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George H W Bush  


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12/01/2018 2:34 am  

Tonight with the passing of Bush 41, I would like to express my gratitude .

Thanks you  for your service to our country during WW2 in the navy as an aviator.  For surviving the war after being shot down and continuing to serve your nation . Thank you for understanding the costs of war.

Thank you for inspiring  people to become 1,000 points of light.  There are millions now.

 Thank you for your thoughtful leadership as president while the Berlin Wall fell and The Soviet Union became no more.   You didn't gloat that it happen on your watch.  You lead with dignity as we won the Cold War. Your were a true diplomat.

Thank you for  making America a shinning point of light  and freedom.

 Thank you for setting a tone of civility in your White House, and in retirement.   For showing our nation how to come together by working with an arch rival, #42, building a beautiful relationship together  to help victims of a horrible earthquake.

Thank you for speaking with "we" and not "I".  

Thank you for showing our elders that their are no limits to what can be accomplished  while  continuing to jump out of airplanes at the age of 80, 85 and 90.  

Thank you for showing strong family love and bonds. 

I did not vote for you, but I believe you were the person who was meant to be our president  (even if you didn't like broccoli).  

Rest in Peace President Bush.  Please shine brightly, our nation needs your bright point of light .





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12/01/2018 3:07 pm  


I felt chills as I read your post.  Beautifully expressed.   Thank you.

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12/03/2018 2:45 pm  

I thought Obama nailed  it when he praised Bush  for treating adversaries as opponents rather than enemies—a stark contest to today’s president.  

The eulogies have served as a reminder of how far down the spectrum of civility the GOP has fallen.  I hope it’s members are taking notice.   

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12/03/2018 7:02 pm  

Lovendures, thank you for sharing these beautiful words in eulogy. I wouldn't have voted for this president (I was a minor during his time in office), and naturally, there are positions he took which I disagree with—even staunchly. But I also respect and value President Bush for his integrity, diplomacy, generosity, tact and gentleness in approach, and for his lifelong commitment to service leadership. His namesake said that he loved his children unconditionally, and they all knew it. This should be the way of all fathers, but sadly it isn't. Not yet.

He was an exemplar in all of these respects. It's a sad day in our country to recognize that his like may not be seen again in Washington for some time—if ever again. I saw his death back on Sept 30th, and with that vision was a powerful sense that the GOP and general DC establishment would be mourning the end of an era, along with many regrets for their own actions and those of the current president. But I believe that soon, Bush (with many others in spirit) will begin to add his light to supporting the healing of our nation.

P.S. Writing the above qualities out, I realize they make G.H.W. Bush similar to another former president and generational cohort, Jimmy Carter. Some would disagree, but I find this comforting.

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12/03/2018 11:38 pm  

I want to offer all my American friends who are mourning my deepest condolences.  The world has lost a great man but Heaven has welcomed a bright shining star in the firmament.  

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