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RV Nov 9 - The US just before and after the next presidential elections  


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11/09/2018 2:32 pm  

Now that the result of the midterms is known, and since viewers did generally pretty well in sensing the general feel of the elections (except for a couple that allowed their fear to get in the way of their intuition), it's a good moment to look into the future at the next US elections. I think the best way of doing this is trying to look first at how things are looking just before the election, and then at the results.

The exercise is as follows:

Location: If you live in the US, look at a prominent public space where you live. If not, look at Washington DC, the Capitol and White House area. US residents may want to look both at Washington and their location.

Time: Do this dates separately, one after the other. It will probably work better if you take a break between the two viewings. First, 31st October 2020, Halloween. Choose day or night depending on what you know is likely to give you the most useful clues (night is probably not very useful for Washington). Second, 7th November 2020, the day after the elections, afternoon.


Before the election: What is the biggest issue in people's minds? What is the mood like? How do Democrats feel? How do Republicans feel? Are there any indications of any strong third-party candidate? Are there indications of tampering with the elections, or any reasons to think the elections may not be truly democratic? Can you tell who are the presidential candidates? (Try to find what signs look like).

After the election: Can you tell which candidate won? What is the mood like? How do Democrats feel? How do Republicans feel?


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11/16/2018 4:52 pm  

This is what I'm getting:

Before the election: I see posters with military themes: rifles, soldiers, helicopters. I realize there is a war going on, and it's a very big issue in people's minds. I see some men in MAGA hats, full of bravado and clearly thinking the war will be won if the army pushes just a little harder. Most women look worried, though.

When I try to focus on the presidential candidates, I see Beto O'Rourke on the Democratic side with a woman as running mate, but I don't know who she is. On the Republican side, I see Mike Pence with general Kelly as a running mate. I also get a sense of a strong independent candidate. He looks like a very rich guy, but I don't know him.

After the election: I don't get a dominant for the winner, which surprises me. I can tell the independent doesn't win, which is to be expected. I suppose this means that at this point in the timeline, this far out, the most likely scenario is a close race. I find this strange, I expected Trump to pretty much destroy the Republican party. There must be other factors going on in this timeline that favor Pence.

I'll leave this exercise going on for another week for other people to try.


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11/17/2018 2:32 am  

Maria - you're not in the US, so you probably don't know this, but Election Day 2020 will be on Nov 3. It's always on the first Tuesday of November unless that falls on Nov 1. 

Just mentioning it to help folks focus. 🙂

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11/26/2018 10:46 am  

Hi - Late getting to this. Focusing on Lafayette Park and Pennsylvania Avenue, next to the White House. Late afternoon, 10/31/20. There are women wearing pink pussy hats, holding signs. I can't hone in on the Top Issue, but maybe my seeing these women there indicates the continued MeToo and Women Rising movements as being predominant. The mood is one of determination. For whatever reason, I have the song, "California Dreaming" as a backdrop. All the leaves are down, and the sky is grey.

Next, focusing on the same locale for Wednesday, November 4, 2020. (I also zoomed in on Saturday, November 7) The crowd there is exhibiting high energy. It is cold. I see a young man wearing a black knit winter hat, and he seems to be angrily throwing something over the fence towards the White House. Or, he is simply being exuberant, leaping about and thrusting his arms up in the air. But I think it's the former.

The crowd on November 7 has more women. I can't see any pink hats. I do see a white-topped one. The energy is high energy, again. 

OK, who won? Focusing on the tickets, I saw the GOP with Ted Cruz. I also saw Mike Pence. Don't know who was the nominee. For the Democrats, I saw Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Beto O'Rourke. I think one of the women is the nominee, with O'Rourke in the VP slot.

It's really hard to tell who won. Given the actions of the young man and the absence of pink hats post-election, I'm leaning towards the GOP. Yikes! Wish I could get more, but it's all I could glean.

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01/16/2019 10:46 am  

I am getting the feeling that before the election, both sides have a lot of anxiety. I am not sure yet who the nominees are, but names include Bernie, Beto, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala for Democrats, but I think it will be a male with a female running mate. For Republicans Trump is not exactly happy. I think that in some states there is tampering. After the election, both sides are concerned still. I think Democrats are a little happier, possibly gaining the presidency, but also likely is some more gains in the house and at least some in the Senate.

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01/21/2019 7:15 am  

Here we go:

Washington DC before the election: you can cut the tension with a knife. Very unpleasant energy.

Nov 7 2020: jubilant energy, group of white men in white shirts cheering. I notice one man in particular who is in his 30s, has brown hair and is waving rolled up papers. Republicans seem delighted. Democrats range from disappointed to completely dejected. As a group they're frightened.

Nov 4 2020 (after reading Laura's post): democrats shocked, republicans shocked and excited, men in corridors high-fiving.

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01/22/2019 1:05 pm  

I see two sides, Pence/Paul Ryan on one side and Beto/Kamala Harris on the other.

Conservatives are happy. They win. 

Not sure where Trump is at this point 

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01/22/2019 1:37 pm  

I'm new to this, but I'd like to give it a try because its speaking to me very LOUD. 
It's Halloween. I'm instantly wanting to cry, my stomach feels in knots. The streets are quiet. It's dark. There are no kids trick or treating. No one wants to do festive things. Money is tight, people are depressed. 
Election day. It's cold out. People are outside in front of a podium. The air or the sky looks very brown. Hues of brown. Clothes are brown. Everyone is scared and nervous. Kamala is up on the stage. It's silent. She's saying few words because she knows what has happened up until this point has broke people. She's trying to give encouraging words, but she knows there's a lot of work to be done.
For some reason, she is our new leader but she feels defeated before she's even started. Hopelessness is the general overall feeling. I can't see who she is with but its a man. Younger. Gray hair though. 
Rusty. Everything looks rusty. Not many of us care anymore. We've lost a lot of faith and hope. We've lost our trust in the government, even in regards to the good guys. Feelings of "they let it get this bad, they didnt try hard enough to fight for us." 

Wow. I've never typed or said out loud what I see in my head..that was REALLY detailed. 0_0  This is nuts...

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05/23/2019 12:51 pm  

I did a brief RV of the 2020 election and came up with the following:

Kamala Harris wearing a red suit and waving to a crowd and Mayor Pete and his husband hugging behind her. They all looked very happy and the crowd was ecstatic. I tried questioning about other current candidates or likely scenarios but kept coming back to that for some reason. 

Additionally, at the inauguration only Melania attended and was angry that no one else in the family would come and represent them. 

It is still a long way out but it was an interesting exercise. 

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05/23/2019 3:55 pm  

Baba, I, too, consistently see Kamala Harris front and center on the Inauguration Day stage (and, in a couple visions, I saw her in a car looking out of the window while being protectively driven through a crowd), looking very happy, but more than that, looking presidentially serious.  I attended her first L.A. campaign rally this past Sunday and came away even more impressed than I'd anticipated (and my anticipations were high!).

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