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10/30/2019 12:07 am  

A couple of weeks ago a thought came to my mind... DT is the 45th president, and in numerology that is a 9 (4+5=9).  The number 9 represents the end of a cycle, so this means T would be closing a cycle and with that something tells me that he probably won't be reelected.  The next president would be the 46th and that's a number 1 in numerology (1+0=1). New beginnings, new slate, maybe...a woman? Even the year that Trump was elected was a 9 (2016 or 2+0+1+6+=9).  T is a wild card, he is the face of the old energy dying in the planet.  He came to create chaos an with that, to open the door to a time of enlightenment and spiritual awakening. Any thoughts?

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@yayababic - I think if you poke around here on this forum some more, you'll find lots of posts that correlate with your ideas, including numerology.  Safe to say the consensus here since 2016 has been that Cheetolini represents the ending of one cycle, that there'd be lots of chaos, but that eventually things settle out. How we get to the new beginning is what many of us discuss, and there's lots of interesting view points, but what we all see is a return to simpler, kinder values...eventually.

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