Closing the Border with Mexico  


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04/01/2019 4:25 pm  

I have a difficult time looking ahead at what might happen regarding the possibility of closing the boarder with Mexico because it doesn't make sense.

 In the past, when Trump has threatened a bizarre  a non-sensical  action, I have gotten myself in trouble because I intellectually think " no one in their right mind would do x y or z" ,  but then he does it anyway. I realize of  course he isn't in his right mind and he continues to chose actions which harm our country. I also realize my problem is being too logical.

I just read Mexico currently supplies the US with approximately  50% of all produce sold here.  87% of the tomatoes and 65% of the berries to name just a few items which would be much more difficult to find in a boarder closing.  There are MANY other things we import from Mexico such as cars and car parts.  We have a lot of exports as well which would hurt our farmers once again just like it did with the China trade issues recently.  

I would love to get some of your take of this because I really don't know where to begin.  

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04/01/2019 10:35 pm  

Yes, there is nothing 'logical' about a Southern border closure! And the impact of the import-export deficits (especially of produce) will be far-reaching into the future to create even more havoc, the T***p regime specialty.

The only good thing that could come from this closure would be that the thousands of horses that are trucked over the border to the horrific slaughter houses each month, would be spared, hopefully.

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04/02/2019 5:40 pm  

I honestly don't think any republican in their right mind (insert irony and eyerolls here) would actually allow him to do it. That's way too much cash loss and as we know, it's all about money for them. 

I see a lot of Republicans (especially Lindsey Graham) giving him the compliment sandwich of "great idea, bad execution" when Trump calls his people for advice. (Which Lindsey stated in a Times article, has become a common occurrence for Trump.) 

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04/04/2019 12:55 pm  

Trump just backed off his border threat and said he is giving Mexico a year to make progress on the drug and migrant flow into the US.

Sounds like he got an earful from a bunch of people.  

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04/04/2019 3:25 pm  

Lovendures, this and the ACA repeal sounds like a distraction from Mueller report and the SDNY investigations.

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04/04/2019 4:08 pm  

Enkasongwriter, I agree.  A distraction. 

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04/04/2019 4:31 pm  

Everything this man does in someway a distraction from the his actions. He can only distract his base who seem to be like zombies who have no brains and just are hungry for more fake news. Most of us are awake and know what kind of man he is

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04/07/2019 8:00 am  

I addressed some of my thoughts regarding the Southern Border on the Robert Mueller thread however it has occurred to me after some reading that the issues we have with immigration are not singular to the US. All over the Western World there are political movements informed by increased levels of refugees and unchecked migration patterns. It has stimulated the Brexit mess, lead to riots in France and caused some political upheaval in Italy and Germany. There are also social and criminal aspects to the reaction of this in New Zealand and the Netherlands. So, I think we have to take a step back as a nation and consider what our ideals are. After all, the United States is a nation made up of immigrants and predicated on religious freedom and the rule of law.... that is our leit-motif.

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04/08/2019 10:26 pm  

Trump fired or she resigned however you want to see it Kirsjtsen Nielsen because he wants to close the border and again start seperating families at the border again and of course turn around asylum seekers at the border and send them to Mexico. Interesting fact a Judge in California today issued preliminary injuction blocking Trump's policy forcing asylum seekers to return to Mexico and wait decision. He is also telling immigration agents at the border to turn people back and say sorry to the judges and say they are full. He obviously would love to get rid of these judges so he can impose his will on the immigrants

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04/09/2019 11:31 am  

Rosella -- You are so right. This is not a US issue. This is a global issue that is becoming increasingly fraught. I lived in Munich Germany for a year in the late 80's and when I went back in the early 2010's, the city had completely changed in flavor. It seemed like fifty-percent of the people I saw in the historic district were Middle Eastern or African immigrants. Paris is similar. That has caused a lot of tension in Germany and all over Europe, UK, etc. 

