How do Tarot cards work for you?  

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27/08/2018 10:39 am  

Jeanne, I am learning so much from your explanations! And Blue and Maria, from your experience, feelings, and comments.

I don't actually own good Tarot cards, just a deck of Medicine Woman cards my daughter found second or third hand at a garage sale,  but have read about these other suggested decks, looked at all of their images online and read the Dawn Teachings on the old Spirit Web back in the 90s. (Many pages are archived but i didn't see these.)

I did a energy cleansing of my gifted tarot deck, in case cards, like crystals, might be imprinted with previous owners energies,  biases, or thoughts.

I have some very lovely energy gifts but my dyslexic spatial and numerical wiring has me attempting to read misplaced card layouts backwards and be all over the place with timelines for predictions!

I still love learning anything I can from any of you and not just the Tarot, anything at all ❣

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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27/08/2018 7:10 pm  

I have two decks: The first one I had, a Marseilles deck, and a Morgan-Greer deck.

The Marseilles deck is very old, and clearly is some sort of copy of a copy, and some of the drawings you can't even tell what they are. I still like its simplicity. I've seen somewhere a cleaned-up version of it, somebody that clearly made an effort to find out what everything was and made a deck that is very similar, but you can actually tell what you see in all the pictures. I may end up buying it.

The Morgan-Greer deck is definitely my favorite, and the one I normally use. I just like the general style of it a lot. And I find a lot easier to connect to the pictures than either Thoth or Rider-Waite, that are older decks and maybe more attuned to people who were around in the early 20th century.

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06/11/2018 3:27 am  

I've been using the Alchemical Tarot for years--it's based in Jungian imagery. The results I get from that deck are very internal and psychological.  

Just got the Golden Tarot a month ago. That one seems more attuned to the external world, to the political realm, to the realm of socially defined meanings. 

So, yeah, the deck you use can really color the flavor of the reading. And sometimes the images beg to be interpreted literally, rather than by accepted definitions. For instance, in the 80's I did a reading on NASA...and the Moon came up in the position of "Past." I.e. NASA wasn't going back there any time soon. <so dang literal! cracked me right up!>

One of the weirdest things I do with Tarot is use it in writing fiction. If I hit a roadblock, I'll throw a spread on a character's motivations. Or ask "What needs to happen in this chapter?"  It never fails to reveal something essential. 

One issue I do have is going blank on readings for myself. I stare at the cards and the whole thing melts down into meaningless mush. It doesn't happen all the time, but...

Wondering if that ever happens to other people? R1

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17/11/2018 7:50 pm  

Runestone, I’ve found using the Tarot and reading for myself to be tricky.  For one thing, it’s a complete waste of time if I tried to read while I’m upset or stressed regarding the issue at hand.  If I have gone for a long walk or practiced yoga before using the cards, I’m more in tune with my body and breathing, so reading seems easier.

Another way I’ve tuned into spirit for myself is to meditate and practice slow, steady breathing for five or ten minutes with a Tibetan bowl ringing me into and out of meditation.  Then I sit at my keyboard and type whatever comes to mind, much in the same way that we read the future during online sessions.  However, I had the idea to do that process for myself and it has been very illuminating.  I’ve gone back months later and read that automatic writing and been amazed at the personal messages and insight.  It’s a comfort.


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