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Prophetic dreams  


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02/23/2019 5:40 am  

I've had a few dreams that later seemed to contain psychic predictions. The most recent one was two days ago when I dreamt I was watching Israeli astronauts landing on the moon on TV. Then the day after, I read that an Israeli lunar lander had been launched to the moon by SpaceX.

It's pretty cool when this happens, but it leaves me wondering, what's the point of these dreams? I only know they're prophetic after the fact and I don't have dreams that predict anything in my own life. So are they just a fun party trick for my brain?

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02/25/2019 2:09 am  

No, not just a fun party trick but they can be kinda cool.  

Here are a few of the things I have learned and experienced regarding dreams.

Normal dreams  can be a way to  work out waking time "stuff". This makes up a majority of my dreams, the ones I remember. My dreams  can additionally  pick up upon things "our collective" is feeling. Picked up a lot about the Syrian migrant crisis when it was just beginning to be an issue and discovered many other people were dreaming about the same thing.  People needing to move quickly with very little ability to take anything, people starving,  people walking long distances people  and being fearful.

Then there are the dreams which  can  be about the future.   I tend to know I am dreaming about the  future when I wake up and say to myself, "I think this is important and I better make note of it".  ( I should be writing all my dreams down but these seem important and I like to document these types incase the do come true so I can have a record.  So I can learn from them too.)  The more that come true the more I begin to recognize when I am having a  possible predictive  dream. Dreams that have come true for me have included a plane crash in my city,  the rover discovering water on Mars and a recent mass shooting.   When I do dream the future, the dreams tend come true in a short while.  On occasion, my daughter and I have will dream a similar ( not exact) dream.  If that happens I become very alert to the fact that it is likely a predictive dream.

 I have been able to dream with intention as well such as asking about what a big headline for the next month will be.    I didn't know I could do that until I tried it.  

Some people will pay attention to the music they hear during a dream.  I once had a dream I was attending the funeral service for my daughter's Godfather.  He had died in real life but this was a dream of his funeral about 6 months after he died.  I dreamt  I was at a church during his funeral service and  I heard chanting in a language which  I didn't understand but did recognize the country of origin. I wrote down the phrase I best remembered it sounding like and researched  its meaning  once I was awake because I felt that it was a message directed to me.  The phrase was translated as:" for he has left his mark upon the world".  This answered a fear of mine which was whether he would be remembered by others for the the good life he had led.  I got the answer from the chant, yes he would.

I am not sure this helped but perhaps it did.


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