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What is Trump/Barr feeling now after the Mueller Report  


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04/10/2019 8:45 pm  

I think it would be a great time to do some  remote viewing on the current situation at the White House. What is Trump and Barr feeling now? Do they think they can hide the truth? After Barr congressional hearing is he afraid? Does he think his lying was enough? 

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04/16/2019 5:37 pm  

Okay, I've been interested in diving into this before the redacted report drops.

Topic: How certain people are reacting to the Barr Report.

Time: Thursday, May 2 (two weeks after the Barr Report has been released to Congress).

Targets: Trump, Attorney General Barr, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler, House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, Barack Obama, and Robert Mueller.

Using the mind-clearing and meditative techniques described by Jeanne and Maria, here is what I gleaned (I have no idea if any of this will be accurate, but it's what came to me).

Trump: He is smirking, even joking to some people around him. He feels confident. "There's nothing anybody can do... I'm in the clear" is the sense I get from him.

Barr: I saw a bag being associated with him. Then the word "bagman". I found this curious, because I'd associated a bagman with being one who transfers illegal money for someone. Barr doesn't fit this idea. But I looked up the definition, and it also includes "an intermediary in an illicit or unethical transaction. That fits the feeling here. I also got the sense from him of "This is how we stonewall."

Jerrold Nadler: He is kinda slumped at his Chairman panel seat, maybe in deep thought. It appears like he's been through a lot, he's tired. He's sitting up now looking around for some help. He needs help.

Adam Schiff: He, too, is at his Chairman panel seat. He's sitting straight up, leaning a little bit forward, like he is leading a charge. He is energized. And inside, his heart is breaking.

President Obama: He is trying to be realistic and objective. His feeling is that the game is fixed and will continue to be... until it isn't.

Robert Mueller: There is a perched eagle in low light, looking downwards. He is disappointed with what is happening. His sense if "you go by the rules, no matter what."


And that's what I've got! Again, caveat emptor... but it's what I was getting.

Anyone else??



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