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Storm Area 51 Event  


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07/19/2019 8:29 am  

You've probably heard that there's this joke event on Sept 20 in which they will storm Area 51 to find "them aliens".


At the time of the writing 1.7 million people have RVSP'ed as Going and 1.3 marked as "Interested"


Of course you would think it's just a silly page but people are actually going and hotels are fully booked on that day:


So this brings an exercise to anyone - what do you think is going to happen on this Storm Area 51 event?  My intuition tells me that people will actually attempt to raid but no one will get killed.  They will just stop them with nonlethal methods but it will all be quite a joke and they will never attempt it again.

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07/19/2019 11:46 am  

I was thinking on this just last night. I believe this event initially came from the Russians somehow. They use fake American profiles on social media (still) as a way to agitate "the base", to keep things unstable, at Putin's direction. And then people not in the base mistake it for a joke and join in as a form of irony. I think that anyone who gets hurt will not be a result of US Military "defending" the base, so much as it will be about the sincere whackos against the ironic observers coming into conflict. That part of AZ is very isolated. Most of the people who visit Area 51 do so in RVs. And most of them have weapons. I do see some gunfire or intervention on the part of the military, but I think it's mostly to scare everyone so they piss off and leave. I see teargas. I see guns shot over heads, but not directly at people. Unless someone actually breaches a fence (but I don't see that).  Putin's goal is to start a civil war here, and his goal in this case is to have it be the first time in a long time that our military shoots at its own citizens. I don't think he will succeed to that extent, but I think it could get dicey for those on the ground.

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07/19/2019 11:51 am  


I was also getting the same thing—started by Mango’s boss’s bots to sew havoc and what they hope will be violence and yet one more distraction to make Mango look strong if he has to intervene.