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09/12/2019 5:58 am  

You are not alone with the anxiety and agitation you feel. I feel it too. In fact, I have felt strong anxiety around the full moon for the past 4 months. This is new to me.

Two days ago, I was driving through my suburb in the morning when I observed several species of wild birds behaving strangely in small ways. The word 'mayhem' kept popping into my head when I would think about the way the birds behaved. I could literally feel the agitation bouncing off them. First I saw a species of Honeyeater that isn't usually seen around here. Then I saw a duck walking (barely) on the slanted tiled roof of a house. Then I saw a different duck flying down the middle of the road for about 200 metres at a height of about 50cms. I also saw a raven chasing 3 sulfur crested cockatoos, and 2 smaller birds almost flew into my car. All in the space of about 10 minutes. To the point where I wondered if I might be hallucinating. The behaviour isn't outlandish, but I felt as though I had walked into Dr. Seuss' Wacky Wednesday!

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09/12/2019 8:37 am  

Two days ago I noticed clumps of bird feathers on my driveway as if there was a skirmish.  

I don't usually remember my dreams, but last night I had a dream that I can piece together a bit...  I was in some sort of lab or shoppe with a long table and my father was lying on it; I think he was dead but I had no reaction to it.  Then a lady comes in and asks what kind of purse I want.  Then I see this huge animal, not necessarily an alligator because it was upright, not moving so I assume it is dead with alligator skin.  I don't know how to answer her...  So she starts into some sort of work in another room.  Then the dream shifts into a museum and I was proud of how nice the museum was.  It was a museum about the beach that I always go to every summer.  Large sculptures.  Very old looking displays but very well kept.  Then I woke up.  

Has anyone recently experienced heightened and quickened arguments with a SO?  It has been about stuff we have discussed before but the mood is like flash paper now.


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09/12/2019 9:16 am  

@jovesta I haven't had any changes with my SO, but our relationship is in the 'new' phase. I read somewhere recently that with many of the planet in Virgo and because of another transit that people are more likely to find fault with others. 

@villager maybe you're receiving a sign of something. I know it does feel like 'mayhem' in the news. People are reacting to the craziest things. I read somewhere of a person attacking someone because they waited too long for their food order. Can you imagine someone doing that a decade ago? I don't think it would have happened.

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09/12/2019 11:42 am  

I was feeling calm during the weekend and even on Monday, but my anxiety levels have been increasing as well.  Keep waiting for something to "pop", kind of like when the pressure on your ears is building and there will be a sudden reequilibration (that will likely hurt a bit).

I just want to beat the crap out of someone or something....all this tension, anger, frustration....it is all bottled up and I want to have it all vent out in rage.....hopefully directed at the source.

How effing enlightened of me......

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09/13/2019 1:46 pm  

Hello my fellow empaths. I am finally going to post. I am a 19/20. My whole family, 7 of us, are extremely sensitive empaths! The next generation as well. We know we are different. Our sense of humor helps us immensely. When we get together we laugh and laugh and laugh until our bellies hurt. We need a lot of alone time. This calms us. We help each other when we have melt downs. We all live in beautiful places with nature at our doorstep. This is absolutely necessary. Our greatest gift to the world is our ability to give a sense of understanding, awareness, and encouragement to others. We all do this in our uniquely different ways. I help calm people by being in their presence. I can read people by being in their presence. I know their struggles, their pain, their strengths, their abilities. If I feel my wisdom can help I address it directly and immediately. I try to use words of encouragement. It comes from a deep sense of feeling and knowing. People usually cry. People often hug me. People either love me or hate me.  I can be used as a scapegoat for peoples anger when they realize I see them and they feel vulnerable. They project their hatred of self onto me. I know when they are doing it. It makes me very sad. But, I stand in strength. It is a lonely path at times. This is why I enjoy this forum. I feel connected here. You are beautiful people with amazing gifts for this world! Thank you all! 

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09/13/2019 2:02 pm  


How amazing your life is!!!  Has your gift always been this trained or did it take you some time to learn to use it?  

I feel the same way about being near nature...  If I am couped up, I get very sad....


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09/13/2019 2:37 pm  


Hello my friend. Yes, I am blessed! As we all are. Recognizing our gifts is a lifetime journey for most.  We are always learning and expanding, and therefore our gifts that we bring grow bigger as well. When I was young I lived a life full of multitudinous trauma. It was my teaching ground. It brought me fully into my awareness that I am a healer. I have not always understood it but I always knew I was different. Trust your senses my friend. You are communicating with your higher self.

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09/13/2019 2:39 pm  


Welcome Timo! My husband and I live in the woods, surrounded by nature. It helps us too.

