What should I do with my intuitive experiences? Where Should I Go From Here?  

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08/21/2019 3:39 pm  

@sagetarotpisces, I've yet to hear a distinct voice in my ear.  But I do sometimes hear a shout behind me, either right before I nod off, or it might startle me awake.  I think it's a voice, but I can't decipher any particular word/s.  

@vestralux -- yikes!  Your stories had my heart pounding.  Wonderful protective guides you have around you.  We all have them -- we just need to learn how they communicate with us.  I'm still learning.

For me, that communication usually comes in the way of a feeling, i.e., don't do this, do that.  Or a thought will pop into my head, which I know isn't mine.

Along those lines, I have one crazy story to share.  About 20 years ago I was working in DC, and on my walk to the subway to go home, I came upon a shoe store that was having a sale.  I couldn't pass that up, so I went inside.  The store was long and narrow, with two rows of seats running back-to-back, down the middle of the store.  I sat next to another customer, with our backs towards the checkout counter.  A man was trying on shoes, his back facing us.  As this woman and I proceeded to try on shoes, I began feeling nervous -- panicky, even.  I thought I was anxious because I was about to overspend (I was in my compulsive shopping days back then).  I thought that I might hyperventilate, so I started chatting with the female customer sitting next to me.  That awful feeling I had intensified, and suddenly this voice in my head commanded, "do NOT look behind you."  I suddenly thought of the story in Genesis about Lot's wife and how she turned into a pillar of salt after she looked back at Sodom.  (Don't you love how they often targeted women in some of these bible stories?)  I almost laughed, had I not been dealing with such ongoing anxiety.  Another few minutes passed, at which point one of the two sales associate blurted out, "we were just robbed!"  Apparently as I was trying on shoes, the one male customer sitting behind us had tried on shoes, gone to the checkout counter to ostensibly pay for them, but instead pulled out a gun on the sales associate, robbed the register, and left with the money and two pairs of new shoes.  

If I had turned and witnessed what was going on, would we all have been hurt?  Clearly the robber would want to keep things quiet and get out as quickly as possible.  I have no way of knowing what may have occurred, but I received a clear message from my spirit guide.

Funny ending to the story:  the police came, locked the front door, dusted for fingerprints, put yellow police tape over the interior front window and door, and interviewed each of us.  At one point as we were standing with the police officers, I looked up towards the front of the store and witnessed two women outside trying to open the locked door, then press their faces against against the yellow-taped window, motion to the locked door and mouth, "A-R-E  Y-O-U  O-P-E-N-E-D?"

And yes -- I did end up purchasing a pair of shoes.  Old, addictive habits die hard.




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I wish I got voices. I just get feelings. Like today, I feel so run down, like I feel feverish without the fever and I keep thinking either I’m getting sick or something will happen soon. One of those days where I feel completely insane. And since Trump is continuing to lose his mind by calling the Denmark PM a nasty woman, I’m gonna go get pizza.


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@pacosurfer, oh God ... I hadn't heard his recent nasty woman comment.  You're not going insane -- HE is.  I'm sorry you're feeling crappy.  I've had that happen too -- not sure whether it's physical, or something else.  Sometimes it's a waiting game.  Take care of yourself the best way you can.

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Very cool about your boyfriend and his mom! (Except for the part about him breaking his arm obv). Just goes to show how innate and evolutionary what we call our psychic connections really are. My daughter, who's 22, and I are incredibly close (we pretty much grew up together) and I'm surpassingly grateful that I've never been woken up by a sense of certainty that she was in trouble—my heart aches just imagining it. But I do have several experiences where I suddenly knew when something was happening with my mother. And just one with my dad. The night he died, I was hundreds of miles away but sat bolt upright in bed at 3:19 am and knew he was gone. That was his recorded time of death.

Twins are something very special indeed. If we're all entangled at the quantum level with every other human, living and dead, and more so with with close friends and loved ones, there can be no deeper entanglement than two people who shared a womb. (Amplify that exponentially when they share the same DNA sequence.) I bet you and your sister could even further develop your connection in profound ways.  

Also, it sounds like you could be similar to my daughter, J, who's clairsentient. Where I tend to see and know, she feels. And boy does she ever—not just at the emotional level, but physically. For ex, a year ago next month, J's friend and coworker passed away very suddenly under suspicious circumstances. About a week later, I suddenly knew J was about to come in the front door and ask me to help her communicate with her friend. Her spirit had practically been clinging to J the entire week, and she'd finally found a way to make her presence known to my daughter, who was upset over her death and afraid of what was happening.