This is only going to get worse with climate change as more and more refugees flee disaster, coastal flooding, excessive heat, etc. So I don't think this Trumpism period is a blip on the radar but more like the start of an ongoing crisis. 

We need brilliant leadership to figure out how to be compassionate while also not exhausted resources for our own people. That's the best possible future we can hope for. Pure fascism is the worst we can expect, but probably not unlikely.

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04/09/2019 7:12 pm  

     Donald Trump conveniently ignores the reasons why so many people are leaving central America and seeking asylum in the first place. It's because living conditions in their home countries are so bad they have no choice. Is he doing anything to reduce problems with the violent gangs in central America? Absolutely not! He ignores the fact that past U.S. policies including the installation of U.S. puppets has helped foster this problem.

     Donald Trump thinks that all he has to do is threaten this, threaten that, and treat people cruelly and inhumanely and he can get exactly what he wants. His policies are taking us entirely in the wrong direction.

     The border closure that Donald Trump wants to impose will inflict massive harm on huge numbers of  perfectly innocent Americans and Mexicans. There are many people who have jobs that depend on them crossing the border daily. Otherwise they lose their jobs and income. Many food items will vanish from grocery store shelves if Trump gets his way along with massive layoffs of grocery store workers and delivery personnel.

      There are many manufactured goods that depend on parts that come across the border. Thanks to Donald Trump we would see widespread product shortages and massive job layoffs because of the product shortages. It would be a catastrophe of the highest magnitude!

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04/09/2019 7:20 pm  

JHolmes-- thank you for reading my entry and looking at this issue from the same perspective. I was discussing the Trump strategy for the Southern Border-- and explained how while a "Wall" may be popular among his followers, it is not any kind of solution. There is no instance in which a wall has been an effective solution. It is the equivalent of trying to bury one's head in the sand. Real leadership looks to solve the problems that lead to the crisis of refugees at our border. Throwing money at it nor building a wall will resolve it. It takes more than that. Looking overseas and seeing what has worked and what has not in other nations-- what a gift that is to our leadership, if they would only analyze it with some critical thought. International organizations-- like UN/EU/WHO should truly form a interdisciplinary organization that can help design the best strategy for handling diaspora in a manner that is humane, respecting both refugee and host country's citizens. 

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04/09/2019 8:18 pm  

@5leafclover: I don't think T is "ignoring" the strife in Central America so much as he is intellectually incapable of grasping the chains of cause and effect that have led to so much suffering in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The real shambles in all of this is that reasonably intelligent figures within the GOP have continued to stand by and defend the stances such an intellectually and emotionally challenged man (ahem, Kirstjen Nielsen and Mitch McConnell).

 Although I wouldn't count on any GOP figure (or even some establishment Democrats) owning up to the role past US foreign policy has played in creating the current state of affairs in Central America. It's still taboo for politicians to talk about America's history of imperialism.  

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06/08/2019 10:47 am  

Latest is that Trump announces he is cancelling the 5% tariffs on Mexico. His comments at first seemed to conflate his reasons for these tariffs relating them to trade issues (which I thought were resolved with the new agreement now before Congress) instead of the immigration issue in which he expects Mexico to be our border security... Many have thought he raised these threats against them as a distraction from the Mueller testimony.  I think I have to disagree. I think this is going to be an ongoing thing with him d/t the chip on his shoulder he has against Mexico and it's high success - I think he finds his approval among registered Republicans increases whenever he threatens that nation. Naturally the wealthy and the Republican politicians were aghast. I think he will do this again and again and eventually Mexico is going to call his bluff (if they are smart, they will have already begun making trade deals with other nations to soften the blow of this unstable leadership in the US and I think automakers and other manufacturers should be doing the same).  Of course, if they feel that he will not be re-elected, they may just wait him out. But I did not think he would win the last one and no longer can I be so sure again because I believe that our elections/machines have been manipulated and there has been nothing to stop that so it will happen again.

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