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My card reading for Donald Trump  

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12/20/2019 12:37 am  

Ok.  so I will call this a it. 

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04/01/2020 10:10 am  

I just drew some cards to practice (Thoth deck). I asked specific questions relating to Trump and outcomes:

1st card - question will DT get the corona virus? I drew the Hanged Man. My interpretation is that it is out of his control as to whether he gets the virus or not, just as the whole situation is out of his control. This is something he can’t spin and manipulate.

2nd card - what will the outcome be of the virus situation for him? I drew the sun reversed. He will try with his usual hubris and arrogance to manipulate people’s’ view of his actions. 

3rd card - How will this play during the upcoming elections? I drew the Art card. My eyes were drawn to the animals on opposing sides of the cauldron. He will pit both sides against each other and try as the alchemist does to create something valuable out of something of little value. This is how he keeps attention on himself and keeps dissent alive. 

4th card - what will the outcome of the election be for him? I got the Tower. This is not going to end well for him in the election. And now, he got his own Tower card!

If anyone has comments or other views on this, as always I am happy to hear them. 

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04/11/2020 1:59 pm  


I've never used the THOTH deck, so I googled the picture of the Art card- WOW! SO much about what you said is true for the 3rd card draw. First of all that card jumped out at me for so many reasons. I've always only used either the Rider Waite or the Angel Tarot. The Thoth tarot is "mystical" to me. Some of the cards I looked at spoke to me and others were difficult for me to understand.

My feeling on that card is that he will be trying everything he can - just like you said - to pit everyone against one another. I'm sure he'll throw out all the multitude of accusations he can muster about Biden, even if he is the real womanizer, not Biden. He'll also do many other things to try to get everyone to be topsy turvy with one another. He'll have more than Russia helping him too, specifically two countries. He'll use all his evil negative energies in this. I hope and pray Biden can even handle what is coming.

I get Nancy Pelosi plays a big part as well as another woman in this election - probably Biden's VP pick.

AND for the outcome for T - Tower card - YAY!

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04/14/2020 6:46 am  

Morning, everyone! This morning I did a card reading on the future of Donald Trump, more out of general curiosity and something to do with the cards. At first I couldn’t really make sense of them and nearly scrapped the whole thing, but then I thought it would be a good exercise to push forward and see what I could come up with. 

Sharing it here to get your thoughts.

Question: What can you tell me about the future of DT?

Deck: Thoth (trimmed)

Cards: 2 Wands / Hanged Man / Prince of Cups, later clarified by Magus / Art

So the first thing that struck me about these cards is that, with the exception of the 2 of Wands, they are all very “blue.” The 2 of Wands is a very fiery card denoting masculine energy and virility, and the presence of four blue cards (which appear to me like water even though they themselves are not all water cards) that follow indicates to me a diluting of this fire and power. So right off the bat I see a weakening of his power. (Of course, this could be wishful thinking on my part.)

So yes, in the present moment there is Dominion. But this is followed by the Hanged Man, which indicates to me sacrifice. Is DT doing the sacrificing, or is he the one being sacrificed? At the very least, this is a card of uncertainty. The Hanged Man denotes a powerless condition, where everything is out of one’s hands. This is a marked contrast from the Dominion of the 2 of Wands. 

The Hanged Man gives way to the Prince of Cups. I asked for some clarification on this card, as I sometimes like to do with Court cards, and I got the Magus, the master of his tools. The Prince of Cups, or air of water — the communication of  emotions. It seems to me that, following the sacrifice and uncertainty of the Hanged Man, communication will be all DT is capable of, giving voice to his ire — yelling and carrying on — but there will be no power behind it. The only “tool” he will still be master over (the Magus) is the ability to give voice to his emotions (Prince of Cups).

The final card, Art, indicates change, transformation — but specifically changing something into its opposite. The card opposite Art, the card that begins the spread, is Dominion, a card of virility and masculinity. With Art capping the spread, I believe it indicates DT will ultimately be transformed into his opposite: weak and powerless.

(As I post this, it is interesting to see some parallels with the reading @Baba did a few weeks ago -- the Hanged Man and Art are here, too!)

As I said earlier, it is totally possible this reading was an exercise in wishful thinking on my part, so please, as always, feel free to share your interpretations 🙂


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04/14/2020 1:06 pm  

Here is my take on this spread:

The 2 of wands indicates DT is on a path of discovery (like all of us) that is just beginning to be formulated in his mind, but he still hasn't decided whether he will take it.  In order for him to find the path (new perspectives), he must stop and surrender (Hanged Man). The Prince of Cups and Magus indicate that by doing this, new paths towards love and compassion will be opened up to him and he will be able to find Balance (Art).

PS: I know people don't like to believe that DT is capable of something like the above, but at his core is Divine Love, the same as everyone else.

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04/14/2020 3:01 pm  


I feel like the two of wands is his crossroads and choice of where he could go. Unfortunately I think the magus card says he will try everything he can to communicate what he wants and how he wants it the way he wants it. He will throw "everything against the wall" so to speak. He will use the web based tools (twitter etc) to communicate to his base.

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04/14/2020 4:52 pm  


Your interpretation of the Magus card really resonated with me. The Magician is Hermes (Mercury), a master communicator with an uncanny power to persuade. Hermes is also the Trickster, who revels in upending things or sowing chaos for his own amusement. Trump (whose sun sign is Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury) loves to create chaos as a means of keeping everyone around him off-balance. 

It's this expression of the Magus that feels present in this reading.

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