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How To Separate Your Own Thoughts From Psychic Ones?  


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09/03/2019 1:54 pm  

Hi Again! Its been a while since I last posted here. Right now I feel like the next step for me is to try and understand what thoughts belong to me and what thoughts come from other sources .

So far I think I noticed something. I have just about no idea how to explain what it feels like, but I'll try to describe it as "the truth behind what I'm actually saying"? It's like every thought I have has something layered underneath it.

Does anyone have any methods for this or do you just intuitively know the difference?

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09/03/2019 5:31 pm  


Thank you for initiating a great thread topic.  I ask myself this all the time, "is that from me or is that a channeled thought?"  Intuitively, I think a channeled thought takes me by surprise.  It's usually something I write or say that makes me take notice and think, "where did that come from?"  I've noticed that if I'm channeling while speaking, it makes an impact on the person with whom I'm conversing.  However, often I don't remember it long afterwards.  At the same time I recognize that the channeled message was nothing I had planned to say or ever thought of, for that matter.  Does that make any sense?  If it happens during writing, I have a record of the thought but often forget it until I read it on the predictions page or in my notes at home.  My prediction misses make me question whether that idea was from my subconscious or wishful thinking.  

Another experience I have is waking to words or music in the night.  That's from my guides as it's usually a message for me.  Even if it seems totally bizarre and random, I can usually figure it out.  For example, lyrics I can look up the next day.  Usually the lyrics pertain to some event I'm dealing with or they are a reassurance during a personal struggle.  Okay, I know this is odd, but it is what it is.  Last year, I was fretting over buying a house and I received a message that "the house belongs to you and you belong to the house."  Odd, I thought.  How can I belong to an inanimate object?  Everything did work out and today that house does belong to me and I belong to the house.  I'm meant to be here.

If I'm throwing cards, I try to be especially mindful if the cards are for someone very close to me.  In that instance, I don't want my own hopes and dreams for that person to influence the reading.  So, I do question myself.  It's helpful to find out months later if I was spot on or not, but I'm always questioning.

Can't wait to hear what other people experience and what guidance they can share.

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09/03/2019 9:01 pm  


Thanks for your reply! While I wouldn't consider myself as one with any real abilities, I sometimes catch a strange thought that comes out of me as well. 

For example if I'm trying to guess a correct answer, sometimes the right answer would almost spill out of me, while at other times it would be like two different answers came out at almost the same time and I'm then stuck trying to tell the difference.

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09/04/2019 5:32 pm  


Thank you for posting this topic which is one of favorite subjects. And @bluebelle thank your for you awesome response.  

I’m off the grid this week With minimal cell service so just one response.  

I think about your question often! 

I have methods for tuning into pure psychic thought and can tell when it’s happening.  It happens when I’m giving someone a reading  or teaching a class. Also when I throw cards.

 And it helps me to take a breath and focus in a certain way that is hard to explain although I’ve explained it in my classes.  It’s meditation for sure.

If you come to the next Read the Future night that I give (free) you will learn one method but it is just one of many methods. It will be in late fall.

As Bluebelle has shown, there are many ways to find that groove and get into that headspace.  And it can be a very individual thing.

if you are changing your mind a lot while focusing on something, you are probably just “thinking” and not sensing anything paychic. Because you are doing analysis not including unitive knowing.

If you are worrying , then again probably not being psychic and are again Just thinking and analyzing.

Psychic knowing is usually quiet and even serene and feels good though not always.

It can feel like an angel is speaking through you. 

And it is usually also mixed with your own experiences because the fact is that we can’t know something if we don’t have an experience already in our memory to tell us  what we are seeing.

Automatic writing or stream of consciousness is a good way to access psychic knowing.  

I know I’m being prophetic or telepathic if the images or thoughts I have take on a life of their own. They seem to be happening in a flow and the thoughts or images start shifting as there is animation going on in my head. 

In the late fall I will teach a class on just this one subject. It’s my favorite.

i am going to teach another nine class series on intuition in the late fall.  It should help people really find the heir own intuitive flow! 



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