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11/12/2018 12:43 am  

A bronze scrying bowl?  That put a big smile on my face Vestralux!

I was contemplating that Saturn/Uranus square that you mentioned (among other things, lol)... and this song came to me. I can't seem to insert YouTube here, but here it is, from me to you....

'Forever Young' - Bob Dylan

(hope you can listen to it*)


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11/12/2018 1:10 am  

Oh, this is a good one, Stargazer. I'm smiling big.

My given name actually means "youthful spirit," and I'd say my double Sag nature's been helping me live up to it (at least from a heart/mind/attitude perspective)—along with most of the rest of Dylan's beautiful invocation.

The part I've struggled with:

May you have a strong foundation
When the winds of changes shift

A week ago, I was talking about this over dinner with a dear friend. She told me that the reason for this, as she sees it, is that I've never had anyone praying for me to create such a foundation. Probably much like you, there was simply no one in my family of origin who could help me to stabilize my life or my dreams simply by envisioning the possibility of my wellbeing or fulfillment.

As she was speaking, I could tell she was working a kind of vision-magic, seeing into my future and holding space for me with both love and excitement—the way I do for my daughter all the time simply because I understand her potential and believe in her completely. 

Since you've got Uranus challenging your sun, please know I'm sending the same kind of stabilizing intention your way.  ❤️ 

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11/12/2018 8:49 am  

Vestralux when We were all waiting to see what would happen re Kavanaugh and sending light to flake, Collins et al. I was struggling w my light bc I feel strongly that Collins would betray. As soon as I would focus my energy on sending light it would get mixed with what I was feeling from her.

i feel this happen too when I send healing to my parents who were invalidating and Trumpsters or my husband who has BPD and is abusive (currently divorcing). Maybe my foundation isn’t strong, or their energy is too strong on me? When my second daughter was born I practiced every day to send her healing energy as she had an issue with her development. The issue was resolved and she is healthy. I had no ‘interference’ when I was sending healing energy to my baby. 

Do you have any thoughts? Why do you think I’m getting interference and what do I do?

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11/13/2018 12:48 am  

Jaidy, I believe this is such an important question and really hope others here will offer their insight on it. (Likely in other threads they have.) It's also likely that some of us will have different perspectives, so I hope you'll continue to explore this question and search your inner wisdom and higher guidance for what feels true and right for you.

For me, the answer is always one of ethics, which in this case, is about energetic permission.

Where an ex-partner is concerned, for example, I personally wouldn't direct my light toward them, even if my intentions were positive and my motivations felt pure. We obviously desire the healing of the people we know and have cared for, but there are two dilemmas here, which are impossible for us to recognize or resolve:

We can't know if our healing intentions are in full alignment with another person's will—unless they've given us permission or made a request.

Our energy, however healing we hope it will be, is partly an extension of our will (a cord of light flowing up the column of the spine), and only the part we're aware of directing belongs to our conscious aspect. It actually emerges and is sourced from an unconscious part of us, which means there's a great deal about our healing energy which is hidden and unknown to us.

We'd like to always believe that healing energy only flows from our higher, purely creative light source. Depending on how attuned and developed we are in our personal work, much of it can be. But we aren't neatly compartmentalized beings, and we're all works in progress. Some of the energy we direct can contain shadow—the unconscious, unintegrated layers we're still working through.

And in our shadow may be layers of dissociated, denied, or suppressed energies which could do harm when targeted at another personsuch as an ex (whom we have a lot of baggage with) or a political figure from an opposing political party (who we greatly disagree with), and so on. 

You see how it's complicated.

[There can actually be quite a lot of shadow involved in energy healing—and in lightworker communities, in fact—but that's a whole other thread.] 

When I want to lend healing support to a situation, or a person whom I don't personally know (and therefore who hasn't asked me directly for support), here are some of my own hard and fast don'ts:

  • I avoid determining what healing "should" look like;
  • I avoid targeting a situation with my energy;
  • I avoid envisioning an outcome based on what feels right to me;
  • and I never direct my light into another person who hasn't invited me to do so.

Instead, I ground and meditate, aligning with my Higher Self and my guides, and from there, I ask to connect to the Higher Self of the other person. If that connection is willingly received on the other end,

I simply offer love. 

(Always easy to do so from the perspective of my Higher Self.) Love is a powerful energy. It affirms and supports. Any being can choose to accept or decline love. And if accepted, love is always healing.

