in Scorpio in his 3rd House (intense, obsessive, or secretiveness in communication, with siblings or neighbors). Moon trine Jupiter means social celebrations, usually.

The last big thing that happened in Pence's Solar Arc chart was SA Sun sextile Midheaven (an opportunity to advance his career) which happened on or around January 7th (he made overtures that day for the Dems to come back to the table to help end the shutdown). His SA Sun is in his 11th House in Leo, so that's long-term plans and associates with leadership or drama having an opportunity for his public life or career, so that fits.

The next big thing in his Solar Arc chart is SA Sun conjunct Uranus. That's an unexpected and likely upsetting disruption in his life. Again, SA Sun is in 11th House in Leo, so it's long-term plans and associates with leadership or drama. His natal Uranus is also there, natch (being a conjunction), so his long-term plans, associations, and his leadership will be shook up or changed in some way!

That's on February 26. Mark your calendar!

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02/01/2019 11:43 am  

Here's what I feel when I reflect on Pence and the presidency:

  • I see him sworn in, but it's at night, in secret.
  • He is told to pick a VP immediately.
  • He picks Paul Ryan (as a big F*U to Pelosi).
  • He's only president for a few days, during that time he signs more heinous exec orders (can't see what category).
  • Mueller is catching up to him, he is pressured to resign, I hear McConnell telling Pence "Don't worry, The Kid [Ryan], will take care of everything."
  • He resigns.
  • Ryan then pardons Pence, but not Twitler.

I think why we don't see Pence as prez is because it's brief and in secret. As before, I see a lot of black fog and webs swirling around the White House. Dark times.

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02/01/2019 5:25 pm  

Well, Kamala Harris has my vote. I’m not looking for some unicorn candidate who fulfills my every secret wish. I’m not a child. I’m not going to tear her down about the details of her evolution and life’s journey, because I’m not a hypocrite. I would be happy to cast my vote for her. I would be thrilled, even. She moves us in the right direction, and that is as much as one can ever hope for. 

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02/01/2019 8:24 pm  

Wow!  Beautifully said, SDJ!  I wholeheartedly agree.


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02/01/2019 10:56 pm  

I was reminded that Pence was selected by Manafort. Plus Pence was head of the transition team and definitely was there around the inauguration, so he knows way more than he wants to let on about what all he saw and overheard. Remember, there's some stink about the monies raised and spent (or not spent as the case may be) for the inauguration parties. Plus, so many Russians invited to the parties.

I'd have no doubt he has full backing by a lot of those old white men who run the GOP, and I bet if they could get away with that scenario of swearing him in in the dead of night, they surely would do it. But will they have that opportunity? Could we see another similar situation like Vice President Agnew back during the Nixon days where he suddenly resigned, and very few people understood why (but now we know why, thanks to Rachel Maddow's podcast of Bag Man). The way he sits and stares like a vacant puppet lately makes me think he's sweating bullets under that veneer. He knows too much, and probably doesn't want it to come out.

As for Kamala, she is definitely the most popular candidate at the moment. I've been doing tarot reads on each of the people who announce themselves, and she had some both surprisingly good and bad cards. I got 10 of Swords for the present (which seems strange) and 4 of Cups for the future for her. But the final outcome was 9 of Coins. So even if she doesn't get through the primary as the Democratic pick, she should be sitting pretty and enjoying the fruits of her labors. (Oh, and her reason for running - 10 of Cups. She very much wants to unify the country.)

I wonder what she might be offered in the future that is not what she was hoping for?

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02/02/2019 8:11 am  



I agree. I've heard her speak so well during interviews and was charmed by her sense of presence and warm, open, happy, smiling connecting energy goes a long way with how one is perceived and received for connection with others 

I loved Kristin Gillibrand and Marianne Williamson, and thought Mayor Pete Buttigieg was so well spoken as well.

Let's face it, the what we need is a candidate we like and trust, whose politics resonate with our own, but really and truly the one with the best shot at beating Trump.

And right now, at least he and his cronies are looking at Kamala Harris with the most concern as being the one he may need to beat.

But then, I'm still feeling Russian and others' electronic intervention in our airwaves on top of Mother Earth's ever intensified scream.

It'll be a rocky uncertain ride for a while.

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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02/02/2019 7:49 pm  

If Trump ends up being out of the picture or simple withdraws or doesn't run, there needs to be a democratic candidate who will be able to match up well against the Republican frontrunner.  Nobody should only think "Trump" which debating and doing townhalls.

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