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RV Nov 23 - The end of Trump's presidency  

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11/30/2018 2:49 pm  

This is the topic that interests me the most.  Perhaps we will all learn empathy for people who suffer in other countries under rulers that Trump aspires to be, and seems to be well trained for. I wonder sometimes if he is the Reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, but I don't know when he died. 

I feel a pit of fear in my stomach focusing on him. He is growing more monstrous and cruel by the day. He is a sociopath without a soul. I used to read him as broken, but now I see him as incomplete. He is missing a soul. He is dark, and yes, demonic. There is no light there. I believe he was born this way.

It is little comfort to think that at least he is uniting us. I feel a well of despair from the Earth her/himself and a crying out from the blood of those murdered. The death toll continues to climb in this parallel Universe that is an aberration. 

As often as I can, i send healing light up through the ground and around my body and out the top of my head to the Universe. i add my little light. As light and energy workers we can help by spending a little time each day in mindfulness and love and gratitude. For each other. for the Americans we are that will never let Democracy die. 




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12/03/2018 2:18 am  

Jeanne wrote: "April 2020: Trump depicted as a great balloon, like the Macy’s parade balloons. His belly so big and round he looks like he’s bursting. This could be a parody that some group is floating."

This has already happened, a group out of the UK designed and built a Trump balloon that is traveling the world. He's depicted in a diaper, as a big baby, with a pouty face.

You can see pics here: Trump Balloon

I think you may have glimpsed this somewhere and forgot about it OR the same group will be floating a new, bigger, more bloated balloon in 2020, and that's what you saw.


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12/03/2018 2:30 am  

OK, my cold is nearly done, so I had a few moments to try this RV.

Trump's last day in the WH - it's winter. I think this is after the 2020 election. I can't see if he ran or won, only that he's extremely unhappy with how things are turning out. He's not well. He's not even coherent - a lot of jabbering. Melania is nearby, she looks nervous but not upset.  McConnell and Pence are there. There are dark clouds (dark forces?) literally swirling around the room, making it hard for me to see details. I hear the word "coup", but McConnell and Pence look grim, so I think it's not their coup. Pence is saying he'll do his best to take over. This is all very hush-hush.  Ivanka and Jared are far away.

Although ill and incoherent, Trump is enraged. I keep flashing over to King George of England in the 1700s - he was also a lunatic (due to real illness though). He can't think straight, he just knows that he can trust no one, his worst fears have been proven right, he only regrets getting caught. There's so much dark and hatred flowing out of him even though he is in a poor state, I can't see past it.

When I try to look out a window in the room, all I see is a dark, DC night, cold and black. I do not see riots, or military action. It's eerily quiet...

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12/05/2018 4:13 pm  

Jeanne, in your 25 Nov. post you said: "November 2020: I see a lion resting."  In today's eulogy for H.W. Bush, Jon Meacham referenced Bush's decency, statesmanship, his inherent loyalty to "we," not "I," and said Bush "had the heart of a lion."  Perhaps the resting lion you foresaw wasn't Trump, but instead was symbolic of the lion-like courage of our "better angels," the collective decency within "the thousand points of lights."  Perhaps the lion you saw was resting as a result of a steadfast fight for decency throughout the next 2 years, a fight that courageously confronted and defeated Trump's narcissistic rancor and the hold it has had over too many, and that our collective capacity for decency ultimately triumphed in the 2020 election by ending his presidency.

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12/05/2018 6:18 pm  

CDeanne, with the lion resting as Bush Senior, it looks like two things I saw in that reading hit the news within a week after doing the reading.   The baby inflatable made news in Argentina and I can really see that the resting lion was bush senior.  

Thanks for pointing it out! 

Sometimes when we do the timeline reading, the immediate future has a way of popping into view, inserting itself into my field of vision as I focus on a time in the far distance.  

Even so, it is still possible, even likely, that the Trump baby inflatable and memory of the former president will be around to haunt Trump in 2020.  

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12/05/2018 8:37 pm  

oh the humanity!!!

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12/06/2018 3:56 am  

My strongest intuitive sense is that Trump is done, and he won't be re-elected in 2020.  We still have to endure this malignant, aggressive, badass mayhem a while longer, but the kool aid is finally showing signs of wearing off, and Trump will soon be forced to leave.  After that, Trump and his crime family will be stuck litigating one law suit after another for years.  My personal hope is that the Trump's post-presidency legal team is comprised of greedy, self-serving people who all charge $1000 per hour and demand to be paid big fat retainers up front.

I felt the change in energy and the break in Trump's in momentum the instant the democrats reclaimed the House of Represenatives.  Mueller's letter outlining Michael Flynn's help with a criminal investigation, Russian collusion, and a third mystery investigation was another potent and confirming dose of hope.  Mueller really is the smahtest guy in the room.  And perhaps most importantly, fat cats on CNBC (like Jim Cramer) are now openly turning on Trump.  They don't like Trump's tweets.  They don't like his tariffs.  They don't like him disparaging selected U.S. businesses.  They don't like him openly attacking fed chairman Powell.  They don't think he knows what he's doing.  Trump used to be seen as an asset for the economy.  Now he's a liability.  As the economy falls, Trump's dominos will fall, too.    

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