When I desire to lend support to a situation, rather than aiming my light directly toward it like a laser (or directly toward a specific outcome), which implies that I know what the Higher Collective will should be, I ground and meditate, and draw down Living Light, which I perceive as an energy of of both future potential and ever-present Love. When one or more people become highly present and attuned to this higher energy, it can create a 5th dimensional gateway into a spacial field of very high coherence. It's something like an access portal that can be used for time and/or location travel, though you don't actually have to leave your apartment (or it won't feel as through you do).

If anyone reading this is still with me, the point of this kind of work isn't to project or inject our linear self or ideas onto what "should" be happening in Washington or with our Aunt Jolene in Smyrna, Georgia; it's about opening a door for our Collective Higher Self to step through into the now. By holding that field of light within us, and allowing the Higher Collective to make itself available through us, we move out of the way for the Divine to realize itself in the world.

We don't have to know what will happen or how. In fact, it's probably better that we don't.

For me, that meant that Susan Collins made a choice I found terrible and difficult to understand, but because I did my work to stand in a higher space with willingness and trust, I choose to have faith that there's a higher order to what's coming. I saw the Sword of Damocles hovering over the heads of the GOP that day. Their decision sealed their fates.

And it ultimately made the blue wave stronger. 



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11/13/2018 8:15 am  

When I sent my daughter my energy I just visualized the healing of her esophagus- which was where her issue was. With my husband- and it was primarily when we were still together, but I dont have any bitterness or anger towards him- I just sent love. With Susan Collins it was like I couldn’t focus/meditate it was like when a radio station won’t come in. It also felt like my own pain was in the way, and also I had been following her comments on Kavanaugh and I felt she had been looking for cover to vote yes. And in this case I certainly had an outcome I was trying to send.

I agree with you completely that her vote caused the reaction we needed and the Kavanaughs appt was probably a good thing in that it further exposed problems and galvanized women. 

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11/13/2018 1:18 pm  

I'd already written a novel up there (maybe I need to address some seriously suppressed need to blog or something?) so I never got to my feelings about our children or family members. I believe that sending our healing light to our children while visualizing their body's repair or wholeness with loving intention isn't an intrusion, because they're part of us. We're nested together. 

Ultimately, everyone is, but in this dimension we're less able to feel this due to karmic dissonance and the pain of separation. But with our kids (and also parents, siblings, and other close relations), we can feel them and they can feel us—often from far away, and even when we haven't spoken. It's the same with very close friends.

If it's part of their journey to experience an illness, our energy won't override that, and their higher self and ours will know what to do because we're already joined there.

That's just my own view. 

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11/13/2018 6:34 pm  

(Speaking of astrology)........I was standing almost knee deep in snow today, looking west to California and the devastation of the fires, where people are standing knee deep in ash & cinder.

There is an interesting aspect between transiting Uranus/Aries & Mars/Aquarius called 'mutual reception' happening right now and both planets are at the fateful 29th degree in sextile...... the Nodes have recently formed a T-Square aspect with Uranus in Aries as well, and all are in the 29th degree.

These aspects indicate the fires may be going on for sometime yet, and very sadly will keep 'feeding' each other in a closed loop that is hard to eradicate... sending all the light and love that I can to everyone experiencing these horrible events. I am heartbroken.

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11/25/2018 1:39 am  

On the 16th I did a deep dive on Jared (and Ivanka), after reading Jeanne's impression of him somewhere. She said that he feels very dark to her but that she's unable to explore it too deeply, perhaps because she's being protected. When I look at Jared I see darkness too, but I'm always struck by a particular kind of empathy, even knowing what I do about his potential crimes and unethical conduct. To me, he expresses a vibrational/behavioral signature which I connect to a particular kind of childhood trauma, one I'm personally familiar with. Ivanka does also. 

My sense is that children who grow up in the privileged class, where there's intense family and social pressure to succeed, tend to efficiently suppress outward expressions of sexual or other trauma. It's unconscious, but nevertheless real. They may do this in order to continue to receive the only validation ("love") they've ever known, which is the approval of the narcissistic parent and the security of belonging through assured inheritance, status, and power, the currency of that world. Many become robotic and over-achieving. They manufacture hardened masks, which makes them appear very plastic: veiled, remote, aloof. They tend to be highly perfectionistic and determined, and are less able to separate their own desires from the dominant parent's desires. This is how I see both Jared and Ivanka.

