William Barr  


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11/25/2019 10:40 am  

Barr's colossal betrayal of his Oath of Office as A.G. will come back to haunt him when Trump is finally gone, and the Congress turns blue.  Remember that it took two years for Nixon's AG Mitchell to go to jail.  

Trump's latest comment in his recent Fox and Friends rant pointed out how Barr shut down Mueller. He said of Barr, "We may have ended this thing a lot sooner had he been there."   



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01/13/2020 3:50 pm  

NYC Bar association has asked Congress to investigate William Barr


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01/17/2020 12:37 am  

Wonder if Barr personally threatened Mueller.  There's little doubt now that he shut the investigation down.  Parnas said tonight he's afraid of Barr and the DOJ under him.

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01/17/2020 8:02 am  

Barr is the most dangerous person in this country. I honestly don't understand what he's doing, or why. He's a religious zealot, as is Pompeo and other in the administration, and that's the kind of odd thread that ties many of them together. Still, I don't see why he's doing so much to protect trump. What he's doing, the way he's behaving, feels to me like a combination of diabolical and dictatorial. I get a visual image of him twirling a metaphorical thin mustache, like a cartoon villain. 

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01/17/2020 10:17 am  

@lynnventura, I totally agree.  And he runs our law enforcement agencies, which makes him particularly dangerous.   Has anyone gotten any recent impressions on BB?