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05/20/2019 2:58 pm  

Justin Amash came out about an hour ago with yet another string of tweets citing the Mueller Report and support for impeachment. 

Reporters need to begin to interview Republicans asking if they have read the complete (redacted) Mueller Report following up with specific clarifying questions pertaining to the report. Actually they need to ask Democrats the same question. Let’s start to get specific about these issues. 

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05/20/2019 10:34 pm  

I'm genuinely shock that a Republican is willing to be honest and not kiss up to 45's butt.

I don't know much about Justin Amash but I hope he stands firm.

EDIT: Hasn't there been predictions on here about some Republicans breaking away from Trump as we get closer to 2020? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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05/28/2019 7:09 pm  

Did anyone see Justin Amash's town hall meeting today?  I heard some of it as I was preparing dinner.  Amash was explaining some of the Mueller report and the process of impeachment to the audience members.  Based on what I listened to, it seemed to be a simple and rather brilliant presentation.  Chuck Todd called it "a very useful Constitutional exercise."

Why on earth haven't the Dems offered the same kind of explanation of impeachment?  Most people really need to understand it before they will choose to support it.

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05/29/2019 2:47 pm  

I watched it.  I agree with you. I wish the dems would take his cue in explaining impeachment.   

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