In working class communities, we tend to express the effects of early trauma outwardly—mental illness, addiction, disease, etc. The symptoms are often messier, more obvious. Trump didn't come from a poor family by any stretch, but I believe he expresses his own childhood trauma quite dramatically. I feel that as a toddler and onward, he was likely emotionally bullied by his father and rejected by his mother, which may have manifested as either NPD or an anti-social personality complex. (Trauma-induced narcissism or sociopathy are no less insidious than being "born that way.")

Anyway, I ended up exploring Jared and Ivanka's astrological profiles (in comparison with Trump's), and was fairly astonished by some of what I saw. I could easily be wrong (perhaps projecting too much) but there are some telltale signs in their natal charts which indicate to me that they may share a specific wound. Whether or not they do, their charts are strongly mirrored (several conjunctions of the same planets in the same signs), with particular emphasis on the role of the father. Ivanka's chart in relation to her dad's is also pretty eye-popping.

I wrote it all up but it needs editing and I've been too busy with work. I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in reading it, or whether it's wise or even ethical for me to make these kinds of assessments about them in the first place. If anyone has thoughts, please share.

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11/25/2018 11:22 am  

A friend of Jared and Ivanka said they are really good at compartmentalizing their situations. I read this months ago in an interview article. This behavior sounds like disassociation, i.e., when trauma causes us to split from ourselves. Extreme disassociation creates split personalities. It's called dissociative personality disorder. 

Vestralux, your analysis resonates with me.. It is so helpful.  Yes, I also empathize with them. I can feel their situation and understand how childhood traumas have limited their growth. 

Still, the harm they do reminds me that they need to be stopped, regardless of how much I understand their limitations. 

I look forward to reading your more detailed post about them. 

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12/03/2018 10:00 pm  

Cross-posting from a climate thread:

I'm sensing that this Friday, December 7, 2018—which marks a new moon (at 15-degrees Sagittarius)—could be a signal date for a trigger to a "force majeure" event. I believe it's likely to involve both water and fire, so it may be the eruption of an ocean volcano (though I can think of several other scenarios linking these conditions). The full moon on Winter Solstice will be at 0-degrees Cancer, making it particularly powerful, so it could be a culmination point for this event.

If a volcanic eruption, best guess (not intuitive) is that it would occur somewhere along the "Ring of Fire," which is a huge geographic area, obviously. (I'm feeling Southern Hemisphere for fires and earthquakes now and over the next few months, so maybe there? Not that this nails it down much.)

Although, it could be linked to a vision I posted about in another thread a couple of months back, which would place it somewhere in the Atlantic, off the west/possibly northwest coast of Africa or east of the Mediterranean, although this would have it coming sooner than I originally felt. That vision seemed to involve a tsunami and other upheaval. Whatever the case, I'm asking that we all hold the wider global field with love and coherence, and a prayer that the highest possible outcome for all involved be realized.  

It feels like there's tremendous flux in the timelines I'm seeing, which is why I'm having difficulty nailing down both type and location. I never pick up precise dates and very rarely even months, so this is a surprise to me (and could easily be way off in one direction or another!). However, on Friday, Mars will form a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces on the exact degree. And I feel this is significant.

Pisces is the realm of the waters and Neptune, Pisces' natural ruler, is the god of the waters. Mars is fire, action, initiation, and any incendiary potentiation—for good or ill. 


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12/05/2018 8:16 pm  

In the original climate thread to which I posted the above, @villager just shared a link to this CBS news story about an earthquake and tsunami warning hitting today in the southern Pacific, along the ring of fire. I'm concerned it's not the end of the matter. What I saw could actually be a few different events occurring in a tight span of time, or this particular earthquake could be the beginning of a larger occurrence. (Or both.) So, I'm asking again that we all meditate on/pray for peace and healing in the planetary field. 

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01/20/2019 6:49 am  

Hi All,

Last night I was looking around on the internet for the astrology of the upcoming lunar eclipse tonight/tomorrow morning (depending where in the world you are) and I came across some articles about the set of eclipses that we have had over the last few years by an astrologer who I used to sometimes follow when I lived in Australia. Her name is Jessica Adams. I will add a couple of links to the articles that I found interesting. One is from last year and refers to her predictions for how the Trump family will be affected by the set of eclipses and how the current situation will play out and the other is from the beginning of this month and refers generally to eclipses and how they affect people and situations and gives a couple of examples referring to the first article. If any of you are well versed in astrology, I would be interested to hear what you make of her predictions:


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01/20/2019 6:58 am  


Thank you so very much for reviving thi topic and the great links. I miss all the astrologers that we had here in the fall.

