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Question about Dragonflies  


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08/01/2019 11:23 am  

I live in CT and My hubby and I have a pool and we've been in it almost every day this summer. A few weeks ago we noticed the coolest thing, every time we are in the pool or hanging out around it we've had the same 4-5 dragonflies hanging out with us! They even land on us, mostly my husband, and one stayed on his big toe while he napped and one on his hat while we were in the pool. They will fly over to me in the pool and fly around my head, then hang out on the deck area on top of the float rack, but always close to where ever we are when in the water.  We noticed two of them are blue in color, two are greenish and one that is more dark gray.  In the years past we noticed the dragonflies flying around but never hanging out with us like this! I feel like they have adopted us and we're their friends.

 Feels really wonderful but I'm hoping someone can tell me what this means?

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08/03/2019 2:01 am  

It means the water is clean.

In "the old days" people in forest areas would know if a creek or other water source was clean if dragonflies were present.  Sorry it's not a more spiritual thing. Still cool though, especially that they don't see you as a threat (ok, there's the spiritual component).

My in-laws had a pool in NY. Every summer I'd get a kick watching some of the dragonflies slide down the metal bannister at the steps, and skim the water... I miss them. And fireflies.

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