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08/30/2019 3:48 pm  

I have known for 10 years that my eldest daughter is both psychic and a strong empath person.  I have felt I am likely an empath too but have been reluctant to "label " myself as one because I thought I only had a few traits and to say I am truly empathic  could be a big overstatement.  While my daughter and I share empathic traits, I knew I did not share all of her traits.  

I have not known to what extent my youngest daughter may or may not be an empath.  Recently however, I have felt she might also be one.

Today I discovered a self diagnosis Empath test by Dr. Judith Orloff.   Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist and intuitive healer who specializes in treating empaths.

Holy Smokes Batman!!!

I am definitely an empath and now strongly believe my youngest is even more so than I am.  This would explain soooooooo much.  I thought I had a good working  understanding of empathic traits.

 Nope.  Just a beginner level here.  There is so much more going on with empaths than I originally understood.  I have much to learn.  All three of us share traits but we also have varying degrees of things going on and unique traits to each one of us as well.  I bet as more research takes place, even more characteristics will emerge with people who are empaths.

Here is a link to the self diagnosis test.  It is free.  You don't fill out anything,  just reflect on the questions listed. I hope it is ok to put the link here.  If not, please delete it Jeanne. 



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08/30/2019 4:24 pm  


Dr. Orloff also has a good book, "The Empath's Survival Guide", which might interest you.  The book contains the self-assessment quiz, as well as explaining the different types of empaths and ways to best protect yourself, while honoring and using your gifts in the best way.  There's a good section on raising and nurturing empathic children.

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08/31/2019 12:03 pm  

I got 15/20  - so I have strong empathic tendencies. This explains a great deal about my personality and how difficult some things are for me to deal with. Empathy is an extremely important trait that is sadly lacking in our world - but those of us who have strong empathic tendencies suffer too because of how much we feel. It's a really difficult way to live but better than the alternative. 

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08/31/2019 1:12 pm  


I'm 15/20 as well. I stay away from most crowds, especially grocery stores and malls during the holidays. People are incredibly stressed out during those times and I just get drained and anxious. Being empathic has helped me deal with family members who are autistic though. 

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08/31/2019 4:50 pm  

Interesting, I am also 15/20.

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08/31/2019 5:06 pm  

Thanks for posting the test.  I suspect that almost everyone in this community will test high in the scoring. It will help people to feel better about all the traits she's measuring.  The bottom line is that you have a gift and that gift can make it difficult socially for you.


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08/31/2019 5:24 pm  

I was told years ago when I started giving readings that we were a tribe who came here to help the people of this earth get through these times. I was told that we were from another dimension where we understood that everyone was connected, including the animals and trees, the seas and mountains, the sun and moon.  We not only understood the interconnectivity of all beings, but we felt it in our bodies and minds, and we resonated with the pain of animals and trees and people when they were suffering. 

This level of empathy is a higher vibration.  We are here to help others rise to that higher vibration.  Some of us may feel grounded and strong and be able to model fortitude through these times. Some of us may feel beaten down by the heavier vibrations we encounter here, even in our own families, and have all we can do to just keep going. Some of us may be somewhere in between - sometimes strong and wise, and other times, weak and despairing and everything in between. But all of us are here to model the gift of empathy that is naturally within our beings. 


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08/31/2019 6:34 pm  


That’s so beautiful, Jeanne.  I took a walk today along a winding dirt path among towering Douglas firs, woodland ferns, blackberry brambles and the occasional madrona tree.  It just felt so good to be in that space surrounded by those tall trees.  I did feel the connection.  Thank you Lovendures for the empath assessment.  I’m another 15/20.

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08/31/2019 7:43 pm  


Thank you for the site and test- I scored 18/20- no surprise to me or my family. They are constantly criticizing me for being "too sensitive" . Crowds are dreadful, as are loud noises. If anyone is upset with me and yelling etc... I feel physically ill. Mediation has helped me cope and keep it in check. It can be a challenge at times, but it is worth the work.

