Heroes Whose Outrage Helps Us All Right Now  


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06/17/2019 9:49 am  

Watched Jon Stewart choke up while castigating Congress on behalf of 9/11 responders who are dying from cancers they got at 9/11.  His outrage was like a light beam in the current darkness that is Congress.  


Speeches like his help me through the current political depravity that has gotten me so sad and angry right now--Trump and minions more emboldened than ever and Congress more passive than ever. I want to be inspired by those who have spoken up. Got any to share?

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06/17/2019 10:02 am  

I cried when I watched Jon Stewart speak.  Then I raged when I saw Turtleman's snarky reply.  Did anyone else grab the underlying meaning?  I'm sure you did.  "oh I forgot about that"  What do we say ad nausem every 9/11 - don't forget, never forget.  Well mitch and the moron have not only forgotten they demean the day and the people who died by their glorifying the Saudi's.  

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06/17/2019 10:47 am  

The good news about this speech is that it caused the House to pass the bill (9/11 Victim's Fund Bill) and then when it got passed to the Senate Mitch McConnell was shamed into picking it up.  It is in Senate Committee and has yet to be voted on.  I'm sure McConnell will try to pass on it.  But he will watch the momentum and see if he can get away with not passing it.   

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06/17/2019 11:47 am  

Here's another clip that fits how I feel and I think many people feel right now.  It's AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) expressing her opposition to  Nancy Pelosi's decision not to impeach. She uses the word "animus" towards Pelosi which is strong language of spirited anger.  

I predict that AOC's way of thinking is the future direction that progressives will be going after the middle-of-the-roaders resign or are voted out of office.  We will look back on this year with regret if the Democrat controlled House fails to act.  And a new wave of young progressives will act from their hearts, not from their heads. 

What AOC says here is what I told my Congressman, Joe Kennedy, a few weeks ago -- that the decision to impeach should not be a political one. It should not be based on concern about the upcoming election.  The House should impeach because the president is guilty of multiple crimes.  The House should impeach because that is their job - to act as a check and balance on the executive branch.  I want my leaders to do the right thing not the politically expedient thing. 

Here's the interview:   https://www.mediaite.com/tv/ocasio-cortez-tells-abcs-jon-karl-theres-a-very-real-animus-for-speaker-pelosi-among-progressives/?utm_source=mostpopular

I've gotten push back for my position by other progressives.  I do not care. My moral compass is coming from within.

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06/17/2019 8:12 pm  

I love Ted Lieu.  I wish every Democratic congressperson we have was willing to speak the truth directly to Twitler like he is.

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06/18/2019 7:14 am  

I'm a huge fan of Greta Thunberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWsM9-_zrKo


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06/18/2019 8:33 am  

I think they will start the impechment process sometime the next two months.  I know a lot of people are upset that it hasn't happened now but my gut feeling is trust Nancy, I think she has a plan that will make the Trump look guilty as hell.  Don't forget there are other investigations going on and one is into finances.  That and the child porno stuff with Nader are what I think will thke the Mob, oh ah, administratin down. It's hard to be patient but it will happen and I think moron will be forced out.

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06/19/2019 12:23 am  

Jeff Tiedrich on Twitter is hilarious.  He uses raw, graphic language, lots of cursing, but he nails Twitler, daily.

He says, "Don't blame me; I voted for the e-mail lady."  lol

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