Bernie Sanders is running for President.  

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08/04/2019 5:26 pm  


It may have started the other night at the Democratic debate in Detroit, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren’s alliance, just as Zoron predicted…

Zoron: ‘I think that eventually, they make the pact, and its Warren in Veep position, and Bernie mobilising and awakening his vast sleeping army, who will awake, and go forth. I think the actual position will be clear by Spring 2020. They converge, then, if not sooner. Warren is very strong that she wants to do something.’


This from the Guardian: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren formed a tag team against the more moderate candidates to defend their progressive proposals.

This from Real Clear Politics: When asked Thursday on "CBS This Morning" if he and fellow progressive candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren have a "non-aggression" deal to not attack each other during presidential debates, Sen. Bernie Sanders said they "have been friends over 20 years," are running "different campaigns" and that "beating up on someone else is not good politics."

Progressive commentator Cenk Uygur said this week that a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren ticket would be a “dream team.” 


Although it’s early, this was the first sign and it’s encouraging. The paid news pundits of course don’t think it will last. At some point, they say, Sanders and Warren will have to go after each other.

But what if they don’t? What if, for the sake of the emerging progressive movement, they keep this going?

Zoron:  Yes, Jeanne is right. I did NOT say sanders would win. in fact, if you read very carefully, between the lines, its clear that this is very much in the balance. (but we have 36 months to go to election day) At the moment, (I have decided to be clear about this) He does not win. but by god, does he give the Repugs a run for their money.

But, I am not saying that he cannot win, and if the events twist and turn over the next 36 months. Jeanne has nailed it, quite sharply. The forces of corruption against him, in both parties, are huge. But he forces open the gates. The 2020 Government will be one of horror, as they stumble from one disaster to the other. (There is a 40% chance of Bernie winning at the moment, this will later change, either way.)


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Sorry - just looking for clarification. Are these old Zoron posts you are quoting? If so, would you please be so kind as to indicate that in future by putting them in quotes or asterisks or similar? And if not, is Zoron back?

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Regarding Zoron's Sanders/Warren prediction from so long ago:  A new Monmouth Poll shows Sanders and Warren as frontrunners, both at 20% each, and Biden falling way behind at 19%.  Policy wise, Sanders and Warren seem very compatible to me.  Steve Kornacki says they have different but mutually beneficial audiences with Warren appealing more to college educated folks and Sanders appealing more to working folks.  

Right now I haven't "fallen in love" with any of the candidates, and I don't really care who gets the nomination.  I'll vote for whoever survives the gauntlet.   

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08/28/2019 4:48 pm  

I'm a huge Sanders fan going back even before 2016 and I'd love to see a Sanders/Warren ticket. I realize that might be too much for people since the political spectrum has been skewed so far to the right since Reagan but that 'Overton Window,' as it's called (the spectrum of ideas on public policy and social issues considered acceptable by the general public at a given time) has already shifted quite a bit since Bernie's 2016 campaign. It's also clear to see how he does have enemies, as Zoron commented on back in 2017 (btw sorry I didn't mention the date in my previous post). 

I think if we look only at policies--Green New Deal, Med4All, stronger unions, etc--that Bernie (and AOC) is/are on the right side of history. But it really will take a political revolution and some serious systemic change. Capitalism as it's currently being practiced cannot continue. 

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