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New Remote Viewing task, week seven. ALIENS!  

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09/18/2019 5:08 pm  

Any remote viewing on Atlantis and alpha centauri?


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09/20/2019 5:36 am  

I tryed a remote view or lets say a meditation of empathy with the larger group called atlanteans. This is what came through :

The myth of Atlantis is a legend - it is true but told in the form of a legend. Atlanteans are us. Some more some less. The ones who are "more" are silent right now, seeing humankind is making the very same mistakes they did with the very same vanity they had. I sense difference of opinions among them but they keep their solidarity among each other. They are trying to find the best way of reacting to all that is happening. For the first time since thousands of years, they are discussing to take tangible action. This may occur directly or indirectly - i sense their disagreement is on this. The ones who bare the legacy and remember are not many but crowded enough to be effective. Some individuals among them are moving to new places (geography) or positions (in society). Soon we will start to hear and talk about them more but we will realise they are - not just among - us. This is all I'm allowed to say.

Tryed also Alpha Centauri - I don't know who or what they are but nothing is coming through. It is not disinterest from their side - they seem not to "exist".

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