Epstein Case - With Barr Un-recused, How will this case play out?  

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08/15/2019 11:35 am  

Epstein autopsy report came in

An autopsy performed on Jeffrey Epstein showed he "sustained multiple breaks in his neck bones," the Washington Post reported Wednesday.

People familiar with the autopsy report told the newspaper the bones broken in Epstein's neck included the hyoid bone, which is near the Adam's apple. This sort of break can happen when a person hangs themselves or dies by strangulation, forensics experts told the Post.



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08/15/2019 2:44 pm  

@mb, I agree.  And Barr makes it bad for the good attorneys.  Some people already have negative opinions about lawyers and share jokes about the profession, e.g.  cynically quoting the Shakespeare line "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers."  I've worked for a few large law firms (non-lawyer) and have personally known a few attorneys -- many I've liked and respected, some not so much.  The profession is a mixed bag.  The really bad ones make the headlines, but there are plenty of good lawyers out there.  We see that playing out now, e.g., as attorneys come to the aid of the immigrants and the victims of Epstein's sexual abuse.   

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08/15/2019 10:57 pm  


What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean? A good start.

Just kidding. Sometimes jokes in poor taste make me laugh anyway.

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@laura-f, You are so bad!  🤪  Actually I think I remember that joke -- didn't Tom Hanks say that from his deathbed in the movie, "Philadelphia"?  

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08/15/2019 11:46 pm  


I think so, but it's a very old joke which I know I heard in childhood, long before that movie.

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08/16/2019 10:56 am  


Hanging doesnt often break bones in the neck, aside from the hyoid, unless you have a violent "snap." The ceilings in jail cells are too low to build up enough momentum to do that, although in rare cases I guess that can possibly happen. Most hangings result in slow suffocations, whereas a strangulation where the victim fights back would account for multiple breaks. Couple that with the fact that he had marks on his neck from his previous "suicide attempt," and Im pretty sure we now know what happened to him. Only question left is who did it. 

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08/31/2019 12:17 am  

A member of our community from Australia, Bernie, sent me a prediction about Prince Andrew, which we know has been implicated in the Epstein case, and was in the news today. She wrote that she's been thinking about him and doesn't feel a good outcome for him. This article   appeared today that shows an FBI photo of the Prince with his accuser. The photo looks like it could be doctored. But I believe the girl.

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08/31/2019 1:22 am  


At first I thought it could be photoshopped, too. I have no idea what the man's hands look like, but the ones in the photo don't look like "women's hands" to me. I also don't think it's suspect that they appear red (hands frequently flush). I did think the background could be distorted just to the right of the hand around her waist, but on second and third look, I think the distortion is probably a natural shadow formed by his fingers and cast by the flash. Either way, I believe her version of events and hope the authorities do too.   

My rational brain wants to argue that, as the son of the Queen, Prince Andrew will be eternally protected. But my psychic side agrees with Bernie. I heard the words "he will fall on his sword."

I don't know if that means he will eventually confess his involvement or if those words are symbolic of suicide (I certainly don't wish anyone dead). Several months back (maybe December or January?) I had a premonition that the royal family would experience a loss sometime in the coming year. I saw a quiet funeral procession. When Prince Phillip had a car accident I wondered if he might be the one, but I genuinely don't know. Anyone else seen anything like this?

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08/31/2019 2:35 am  

During the last Read the Future Night, I had a vision of a loss of a member of the royal family in September - but I thought it was someone older. I also don’t think this will end well for him, but don’t know what form it will take. I definitely don’t wish any harm on any of them and would expect them to tell the prince to make him self very quiet and small somewhere if concrete things start coming out about his involvement in this case. I don’t know that even a prince will be allowed to go free if crimes can be proven against them in today’s world. 

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08/31/2019 2:52 am  

Thank you for sharing this, @baba. It's validating. I also assumed the loss I saw would be someone older, but that wasn't necessarily a psychic impression. Despite her age, I don't believe it would be Elizabeth. Not yet. She comes across with a great deal of vitality. And sturdy practicality (she was born on the first day of Taurus, after all). All of this has to be taking a toll on her (not to mention other unrelenting bad press the family has been receiving), but if anyone can withstand the onslaught, she can. Not so sure about her third child and second born son, but I expect you're right about how he'll be advised to behave if anything more substantial comes to light. 

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@VestraLux :

I had the sense at the time of an older male and it was in the fall. It made me a bit uncomfortable at the time to share it as I struggle with the the ethics of publicly predicting someone’s demise.

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I struggle with the same, @baba, and I imagine I'll continue to. I never tell someone I know or meet in my personal life when I see a death looming. I believe we have the power to redirect any course, but too much fear or certainty (or negative attention) will ever help us do that. 

When I receive a vision of the death of a public figure, I have to think that death is as much a collective matter as a personal one. I don't always feel right sharing it, but sometimes I do. For example, last fall on this site, I predicted the death of George H.W. Bush and the circumstances of his DC funeral. It was obviously his time, but I felt the particulars of the funeral were important to share because they seemed to show how defeated the political establishment would be feeling at the former president's passing. I saw that it would be raining the night he died and that all of DC would seem solemn and grave. A fracture had become a break. I also saw that the current president would be lashing out against breaking news of personal legal defeat at the time, and that this would shame party Republicans. Bush's death marked a turning point in conservative culture, but also in American political history.

I don't know whether the death of a royal will occur like we've both sensed, but if it does, I have to think it will also mark a crucial turning point for the collective—just as Epstein's has. Representatives of the power structure belonging to the former paradigm are passing away, and the world is in a moment of incredible transition.

And of course, death is not an end. 

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