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This thread is for people who are afraid of the cards.  

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11/08/2019 2:15 pm  
Posted by: @triciact


Nely, I'm laughing (not at you - but with you!) I can tell by your postings and what you have to say  that You DO have a lot to say. It's like your soul is bursting out with so much! I bet it would be cathartic plus you would be sharing your gift with all of us and what's better than that?

I though Hillery would win, until the day/night of the election. All of a sudden I felt a weight over the whole thing and I got nervous then as the night went on I didn't sleep that night. I cried into the morning and my cousin in Germany called me at 9amET crying too. She was shocked and sad - my husband too. It felt like a death...I knew what the Orange nightmare would bring...I just couldn't believe it.

You remind me of how I was back in the early 2000's when my dear friend mentored and encouraged me to start reading....I'm happy and intrigued (hope you join Nov 11th) ! So glad you are here. 😘 

Thank you so much for your kind message. 🙂 It's funny that you mentioned I have a lot to say- I DO have a lot to say and I guess I didn't realize until I started writing these posts. Honestly though, I haven't been able to talk about any of this stuff with my family or friends; my sister understands but she lives in Netherlands and I don't get to see her or talk to her very much. My daughter is only 2 and is very probably also intuitive; when I think of her it's usually about protecting her from any negative feelings I may be experiencing and/or things she may be picking up from others. My husband doesn't believe in these sorts of experiences (he basically thinks it's all "woo"). He actually tested me one day years ago and I passed his test and he couldn't figure out how (but still refused to believe that these sorts of experiences are real). Oh well- I still love him. 😛 Also, I've been living in and out of fear so much of the time that I haven't really wanted to talk about it (until now!). Must be thanks to Mercury Retrograde. 😛 I hope I can make it to the Nov 11th gathering! If not, I'll plan on the next one. 

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11/16/2019 4:13 pm  
Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

A palm reader I met at a party caused me 20 years of grief many years ago by predicting I’d die in 20 years. He was wrong, although he was sensing something correctly in that I did have a hard time letting go of my kids when they moved out into the world, which was 20 years later. But that reading he gave me was traumatic and caused so much unnecessary angst.

This reminds me of a similar experience I had. I had a reading by someone for the year ahead and the Tower card came up. It left me anxious for many weeks, as my life is quite stable and I was not expecting, nor seeing how any changes could arise, except negative ones.

At first I shrugged the reading off, using logic to remind myself that I didn't know how skilled the reader was.

However, I must say the experience was valuable in the sense I understand from experience, not just logical thinking, now about how one conducts a reading can really affect the sitter, and it's something very important to be mindful of. It's all very well as a tarot reader to understand what the cards can mean, but it is equally, if not more important how that is conveyed so as to not scare the sitter. As someone who does Tarot myself, even with me knowing that the Tower can bring beneficial, necessary change, it still scared me. And looking back I am still a little annoyed that the reader didn't take more care to present it in a way that I could look at the reading and feel that it was not something to be scared of, or even better, how I could positively deal with the events/change the Tower can bring.

Any time 'scary' cards come up I think it's important to explore if it indicates something necessary that will ultimately be something that can benefit the person (e.g. change), even though they might not see it now, or if it is more a negative outcome how this can be managed or how to best to deal with it. So if these cards come up I think more should be pulled to help see how to do this.

When doing readings we need to be mindful of such things and be responsible in how we convey what we see in the cards. I personally believe to do otherwise is just plain irresponsible.

As a side note, the reading was correct in that there was a Tower moment in my life and it did impact me, but I have been able to adjust, manage and deal with the change which I think was inevitable. However, I'm not happy that I had all that time of anxiety wondering what was going to happen and how bad it might be...:(

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11/16/2019 9:55 pm  
Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

If I have a negative vision, then for the most part I view it as the path we are on now that leads to that outcome.  Then I look for how we can change that path.  
many times the visions are warnings not fate.  

This reminds me of something I recently read online: that a successful apocalyptic prophecy is one that never comes true.

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