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09/13/2019 5:01 pm  

I have felt the anxiety of this world my whole life. So, what is happening in the world right now is not new for me. I remember freaking out in the 80's wondering why people were going along like everything is just fine. I wanted to scream at the world, "Get off the beach! A tidal wave is coming!" I dreamt 1000 tidal wave dreams. Everyone is always unaware. I am always watching from a higher perspective. The tidal wave was hitting our planet's health; the environment, the animals, the people, the weather, the water, the very soul of our existence. I cried all the time. I was so sad for a long time. It was hard for me to allow it to be and to still function. Giving to others, being with animals, and replenishing in Nature gave me joy. It literally saved my life. But, now people are changing. People are waking up. They are more sensitive. The new generation, Feels everthing! People are feeling the anxiety of our natural world and our ability to survive. I say thank God you are feeling it! Wake up to it! Sit in it! Yes its uncomfortable. It makes you want to crawl out of your skin. Yes! Yes! Yes! And that's what Trump did for the U.S. He made us want to crawl out of our skin! We are sitting in a whole lot of uncomfortable. Many are dieing so that we can awaken. The animals are dieing.  People want to know "How much Longer will it be?" Right?  The focus here is very political. But, like others have clearly stated in this forum, our problems do not go away when Trump leaves office or even with a blue wave. Don't get me wrong, I will party in the streets and howl at the moon with the rest of you when this happens. But I, like you,  am all to aware that our collective consciousness created the problem. In order to shed light on our need to heal, to expand, to lighten up, we are right here right now. We are O.K. We are just fine people! In fact, if you are reading this, you are an amazingly beautiful soul that came here to help uplift us all. Thank You! We are all helping. Healing is spontaneous, in the blink of an eye, all things are changed. A shift has already happened! It is in the act of the observation itself that brings it to us. It is already done. It is our collective that Has Risen UP and we are solving this problem! I feel excitement! It's been a long time since I felt excitement. Do you feel it? I Do. People are coming out of a deep slumber. I am Rejoicing!

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09/13/2019 5:16 pm  


Thank you!  I am also living with bipolar disorder and ever since that diagnosis, I believed the disease was the cause of my sensitivity.  Now I am able to connect the dots and see that my heightened emotions are at least partly my ability to internalize other's emotions and energy.  Now I want to learn not to get overwhelmed by it!  hahah!!

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09/13/2019 8:01 pm  


Welcome once again to our space here and our little universe of blessings and gifts.

I am a 19/20 as well. And while it  has often been extremely challenging,  like you I always understood deep inside how I was, how and why others so dramatcally responded to my energies and have after 7 decades on this planet, always doing the work of service to others and honing my abilities, knowing that a time was coming when my gifts would be needed for these very times. And yes, my entire, even extended family over 5 or more generations have many of the same intrinsic gifts as well. 

I have helped literally thousands of people that were sent to me by others, were placed in the ley lines of my life and places I've been or lived. Hundreds in real hands on/off healing (all for free) or in classrooms or blogs or forums and now here for the past 2 1/2 years.

I also often live a lonely and often reclusive life though many see me as a happy extrovert always caring, sharing,  giving or helping in any and all the ways I can. 

Like you, I see into others and even when I know their feelings or deepest secrets or fears, i keep quiet consul and only send them love hoping that my own energies might act as the catalyst needed for other's shadow healing and spiritual integration.

It is a deep and intensely magical blessing to be of service and now more than ever, those of us gathering here and all over the globe on a variety of intuitive, spiritually healing and alchemically transformative sites are indeed hearing an ancient call to power and purpose for the times ahead.

I live with most of the senstive's auto immune disorders and chronic pain in response to environmental changes as slight as barometric pressure to severe pain from Mother Earth's  pain and destruction discussed on this forum. 

And yet while very, even overly sensitive, I am not medically bipolar or severely depressive. But i have experienced exaggerated periods of both.

But those 19 and to be truly honest, 20 empathic checkmarks have made many things very, very challenging to live with and still do. I focus on being of service in my own deeply naturally spiritual ways to rise above the intense pains and challenges of life. 

And while there are many times I am weary of man's inhumanity to others, especially children, animals and the gift of our extraordinary natural world and often hear nothing but the screaming of pain and oppression, it is the absolute connection with the beauty and joy of our lives and the great healing powers of gratitude, peace and love that has the power to create the manifestation of a new and better world beyond this one that keeps me going, connecting and joining in lifting up our shared vibration in the collective.

I welcome you with an open heart and am so deeply grateful for your own deep sharing with all of us. 

Blessings and gratitude to you in all ways  💜  

Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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09/13/2019 9:09 pm  

@duncan you're so right. It's as if we are mirroring the unhinged behaviour we see from world leaders. They are changing the unspoken pact in our community that governs how we treat each other by making things acceptable that once weren't. It would have been unthinkable a decade ago, but it also may not have come to our attention. Social media brings the bad, the ugly and the good (in that order) to our attention every day.

I have also wondered if my 'wacky wednesday' is a sign, but I haven't been able to figure out what it is, except that I have been going through two years of mayhem in my life. I am in the southern hemisphere. It is spring and the wildfires have started early this year, perhaps I just can't ignore the effects of climate change on our birdlife any more. They have gone from subtle (to my untrained eye), to obvious.

