My card reading for Donald Trump  


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08/24/2019 10:21 pm  

I did a card reading not too long ago to see how Donald Trump's time in the white house would eventually end. Using The Emperor to represent Trump himself and Death to represent the end of his presidency.

(Coincidently these are also his birth cards, as well as mine)

Forming a bridge of three cards between these two cards I pulled The Devil, Knight of Pentacles, and 6 of Swords.

I believe that Trump is purposely spreading hate throughout the country (The Devil). He has turned Americans against each other: republicans against democrats, white people against people of color, and men against women. 

The Knight of Pentacles could represent the tariff wars with China (pentacles/coins in tarot represent material wealth)

The 6 of Swords shows a man ferrying a boat across the water with a cloaked figure and a child. I believe that after Trump does all the damage he can do to this country (and believe me things WILL get worse!) He will attempt to flee the country with his wife and son and all his ill-gotten wealth. 


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08/25/2019 3:31 pm  

A photo I took of my card reading


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08/29/2019 7:06 pm  

Hi Jeane!


When looking at "The World" in Tarot, I noticed that the Eagle Symbol has a different colored cloud than the Lion, Bull, and Man. A white cloud compared to grey clouds.


Could this represent the American bald eagle? Perhaps America against the world? Or the world against America? 


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08/29/2019 7:06 pm  

@Grayson When I look at that card and think of the U.S. at this same time (so that the question I'm asking spirit is "Tell me what I can know about the U.S. standing in the world at this time?"  The first thing I notice is the female with the snake and I hear the words "E plurabus unum," one of the mottos of the United States that means out of the many states emerges one nation. That concept is a good and noble one. But then there is a snake in the middle, which, in spite of its original meaning, does not feel good to me. It feels dark. 

It’s not the message originally meant by that image or the message you get if you look up the card in a book.  

I know what the card is supposed to mean which is mastery or enlightenment, and the figure in the middle has mastered the four elements represented by the bull, eagle, person, and lion in the corners, but in this case it means the U.S.'s image in the world at this time is that the U.S. acts as if they think they are the masters. They think they are the enlightened ones. 

But they are not.  They are misogynistic deluded hypocrites. Not all Americans!  But  the image America now projects via Donald Trump and his enablers. 

The snake and the woman reminds me of the story of the Garden of Eden which blames a woman for the first man's downfall. 

The white cloud showcasing the Eagle spells to me an American belief that America is better than others and above the other elements of earth, air, fire water that are depicted in the Tarot in the four corners. But it is a cloud, and thus clouded, not in clarity. 

Overall the message at this moment of how America is doing in the world is dark, hypocritical, and most of all there's a big snake praying upon the people (and the women, and Mother Earth) and parasitically using the might of this country.   

This country's original strength is from its natural resources and the hard working people who took advantage of those natural resources to make a better life for themselves.  Unfortunately, this country's "greatness" also came from white people preying upon the backs of Africans and slaughtering and stealing the land of Native Americans. 

Eventually we will rid ourselves of that snake and return to a land of the people, not of tyrants. 

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08/29/2019 7:06 pm  
Posted by: @jeanne.  

This country's might is from it's natural resources and the hard working people who took at advantage of those natural resources to make it  great.

Eventually we will rid ourselves of that snake and return to a land of the people, not tyrants. 

Thanks Jeanne! That makes me feel a little better. Smile

Also when I see this naked goddess on The World card, I imagine she is Gaia the mother of all creation. She seems to be turning her head away from the eagle in shame and disappointment...

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08/29/2019 7:06 pm  

@jeanne-mayell, Your post made me think of this country's ongoing war against, and fear of, feminine energy.  Then I suddenly remembered something about our current acting Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Kook-inelli.  I lived in Virginia when Kook was the state's Attorney General.  The VA state seal shows the Roman goddess Virtus, spear in hand, with her foot on the prostrate form of Tyranny, whose crown lies nearby.  Virtus is in a pose with her blue tunic draped over one shoulder, leaving her left breast exposed.  When Kook became AG and gave his staffers lapel pins of the seal, it was a rendition modified for modesty with Virtus wearing an armored breastplate over both breasts.  His rendition is similar to a seal design on a version of the Virginia flag apparently used in the early 1860s, around the time when the state seceded from the Union.  Kook was made into a laughingstock by the local papers and on late night TV.  Eventually he stopped using the revised pin. What a boob. 

Interestingly, the motto on the seal is "Sic semper tyrannis", or "Thus always to tyrants."  And to that I would add:  You go, girl!



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08/29/2019 7:06 pm  


Hi Grayson. It's interesting to note that, in the Smith-Rider-Waite deck you're using, the symbols which appear in the four corners ("tetramorph") represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac—Taurus (bull), Leo (lion), Scorpio (eagle), and Aquarius (human). 

Beyond that, the eagle isn't just a symbol of the United States; it's also a symbol of Russia, where the double-headed eagle appears on their coat of arms. Also, Putin's ascendant (rising sign) is Scorpio, which reveals how he comes across to others and to the world. 

