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I've had this question for years in the back of my mind. I one time had a reading and Monica came through-about 15 years after her passing. During the reading I was surprised to be told that Monica was angry with her father. It made total sense at the time of the reading. While Monica and her father were not getting along at the time of her death, I and the psychic medium both believed that it was an anger born from the way he had been treating my son and myself. 

About 12 years prior to this reading, I was led to meet author Dr. Brian Weiss in person (before I had a clue who he was). I was getting a reading from James Van Praagh, and James introduced me to him. Realizing I didn't recognize the name, James pulled me aside and told me of Dr. Weiss's best selling books. After reading Many Lives, Many Masters I realized we are here to learn and to break patterns we've not broken in past lifetimes. If we were abused in past lifetimes, we'll come back to relive the same situations until we learn to deal with them and heal ourselves or the relationships. I've applied that to those in this lifetime who don't treat me appropriately, and have worked to recognize the issues and make sure I won't come back to try again. I've always believed that I am only responsible for my own progress here-tho I acknowledge that I'm also a teacher for those who's abusive patterns I have identified. Others are responsible for their own behaviors, and to learn the lessons this life intended for them to learn. 

What has perplexed me is that I figured from Monica's vantage point, and the amount of time she'd had to learn over there, she somehow expected her father (a narcissist) to find healing in this plane. Narcissists, like some other forms of mental/emotional illnesses are almost impossible to cure even with professional help. I can understand her not liking how her father acts, but I was rather surprised that she was mad, indicating that she thought there was a way for him to improve his behaviors. 

And now, as we sit here discussing the millions of people who support nationalism, racism, misogyny, and so many other inappropriate behaviors, we realize they too have lessons to learn. Have they come back because in past lives they sat on the sidelines saying nothing when these same types of situations presented themselves? Are they here to see if they've learned their intended lessons this time? Can those with ailments like narcissism come back to have another shot at overcoming it, just like the abusive relationship patterns are repeated until the pattern is broken?  How can we tell if someone is afflicted with such burdens in order to teach others how to overcome such relationships? 

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I for one on any level of  belief system, or reality, or levels of awareness in my multilayered views of sentient consciousness will simply say "yes".

And I thank you once again for sharing another of your most incredible and connecting experiences and creating-- if not a long dialogue that anwers your or any of our deepest questions about life, pain, loss or understanding-- will at least create and manifest many thought provoking conversations that I know will be the impetus today and everyday for every one I meet, judge,  dislike or love.

And I forget to look at that much bigger picture once I am enmeshed in the immediate navigation of the daily walk through the quicksand of life, health, pain, loss, politics, the economy, and all of the other distractions of the dream within the dream we call our reality.

Bless you Cindy.


Love, light, and healing prayers,
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@michele-b-here-in-the-forum, aw, thank you. Sending love and hugs.

While the questions do somewhat answer themselves, they are worth putting out there, I thought. It never hurts to get a second opinion, or hear someone else's take on it. That's how we broaden our horizons and our hearts.

Throughout history there have been genocides, human enslavement, and other forms of societal mistreatment. Look in the Bible or on the walls of the ancient buildings in Egypt to see early enslavement or one tribe trying to eliminate another. Same thing in Asia. Look at what was done to the Native Americans,  the slaves here and in Europe, or the Holocaust-just to name a few. There were always people who perpetrated this, and those who didn't participate, but didn't find anything wrong with that type of thinking. Then there were those who thought it was wrong, but did not stand up or try to put a stop to it. 

In one of the other threads there was a discussion of how trauma alters our DNA and we pass that on to our children. There have been lifetimes of trauma passed from generation to generation in this world. I tend to look at the bright side and realize that the violence and trauma have lessened generation after generation, and I've been lucky to witness to some of it. There are now more individuals who are attempting to break the chains than those looking to reinforce them. 

It's also hard for me from the standpoint of having to put my foot down with family who are not going to be here much longer so that I do what I was meant to do for myself in this lifetime. They haven't learned what they were meant to learn, from what I can see (but I don't know their entire life plan, so I could be mistaken). I know without a doubt Monica led me to Dr. Weiss on purpose (long story there), so I wasn't going to let the inappropriate patterns continue with my permission. I waited as long as I could to do what needed to be done. Each time I did something to break the chains recently-whether it was verbally asserting myself, or cutting contact with those who were abusive, I got messages of validation that I'd done the right thing from beyond thru my mother's 'ramblings'. It was unmistakable. It was also very bittersweet. I know I did what I needed to, but upsetting others is something I feel don't feel good about. I guess I should be more grateful that I can put it into such perspective and not be in the dumps asking why did I go through all that if they didn't learn what was necessary. Instead I find myself 'knowing' and 'feeling' that when I'm the last one of the family remaining (which is coming soon), I'll still have a bright future ahead. 

I can look at those who are in the thick of the current divisive atmosphere with love and know they still have lessons to learn, so it will be ok. I can still see the good in them, even tho there's much more work they need to do. The greater the participation in the negative, the greater the lessons they still need to learn. There is a sliding scale from participants to those who just don't pay attention because it's uncomfortable. I feel for those being abused, but I get that for lessons to be learned, some of us came here to be abused. You can't teach a lesson without a teacher and a student. I take solace in knowing they'll receive good Karma for their sacrifices here. I get frustrated that the time line has been so drawn out, but in my gut, I've always felt that there's more progress being made than not. I'm just a bit perplexed that if it is within the grasp of all who are incarnate right now to learn and not have to repeat a lesson in another lifetime, how many seem to miss the opportunity for growth that's right in front of them.