Until that day, J had been too afraid of her gift and mine to ever want to discuss it. I was forbidden from even mentioning spirits most of the time. But when J came home, she had tears in her eyes and I knew she was ready. We spent the next 8+ HOURS communicating with her friend (never had an experience like it). My daughter would ask questions and I could "hear" her friend's answers in my head—again, to the right side and a little back. Or she might even show me an image. I was just their translator, but even before I had a chance to convey whatever I was picking up, my daughter would physically express the emotion her friend was showing me. Her friend was highly distraught over her death and still very confused about where she was. The whole time we spoke with her, she moved quickly between laughter, tears, anger, and back again. My daughter's body physically shook the entire time, and she sobbed and laughed and raged with her friend. It exhausted her but it also seemed cathartic and comforting. It might be impt to state that J is an almost overly chill person on the surface, so this kind of outward emotional display isn't just unusual, it's unheard of. But because she's an empath and a physical medium, she was feeling everything her friend was feeling in the most literal way.

[Once, when she was about 14, we were driving down a mountain highway, just chatting, when J suddenly threw herself over in the passenger seat, clutching her head and gasping in pain. Before I could react, I'd driven around a curve where a car had just been in a terrible accident. A woman was being pulled from that car by first responders. Her face was covered in blood and she did not appear conscious. The front end was crushed.]

Way more info than you probably needed, but maybe some of it will jog something loose for you in your own experience. 🌼 

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"So perhaps simply dealing with recurring health issues opens us to more realms of possibility in the universe."

I absolutely agree.

...Though, maybe there's a chicken/egg question to consider. Maybe because we're open, we take more in, absorbing more of the vibrational disharmonies in the field, whether in the form of pesticides and other toxins, GMOs, climate chaos, social conflict, historical trauma, etc. Either way, it's like you said, when enough of us are afflicted (by the exponential increase in autoimmune conditions or anything else), we might finally act in a collective way. 👍  

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@deetoo OMG! That was insane! I'm so glad you obeyed that internal voice (and that you weren't turned into a pillar of salt). Who can know the answer to those 'what if' questions, but I have to think that if we're fortunate enough to receive some unexplained guidance in a moment of danger, it's because whatever is offering it knows something our conscious minds don't. 

I also have to think that the man who did that robbery might have been feeling an incredible level of anxiety and adrenaline as he sat there amping himself up. It's interesting to consider whether you might have been absorbing his energy, or were simply reacting to it. So interesting. 

I laughed at the image of those women at the end of your story, but yeesh! Anyone willing to cross police tape to get a little retail therapy in probably had a bigger shopping habit than you did. 😉 



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@pacosurfer Your feelings about not wanting to be here are normal, although I'm sorry it's so hard. I think many of us have felt the way you do, in varying degrees at one time or another, and some a lot of the time. The poet Rumi wrote: My soul is from elsewhere. I am sure of that. And I intend to end up there.


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@vestralux, I'm very moved by the relationship you have with your daughter.  It's wonderful how you can be there for J, and she for you.  What an amazing gift.  

About my robbery story:  I believe you’re right when you suggest that perhaps I was absorbing his energy, or simply reacting to it.  I hadn’t even considered that.  Something I failed to mention:  when I first entered the store, I stood next to the robber as we both looked at shoes.  I even turned my head and looked at him, which back then was out of character for me.  But at that moment I hadn’t felt any particular discomfort; I just remember noting how well he was dressed.  Then out of curiosity I focused on the shoes he was selecting.  He had excellent fashion sense.    Isn’t it crazy that I remembered that from 20 years ago?  I can’t remember what I did 5 minutes ago.  Anyway, I was able to give the police a general description.  Then I got on a crowded subway train, as if everything were normal.  Bizarre.

I agree with you and Coyote about the autoimmune and recurring health issues.  It really is a chicken/egg question.  In my case, I am aware that I've always been a sponge to my environment.  So even if my empathic sensitivities had not created my health conditions, I believe they certainly exacerbated them.  Perhaps it is a combination of nature and nurture?  Hard to say.  What I will say is that my purpose in this lifetime makes more sense to me now.  I don’t belong to this planet, but I belong on it.  I know that I was created for these times.  That’s true for all of us.

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@deetoo Beautifully said, and I so agree. 

It is bizarre the amount of detail we can hold onto! And yes, surreal how we step out of those moments and right back into the mundane world.

Significant traumas, especially very early in life, can create significant distortions (in memory, identity, relation, etc.), but there's ample research which shows that, because we become hyper-focused during dangerous or close-call experiences, the brain and body tends to hold onto the most vivid details for the rest of our lives. This is also true of more traumatic experiences, so long as we have just enough resilience and an adequate "holding environment" (people caring for us) immediately after the fact. 


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