Not being a predictive astrologer but still one who always looks to the stars I so love insights and conversations on both astrology and astronomy. 

I was out early in the night even with our hazy night sky, gazing up for glimmers of moonlight. And i will go out tonight with full moon hopes and dreams again.

Love the air and how super charged it becomes during full moons but a Super Moon, Blood Moon, Wolf Moon with a Lunar Eclipse is plenty to howl about!


I'll be dancing too 😉

As for our American royalty may the full moon eclipse shine light on their darkness and pull back the curtain in time for a new and better world in the eons to come.

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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01/27/2019 2:29 am  

Growing up, I had bumped into astrology (Predict the future! Hey, I want to know how this book of life ends before everybody else!). If you were born between this date and that, this is your sign, and here is what you're personality is like. Uh, nope. I definitely am nothing like this thing you wrote about my sign! And don't get me started on the daily horoscopes in the paper!

But about five years ago, one of my favourite actors was suddenly having gossip about him when he never had gossip about him. And the movie that was about to premiere was one distributed by Harvey Weinstein. It was an obvious showmance situation, yet this actor's die-hard fans were totally buying the PR story they were being fed.

Now, PR also had set up some space on social media to help them with steering this PR train, and a couple of astrologers came to say what they saw in the stars. I was all, "Yeah, right!" and everybody else was the same. Go away, you cray-cray new agey nutters! Ha ha!

But months later, the things they said would happen started happening, and these two were NOT part of the PR getup. One was an editor for astrology books, so she was quite legit. I sent her a message about how did this all work and such. She told me her methods, and between the two, I had resources to check it out for myself. I started looking into my own charts and actually seeing there seemed to be something about this, after all.

One of them told me about the predictive method called Solar Arcs. This one was supposed to be dead-on exact day kind of predictions. I thought, "That's the one I want to learn." I wanted to do a pseudo scientific study on this prediction mumbo-jumbo. I would teach myself a method and proceed to predict things. Either you could or you could not predict the future with the stars. It should be easy to figure out.

Turns out you CAN predict stuff! It's crazy! I've since looked into numerology, palmistry, and tarot as well. Astrology is still the one I know best out of the lot, but really I don't feel I know enough about astrology overall to do predictions for just any joe blow on the street and charge money for it.

Because Solar Arcs really are so precise on the day kind of predictions, I discovered that Donald Trump's time on his birth certificate was recorded incorrectly. He was born 20 minutes earlier than what was typed on his certificate. I suspect that someone wrote the time down, and the person who had to type it misread the number. Instead of 10:34, the person typed 10:54. You can see how easily someone's 3 can look like a 5. My own handwriting is like this.

I just finished doing his Solar Return for 2019. The man is going DOWN. But he may not see much for punishment for what he's done. Typical. Two of the biggest things for him this year would be painful things making him feel belittled, and people pressuring to know the truth. It's definitely about money.

I haven't calculated his Solar Arcs for this year yet. The software by Noel Tyl doesn't work properly - you have to put in the EXACT GPS coordinates where someone was born, or it will be off (by days, weeks, months or even years!). The software doesn't allow you to put exact GPS in, so it doesn't work. I have to do the whole thing by hand. Did I mention I hate math? Thank goodness for Alan Turing for figuring out how to program a machine to compute things for you! But I still have to crunch the numbers for every planet, asteroid and calculated point, then I have to use software to find when the Solar Arc directions become exact. So tedious.

I have discovered that minor aspects aren't as minor as most astrologers think and that you really need to do interpretations based on the sign and house it applies to, which is something Noel Tyl didn't do when he published his book and software. What I've learned through doing Solar Arcs seems to mostly apply to other Western astrology methods. What I've discovered is that this (ALL this) is nothing but a ginormous interdimensional hologram. My work with Solar Arcs lead me back to quantum physics. There are some quantum physicists who realise that their branch of science and the esoteric do indeed overlap. New age mumbo-jumbo may actually be science that isn't understood just yet.

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03/29/2019 1:22 am  

Coyote.. This site ** is a basic and easy to read format that you might like...

Also for more in-depth perspectives this site ** is incomparable :-)


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03/29/2019 12:09 pm  

Thank you Stargazer, I'll check them out.

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04/12/2019 9:05 pm  

Are we feeling it yet?

The mighty planet Jupiter in it's own sign Sagittarius has now gone retrograde, and will seriously impact this coming very powerful Full Moon. Think of it as a strong spiritual wind billowing back the curtains and bringing the rewards and the 'owning' of the depth of our abilities and insights that we have been blessed with since last November.

