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Cards Having a Life of Their Own or Jumping out of the Deck  

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07/06/2020 3:59 pm  

@jeanne-mayell, I think for me it's a matter of working with my non-dominant hand (right), rather than it being left versus right brain.  Having said that, I have pulled cards with either hand and haven't felt a difference.  What I generally feel is a pull or twinge over my left eye when I am choosing a card.

But it seems to make a difference when I draw or write; i.e., if I want to get out of my stuck analytical mind, I'll switch to my non-dominant hand. 

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07/06/2020 5:46 pm  
Posted by: @jeanne-mayell

Also once you develop a habit that convinces you that it's the right way to do it, your intuition is likely to kick in whether you use right or left.


This was what did it for me. I tried sooo many methods of shuffling and card selection. Watched people online, saw what they did. Nothing "felt" right. 

Finally I "discovered" my own method of shuffling and drawing and, while it's a bit more time consuming than what most people do, it feels "right" to me and I am more confident in the cards I draw as a result.

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