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05/19/2020 9:06 am  

After looking at other tarot spreads, including the Thoth deck, I've realise that the only deck I could able to interpret more precise is to create my own deck from scratch. By that, I mean painting pictures of them and then find a printer to print out in actual tarot card size format. I have enough skills and imagination to come up with something, so why not?

Any suggestions on what I should be aware of, while doing this massive project?

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05/19/2020 2:14 pm  

@goldstone You probably know this, but to qualify as a Tarot deck it has to have 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana from 0 to 21; and four suits of earth, air, fire, and water, from Ace to ten plus court cards. If it has that structure, then it is a Tarot deck and you should be good to go.  Have fun! 

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05/20/2020 10:18 pm  

@goldstone that is such a cool idea, to make your own Tarot cards.  I hope you take some pictures and show us how they come out!

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05/21/2020 2:09 am  


That is a cool idea, and quite an undertaking... me tophat's off to you for the concept. There are alot of enterprising people publishing their own Tarot decks now....

Once I attempted to hand-paint the old Ryder-Waite deck that many still use, but only got as far as some of the Major Arcana. There are literally hundreds of decks out now that you can peruse online for some inspiration if you need it....

Hope everything down-under is going well for you 💛

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