This Full Moon is opposite the Sun conjunct Uranus, and makes a T-square with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction... VERY strong and transformational energies that will bring unexpected surprises and the deep phoenix-like spirit of rejuvenation to our higher selves, as well as the strength of infusing and holding our light in focus to ebb away old structures and barriers.

It is a perfect time for the meditation that Jeanne has chosen, and I hope that we can all participate as it will benefit everyone to create such a strong pool of light and compassion that will reverberate ❤️ 

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04/12/2019 11:57 pm  

The Pink Moon... the origin of this name is Algonquin, and describes the abundance of pink wild flowers that carpeted the earth in April. It is also known as the Seed Moon... a significant time for planting seeds of light 🌺 

Spirit has just given me this little gift for all of you, hot off the press...




There's magic in the air...

You may hear

the soft tinkling of tiny bells

on a sudden soft breeze

that carries a rush of fireflies

into the velvet midnight

To disappear

in a molten thread of silver seeds

whose unborn promise

is a meadow of starflowers...












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06/24/2019 2:47 pm  

I saw Trump's chart recently, and here is an exercise people can try if they feel like it.  First, I am a lower-chart person - meaning most of my planets are in the lower part of my chart, thus, I am not in the national/world "famous" place.  But pick out people you know are famous.  Really famous.  Like Trump is.  Or a movie star, like Johnny Depp.  Or Robin Williams.  This is not to interpret the chart, but to visually see the placements of the planets.  The pattern for those who are out in the public eye and "famous," (as we generally define it), will have their main planets (most of their planets and especially the Sun) in the upper half of the circle chart.  That would be houses 7-12 and a few planets will end up in the lower houses 1-6.  But those who are famous (in that most people have heard of them and are in the public eye) will have the majority of their planets (especially the sun) in the upper half of the chart.  

I have a niece who wants to be famous, (she lives in LA but is not famous), and I wanted to have a handful of famous people's charts to show what the difference is.  She's working in LA in the "acting" field but is not making it into fame.  Her planets are all in the bottom half.  So are mine.  This doesn't mean someone doesn't have recognition. Her mother is concerned that at almost 30 she still thinks she will be famous.  But her chart says otherwise.  She has aspects in other things that she can excel at, but fame...that is pretty dubious.  

What I noticed while doing this was Alexandria Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's chart.  I was curious, because she has that "vibe" that puts her into a different place.  After doing a load of famous people's charts, and seeing the pattern of major planets in the upper half, I did some of the other people currently running, and saw that they had a lot of lower half planets.  But like many people, I am interested in AOC for her energy and plugged in hers.  There it was.  Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter all powerful and in her upper half.  So, I think she will go far.  (Time will tell.)  

For those who believe in past lives, we take turns being outwardly and inwardly.  When I worked at the Edgar Cayce (A.R.E.) Medical Clinic in Arizona, I "met" many people from a life in the 1700s.  Too long to go into, but I do believe in it. It was during the French Revolution and I met many, many people who also remembered that particular time and scene.  It was the first time I was able to actually admit to myself that past lives exist (I like tangible confirmation - I'm not good at just accepting things that people say).  With my own work in mediumship I also obtain notarized affidavits to show that these are legal documents of accuracy.  I am quite particular to have any kind of legal confirmation I can get.  

But to the point, yes, I did look at Trump's chart and I saw a very powerful chart.  As soon as I saw it, it cleared up my frustration that he seems to "win" a lot.  He just came in with a lot of very well-placed planets.  Unless he is curtailed in some way, he has a good chance of winning again.  I dread it, but I am also following the patterns.  I didn't go in and chart it out, but the planet placements are quite powerful.

My point being that there seems to be a natural system of hierarchy that exists and it may have to do with the changing up of past and present lives.  I don't know why Trump is in power, but he definitely has power.







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06/28/2019 6:52 pm  

For 45's chart, he does have the fixed star Regulus on his ascendant and Algol on his midheaven.

Whenever a fixed star lands on the ascendant and/or midheaven it becomes very powerful and plays a significant role in the native's life. The brighter the fixed star the more prominent it will be.

Regulus can bring great riches and honor but it can also bring downfall if the individual does not use their elevated status in a positive way or obtains and keeps their status by the way of darkness. 

Algol is a nasty fixed star and can bring about death and destruction for the native. Make of that what you will.

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