Prophetic dreams  

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11/15/2019 8:53 am  

Thank you for the warm welcome Jeanne. I'm looking forward to taking part in this community,

Woke up with a song on the brain this morning. I think Spirit is having a little fun with me . It's so apropo for the times and the DT/Giuliani relationship. 

The song is "Clandestino" by Shakira 

Here is the English translation of some of the lyrics. 


"You know it’s not convenient for us

That people know what we both have

That we eat from a forbidden fruit

We love it and we know it,

I don’t need any other Don Juan

That will open the door for me when I arrive at the restaurant

That case doesn’t need more flowers

Be quiet, baby, of all the rumors


Ours is illegal and I will not deny you

That I pay the sentence because I kissed you

I know that you feel the same and you can’t deny it to me

I already made the mistake


Clan-clan-clandestine, oh

The same destiny wanted

Don't look for problems where there aren't, there aren't, there aren't

Clan-clan-clandestine, oh

Don't forget that we're friends

I look for problems where there aren't, there aren't, there aren't."

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11/20/2019 11:48 am  


Maybe. I don't usually wake up panicked and love dragons of all sorts. I like your interpretation. That bloody snow is what gets me the most.

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