There are many ways we could interpret the cloud color difference, but I think it's especially prescient that, given everything that's occurred between our respective nations in the 100 years since the end of WWI, we each still very powerfully represent the ultimate "enemy" to one another. We project our shadows onto Russia in the East and they project theirs onto America in the West.

But for there to be lasting progression on any number of fronts (climate, trade, geopolitical dealings, etc.)—much less peace—both nations have to find a way to stop enabling tyrants, to hold our own corrupt leaders accountable, and become more unified as human beings sharing a planet in peril. Unity, after all, is one interpretation of The World. 


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08/29/2019 7:06 pm  


That is very interesting! I never knew that about Russia's coat of arms.


I hope it is not already too late for our world. :(

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It's never too late. Contemporary quantum physicists are discovering something the ancient wisdom traditions have taught on Earth for millennia. Scientists call it "retrocausality," while mystics refer to it as an essential cosmic truth, which is this:

The future can change the past. 

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08/29/2019 8:01 pm  

So what do you guys think about the other cards I pulled for Trump? The Emperor, The Devil, Knight of Pentacles, 6 of Swords, and Death? 🤔 

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09/02/2019 8:28 am  

@vestralux Can you suggest a book or article where I can find more about retrocausality ? It is really interesting what you said. I would love to know more about it.


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09/02/2019 2:09 pm  


Ernie, there are hundreds of excellent articles and scientific papers on the subject, but if you're looking for something with a balanced blend of science and spiritual thinking, I recommend this short piece from SAND (Science and Non-Duality).

The article is perhaps less certain than my own position, but 24 years ago, I had my first in a series of life-changing—and powerfully healing—experiences involving strange phenomena related to time. In that initial experience, I was a devastated, isolated, and deeply traumatized adolescent, sitting alone in the woods at night. I'd been awakening to the fact that I was effectively alone in the world and always had been, and that there was no one I could go to for safety. Essentially, I had no true mother or other trustworthy caregiver, and the adults in that role were complicit in my abuse. 

In that moment, I was on my knees in tears. And I was giving up. 

Then, entirely out of nowhere, I felt an immense presence rush forward over the trees. It descended around me, wrapping me in the most loving and exquisitely maternal embrace. I had a hard time catching my breath. Then, just as suddenly, I found myself quite literally face-to-face with a woman and a mother whom I instantly and innately knew was me. This me, my adult self. 

And this me embraced my child self with total tenderness and compassion. This me breathed a healing vision of this future into that girl, so that she could see who she would become. So that she could see who she was.

And it saved her. 

I've shared this before but it's always such a strange and emotional experience, because of the deep coherence of timelines, of selves, which exists now, in the present. Like precise harmonic layers all resonating with unity and distinctness. 

Again, that was only the first in a series of personal experiences like it, which I've called time loops in the past, but I think could accurately be called retrocausal. And I'm certain that retrocausality is a higher/subtle human competence that can be practiced and activated, especially in groups. 

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The naked goddess on The World card also makes me think of Lady Liberty, like in this painting about the French Revolution.


I could see this goddess as the embodiment of all three figures we discussed: Lady Liberty, Eve, and Gaia.


Eve supposedly brought down the fall of man with the forbidden fruit, so maybe a woman will somehow bring down Trump? 🍎🐍


Lady Liberty showed favor among countries like France and the US during their revolutions and was depicted in artwork. But she appears to be turning her back on the haughty American eagle and turning her attention instead to the three other beasts representing the other parts of the world.🗽


And likewise Gaia, the mother of all life, is also turning her head away from the eagle in shame. Trump has disrespected the gift of the world and the nature that she has provided for all her children including Americans. He wants to destroy nature.




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09/03/2019 8:28 am  


Thank you for sharing your story with me and all. It says so much about time, the forms of "being" and what "magic" happens if we embrace our situations in all honesty as you did with your childs heart. It really means a lot to read your story as I go through a time where all stones of my existence have moved and everything, material and spiritual, needs to be built up from scratch with no tangible support from my surroundings. It gives me hope.

And thank you for the source on retrocausality. I will use it as a start of further research. Lots of love Smile

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09/03/2019 4:44 pm  


Many blessings for your transition, Ernie. 🌼  


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09/05/2019 9:14 am  


Thank you. I have been thinking about what you were saying about time. Seems like you have connection to a way to "bend" it and connect to that piece of time and its content in a strong way - even connect to yourself. Really extraordinary.

I would, maybe in an uneducated way, perceive my way of connecting as more interdimensional, but then again, that also seems to be connected to what we call time. I would describe the interdimensional realm as the vessel that makes us connect with different portions of the time and or space we would like to access, probably what Edgar Cayce would call the ether. And where we find the content would be the akashic records in Cayce's terms where everything and everybody past,present and future is to be found altogether. It probably is less "unearthly" than Cayce's definition and rather a realm of energy  containing the essence of all things in all dimensions rather than their different appearances in the specific natures of different dimensions. A realm of energy which ours and all other dimensions are a part of and that contains everything that exisits on every dimension and time.


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