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08/15/2019 3:34 pm  

@dcd2510, I've experienced my share of mysterious cigarette odors!  A few times, no one has been able to smell it except for me.  On those occasions I've assumed it was my deceased father, because those in the room with me never knew him.  And both my husband and I occasionally smell cigarette smoke in our home.  The original owner was a big smoker, and the energy doesn't feel like anyone we've personally known.  We know she was very connected to the house, and was the watchdog and matriarch of the neighborhood.   

I will admit that it's never been as strong as what you described, i.e. you had to hold your nose or leave the room.  Have you detected any energy with it, or felt any particular emotion?  

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08/15/2019 7:32 pm  

@sagetarotpisces it's funny the things one realizes when having such discussions. LOL Most of those who come to me in dreams are deceased family. I was going to relate about a dream I had a number of years ago when I had a cousin in the ICU. The entire family was worried he'd pass. His sister had passed a few years earlier, and my aunt and uncle were beside themselves with worry that they'd lose their now only child. In my dream, I saw him on his hospital bed in a house. There was a huge gathering of people, and I could see his sister, and knew she was dead. I could look at individuals in the gathering and tell who was living and who was passed-tho there were no external indications to make such distinctions. With one exception-some had on out of date clothing-one even was in Revolutionary War attire, triangle hat and all. My cousin in ICU was living and would remain so. Other than the passed cousin, I didn't know any of the other individuals at the gathering. But as I was typing that I see passed relatives (and an occasional well known person) not individuals I don't know, I realized that many of these folks may well have been passed relatives I didn't know. It never occurred to me before that the fellow in the 1770's outfit was an ancestor, even tho I know we had relatives here who fought in that war. 

@dcd2510 My sister (she made her living as a psychic medium) lived in a condo that bothered her because it was haunted. One day another sensitive friend came over and saw someone my sister never saw there-our grandmother. She's described her to a T. The dead giveaway was that she smelled cigarette smoke, when there were no smokers living in the house at the time. My grandmother was a smoker, so the sensitive friend not only saw her in her mumu, but could smell her cigarette smoke. Because of her lifetime behaviors, this particular grandmother never showed herself to my sister, and has only once come to me when my father was in danger.  

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08/15/2019 7:58 pm  


Wow- love this, thanks for contributing once again. Not sure how to explain clearly why your story here resonates so well with me and my experiences with this- but you are totally spot on! So cool you have that ability and those dreams. I have yet to have dreams where i speak to relatives who have passed, but maybe one day! My boyfriends mother regularly has dreams where they all come and meet with her, seems like it would be a great comfort. 

Weird side not- i once spoke to a psychic about the spirit we saw hovering over her in her LA apartment and she told me that it was a ghost from the civil war era who thought she was his daughter- we always joke about “our civil war ghost” now.

perhaps these people that come to my twin are our relatives that we just dont know of, coming to her in times of struggle or need. I love that idea. Every generation in my family at least 1 or 2 generations back are European immigrants. Irish, italian, german etc. I've seen some pictures on i’ll have to keep an eye out for them in my dreams! 

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08/22/2019 5:03 pm  

I just posted under climate about the Amazon rain forests. I don't know why but I kept smelling something burning, then checked the news and saw an article about the fires in the Amazon rain forest. I wonder if that was the smell i kept smelling?  I think so because after that I didn't smell something burning any was like "someone" wanted me to see the news about it. 

A little about me: I'm a Pisces and I used to read for folks years ago on a psychic line. I stopped because of my paying job just got to be too much, the energy I was expending was hurting me physically. I don't really do tarot that much, feel like I would need to learn about it more, though i used tarot back in the day.  My mother died young, but she was very psychic (though she didn't realize it) and she got premonitions and just knew what I was up to as a child ALL the time. (unnerving as a child lol).  One of my best friends was a psychic medium who predicted her own death and at what age she would pass, years before she died.  I've seen ghosts, angels and my mother in law after she passed and have felt my mother after she died many times.  I even had my recently deceased father (90) come to me after he died (woke me up out of a sound sleep to "yell" at me) just to let me know something  as he transitioned.  (he was a loud guy).

I also posted something about dragonflies and the funny thing is there was a snake slithering in the pool today and the dragonflies landed on my head and flew around which is how i noticed the snake. My husband and I felt like they were there to warn me about the snake! (I have a real fear of snakes). I love those beautiful dragonflies! 

Sending light to the amazon and praying for rain over the fires!

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