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09/13/2019 11:46 pm  


Oh Michele, thank you for your deep kind words of inspiration and validation. Yes, your quiet strength of wisdom and love is felt by myself and I am sure many others. Thank you! Like you I feel the distress of our mother in my body. I have staved it off by being physically active most my life. But in my later years I find the auto-immune / connective tissue inflammatory response tearing at me. My ailments are also my siblings as we laugh about how it travels from one to another. "Oh you are having achilles pain." Wow, now I have it. Your back is hurting. Now, mine is. And around it goes. I too know chronic pain all too well. I am not as you say "medically bi-polar" or "medically depressed", never been on meds, but I do understand the affinity towards "self-medicating", as this world is a challenging place, especially for sensitives. I have to wonder as I limp around with achilles pain "what is America's achilles heel?" Sen. Kamala Harris told one of the nation’s largest African-American male fraternities that the issue of race and racism is “America’s Achilles’ heel” and that Russia will try to exploit this weakness. Hmm, well I am feeling this weakness. And it hurts! Ouch!

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09/14/2019 7:00 pm  

Your posts -- Timo, Jovesta, Tricia, Villager, Michele, and you who posted on previous pages-- leave me breathless. You've captured what being an empath means to me too, the beauty of having this sensitivity and the pain.

In the week leading up to the full moon I too felt something heavy pressing on me, like something just had to give. I had forgotten about the impending full moon, so I just continued listening to the feeling. What was it? 

It was not just personal to me.

It was not just the collective consciousness.  

It wasn't the trees or earth, because they never complain to me. They live, in Wendell Barry's words, "without forethought of grief." They only bring me peace. 

Then I got it. Last night I realized it was coming from the moon.  Beautiful as she was, I saw her and felt her massive energy pressing down on me.  The pressure squeezed the worry and thinking out of me and left me in a state of wonder. I could only feel.  I could only love. The thinking, the worrying was not relevant.  Only love is relevant to our situation. 

This morning as we were driving around, For the first time I saw a future in which we had solved the climate problem. We'd done it with love. It seems so improbable, but the vision came to me stark and clear nonetheless. 

Later as I was walking along a street, I saw these words scratched in an art work in a store window by the artist Brian Andreas. It read: 

In my dream, the angel shrugged and said, if we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination.  And then she placed the world gently in my hands.

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Yes, indeed @jeanne-mayell  A failure of the imagination. The place where dreams begin and even faith truly begins. Believing in the improbable if not impossible. If you dream it you can create it or build it and they will come energies.

(Autocorrect put in "a failure of the inaugeration" just now...Hahahaa!)

One instant and all is or could be shifted.  If not in this world, this dimension then in a future one where it slides over the past and present like a tectonic plate underneath our worlds.

I went out, into, and within, the full moon last night several times between 1 and 3 a.m. Even though it was a very small harvest moon (known as a micro moon due to its perigee (distance from earth by angle in the night sky etc.)

It was one of the most uniquely powerful experiences i have ever witnessed. Right up there with the eclipse.

Outside, bare feet, pajamas, no  wrap to keep me warm and not one sound except for the baying of a far away pack of coyotes.(ah that old trickster magic of creation and transformation not to mention the gift of alchemical fire into the world!)

Wthin split seconds, i  saw/felt/witnessed, the most miraculous visually magical transformation. The moon became one, than two, then three,then multitudes of fractal, concentically but only slightly overlapping full moon images.  It was beyond amazing!!

It felt and reminded me of the division of cells like you might see on a show about the growth of a one celled organism into hundreds and beyond. I thought of a one celled fertilization of human life into many cells as things transform and create the manifestation of a new being, a new life.

I saw the holy stained glass window at Notre Dame, the Rose Window, that miraculously  survived the terrible fire that has changed that holy and sacred place into a mere shadow of what it once was but that we all hope and believe will be re-created into a much more resilient and beautiful place in the future. The fractal pattern is often called "the flower of life". The first "real" moon was its center but below true center.

When my concious mind processed those thoughts into a meaningful symbols and thinking, I  was just overwhemed. I felt incredibly blessed.  I wanted to stay outside and be in that space and hold and maintain those energies forever! 

I finally came in and remembered to do what I've  done at full moons for decades. I filled a few jars with water to soak up the energies in the majestic light flow onto earth and the grass i was standing in. I felt like part of that light  stream in all ways. Just lovely.

I call my jars of full moon lit water my "holy water". Over time it evaporates bit by bit through the edges of the cap but I've literally had dozens of these jars at a time in my house. Wonderful for sprinkling positive energies, cleaning crystals if I choose that, or sharing  blessings. It gives me a lovely feeling to collect and have them in special corners that collect energy. My own unique feng shui 😉 holy water to re-create a magical moon energy 😊 

A more beautiful world can be created and it might be as complicated or as simple as the depth and breadth of a full moon to the creation of multiple universes or states of rebirth. And it may take the catalyst of symbolic but still terrible events like a lightning bolt from above, great transformative fire, and cascading waters to put the fire out and definitely dreams and visions and faith of the imagination to believe and to build into manifestation. 💜

Oh and I might add as a failure of the inauguration auto correct reminded  me, even our Coyote trickster behind his curtain braying in his perpetual full moon state of emotional mayhem energies has his own transforming powers. I know I will never be the same since that first earth shattering slide into White House home base....



Love, light, and healing prayers,
💜 MIchele

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