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Astrology and our predictions  

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06/29/2019 12:18 am  

this is all fascinating - I love astrology.

My planets are all in the top half.

I'm encouraged.

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06/29/2019 4:00 pm  

July 2: Solar Eclipse on US Sun. Trump's Mercury Square Neptune. 

This is the start-- Mueller testifying.

And a lunar eclipse at the end of July. Lunar eclipses signify endings.

There is going to be an impeachment.

Also, probably earthquake or other natural disaster. Communication snafus and internal divisions (political?), violence also likely.


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08/24/2019 12:14 pm  

Could somebody do a tarot reading for Moscow Mitch McConnell?

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10/16/2019 8:24 am  

Hi all, I know this is a big ask, but if anyone gets the time, could someone please focus in on Australia, and specifically, the future and the 2021/2022 or even 2024/2025 elections, and mainly specifically on the Australian Greens and how they will go, internal culture etc.. Right now the polling in Australia has them on 13%, this is their best result since 2015. Also, if anyone could look at if there will be any leadership spills in Australia or something around the leaders of Liberal, Labor and Greens, that would be really great. Also, doing some tarot on Labor could also be really good. 

I know this is a big ask, but I wondered if it would be possible to do.


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10/16/2019 10:57 am  


I threw a few cards on him and he is going to be unhappy and his life empty in 2020. His wife will continue to be the one who thrives in the family.  Even now he feels like there is a significant dead zone inside him, like the dead zone they have in the Gulf of Mexico.  Too many oil spills inside Mitch. Then after 2020, he looks ill and seems to choose going to heaven over being here.

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03/10/2020 1:39 pm  

I don’t know if this could help but Saint Paul public schools are on strike as of today. My school has a few teachers who are overwhelmed with fear bc they are not in a financial situation to have the strike last a long time. Our district superintendent has not brought any counter proposals throughout negotiations (since May last year) and so I can’t figure out his play. I wonder if anyone could throw cards or look at whether we are likely to get a good and quick outcome. 

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