BREXIT and the fate of Ireland.  


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03/01/2018 4:30 am  

I have been doing scanning and diviniation  on BREXIT and Ireland. As you know, Northern Ireland is still under British Control and London is now running the Province by direct Rule, the local Assembly having collapsed due to huge disputes between the two communities, the nationalists, and the Unionists. The political situation is getting very serious, and there are now serious concerns, both in Ireland, and internationally, regarding the future there. There is a strong fear that the Peace treaties that ended the recent War there, will collapse, as their terms have been violated by the UK Government, and also the Eu has said that the present open border, between the UK and Ireland, that runs through the province, will have to be sealed, and a trade and customs barrier erected, and limits on travel between the two parts of ireland. All of this is causing great stress and fear in the North and South of the island. 

So I did some deep scanning and divination:

The result:

Not good, but at the moment, the great fear, that of a resumption of the recent War, is not likely. There will be serious political disputes, protests, etc, but the Nationalists, supported by the Irish Government, will attempt further negotiations, and  will support the Dublin Government in its attempts to solve the problems  of BREXIT, which will have serious consequences for Ireland. The Unionist community in Northern ireland, will show total intransigence, and refusal to cooperate on peace efforts, and will eventually be sidelined by the UK and Irish government, and the EU authorities. A solution will be imposed. That solution will be reunification, but it will be done in stages, as various intermediate proposals and steps are taken. The Unionist community will respond with some violence, but it will fall short of a resumption of the War. By 2024/26, Ireland will be completely reunited. A number of the Unionist Community will leave Ireland, and will move to the UK mainland. Except that the UK mainland itself will be in political turmoil, over the attempted succession of Scotland from the UK Union, and will either have left the UK, and become independent, or will be in the process of doing so. The "UNION" will then comprise England and the principality of Wales, and The Welsh will be starting to go through the same process as Scotland and Northern Ireland. That will be a prolonged, painful process, and will take some time, but will eventually result in Wales also becoming independent. This will not happen for at least 10 years. So BREXIT will actually bring about large scale political changes in the UK, the break up of the UK, and the power of the London Government  restricted to England only. This will lead to a very different kind of England. Prince William, when he is crowned, will be the last King of England. He will be: "William the last", as it will be known in the history books. 


in England, Prince Charles will have only a brief time of power, and might not even be Crowned. There will be large scale protests at his becoming King, without the matter of the monarchy being put to a political referendum. These will be ignored, and Charles will not be considered a legitimate head of State by a large section of the Public. Wherever he appears in public, there will be protests, even violence, and demands for a referendum. This will not be granted. He does not stay long as king. He is hurriedly replaced by William, whose Coronation will take place under  unprecedented circumstances, amid tight security. William is king, for a while, but eventually, after a series of strange events, he is removed, and England finally becomes a Republic. That in turn, leads to huge social and political changes in the UK. many of them are not good. 


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A fascinating read, Zoron. That is very interesting. Many thanks for providing this. When you say a solution to Brexit is to impose Irish unification (in stages), it reads as if there will be no border poll referendum, which breaks the Good Friday Agreement. But, as you said earlier in your post, Brexit breaks the Good Friday Agreement also.

This "backstop" option that is currently being proposed - this is what I think you are sensing. It is like they (EU / UK / Ireland) are kicking the can down the road far enough until someone blinks hard.

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