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[Closed] Donald Trump Tarot Reading Six months  


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09/08/2018 3:18 am  

Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this:)

I wanted to add my little prediction from a card reading I did last month. It was a simple 3 card pull, no position assignments, using the Osho Zen Tarot Deck. The questions was 'What is in store for Donald Trump in the next 6 months'. I would add though that initially I had 1 year fixed in my mind, so I think the reading outcome might apply for this period instead. Here are the cards and my interpretations (I won't give the guidebook meanings, just what I saw so as to keep the post as short as possible). I'm still re-learning Tarot so I don't claim to be super correct.

1. . Queen of Clouds (Air) - Morality.

I felt unwavering harsh judgement or criticism of Trump. There is that already in the world, so perhaps this will increase or come from those who previously not inclined to have those feelings about him (members of the Republican party/ his base?). Whichever quarter it comes from it was very strong, almost like disdain, condemnation. I was also particularly drawn to the imagery of bars in the center of the card. This felt like prison bars to me but could signify Trump being blocked in some way due to the judgement of him. I can't imagine him going to prison within the next year...but who knows! Either way he'll feel restricted.

2. 2 of Clouds (Air) - Schizophrenia 

This doesn't necessarily mean literal Schizophrenia. My overwhelming impression was that  Trump would be mentally feeling like he was hanging on by a thread, trying to keep it together (could the morality card outcome could be at the root of that?). It's possible he may feel stuck between having to choose between two unpleasant (for him) courses of action both of which seem to have unwanted outcomes from his perspective. It's definitely an unpleasant state of mind to be in. I imagine he will feel like he's going nuts from it all and just can't take it any more.

3. 7 of Rainbows (Earth) - Patience

This was a surprise and I found it a little puzzling at first. But after focusing I felt through the card imagery that it was saying Trump will be forced, by forces outside of his control, to be patient and wait. He will have to wait for the passage of time. He'll hate it and probably rail against it but there will be nothing he can do about it. If he would accept it and go with the flow he could be content (but from what we have seen of his temperament he most likely won't). What he will need to be patient about I'm not sure. I considered maybe he'll be made to resign as others have seen - this would fit with the previous two cards (a judgement on his actions moving the party to push him out, which he would hate and cause him mental stress).

In the extreme he could be judged and go to prison (card 1), which would mentally be awful for him (card 2) and have to serve his time (card 3). But logically that seems unlikely, especially in the time frame of 6months - 1 year. But what do I know lol!

If anyone has any comments about this I'd love to hear. Thanks:)

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09/08/2018 1:21 pm  

I'm looking at the book interpretation of the 7 of Rainbows, and wonder if that card is directed toward you, Blue, and all of us--to be patient and shed our anxiety.

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09/08/2018 1:46 pm  

Nice read, Blue.

Like Snobird, I also get that the Patience card applies to the reader and all of us who have to sit through the outrage and injustice of Donald Trump's reign of power.  I can't imagine Donald Trump ever being patient in the way that is shown in that card.  I realize the woman is pregnant and all pregnant women are forced to wait it out, so too might he be forced to wait something out. However, if Trump's situation goes south to the point where he won't be able to turn it around, even in his own mind, he will likely go schizophrenic, i.e., clinically split from reality even more than he already is, rather than sit through the situation and wait it out. 

There are usually no incorrect answers when different people begin interpreting a card throw, as we are doing here. Usually our different perspectives are just that - different perspectives of a situation.  It's like the Blind Man and the Elephant story where we will each see a different aspect of the situation and all of them are in some way correct.  

Morality is interesting because it fits Trump's own view of life.  He sees people as black and white, rather than nuanced or accepting. So it is not surprising that he would suffer from having his own black and white view of people turned against him.  

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09/08/2018 3:42 pm  

Thanks Snowbird and Jeanne for your feedback. I had considered that the patience card might apply to me, but it didn't feel quite like it fitted. But I do see how it could  apply to citizens of the US who would like to see him gone. Maybe it was saying have patience for things will progress as they are intended. But again, this interpretation feels a bit disjointed to me from the other cards. It will be interesting to look back in some months and see what the outcome was:)