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08/31/2019 8:15 pm  


You are very welcome.

I love walking in the woods and through the trees.  It is difficult to do this time of year here in the desert southwest.  I do have pine, ash, citrus, elm and ficus trees and many bushes in my backyard and yes grass, which provide for a wonderful sanctuary for wildlife.  A hawk was in my yard last week and I continue to watch the 2 quail families which call my yard their home, grow.  There are 7 quail teenagers now.  I know we need to be water conscious but I also know my yard provides a refuge for wildlife.  During the hottest time of the day, I have counted over 30 birds of various varieties  resting in the shade of the tress on the grass, not moving a muscle conserving their energy. This is the first year I have noticed hummingbirds resting on tree branches too.

Yes, we are all connected .  My understanding of the depth of that connection  grows all the time.    I imagine it will continue to do so through out my life.

Fun fact.  My mom would scout out stores at the mall a day or 2 before we would shop for back to school clothes.    She would do this knowingI could only a handle a short amount of time before my energy would drain.  She would know what places would hold the most likelihood of me finding what I would need so we could make the best use of our time.  She also noticed I would feel the fabric of EVERY piece of clothing before I would agree to try something on.  

I always thought my mom was like the energizer bunny, sooo much energy.  It is true, she still has a surreal amount of energy but I now realized that it wasn't so much that I was a low energy type of kid, it was the fact that I was effected by the energy of the people present and all the activity I needed to navigate around.    

I am still sensitive to fabric textures.  I feel them first before trying them on.  

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08/31/2019 10:05 pm  

I've had a psychic lady once tell me I was an empath and a healer.

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09/01/2019 7:07 am  

Thank you @Lovendures for starting this thread. I am also 15/20. It certainly made things finally make some sense for me! I feel as though I had accepted stumbling through life feeling out of tune, lol. It has also brought some awareness about my little one. Thank you everyone for sharing, it is so wonderful to be on this forum. 

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09/01/2019 8:39 am  

16/20. some questions are interesting. Like the one on itchy clothes. I tend to take them off immediately and cannot wear synthetics at all. I feel like they affect my energy/vibration. But this is not what I want to say :)) I always felt like my psychic ability is due to my strong empathic senses. I know it through so many layers of my life. It starts from my ordinary daily human relations and senses about incidenta, spaces and places and goes all the way to what I feel on a much larger scale in planetary or universal sense. To be more specific, in example, I don't feel an earthquake itself - I either hear the earth telling me that "something" is going to happen (dreams, feelings, visions) or I feel the outcry of the people in the affected area at the instant the event is happening. Sometimes this is so strong that I can even sense which part of the world it is or show the direction. An example of this : as the earthquake outside of Istanbul which took more than 15 000 lives was about to happen in 1999, I was living in New York. The whole night, in my dream, ı flew over the city to look for a strange ( lots of people loud in upheaval together with a screeching sound ) sound to find out where it is coming from. It was not an uplifting flying dream at all, it was gruesome. When I woke up I heard about the earthquake and the whole day I got fixed on a direction and could feel peoples fears as the aftershocks came. Same happened with the tsunami in Indonesia. They all come with a very strong sense of fatigue and exhaustion and which causes real physical tiredness.

I always wondered : are we, people with psychic abilities, all like that or do our abilities differ in nature ? Because if they do, I think, by figuring out who is what, we can follow incidents in a much more effective way. E.g. some of us may point out things sometime before, some of us may track them within the butterfly effect and some of us may concentrate on them as they happen. Does this make sense ? or do I sound crazy ? Smile

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09/01/2019 9:29 am  

@lovendures, I am grateful to you for beginning this thread.  It's comforting to read all of the shared experiences.    

@jeanne-mayell, what a beautiful description of our tribe.  I'm printing it out and hanging it in my work/play room.  The gift of empathy is something to be honored, not labeled as being "too sensitive."   There is enormous strength and wisdom contained in our empathic natures.  In terms of how I deal with it, I'm probably right in middle -- presently I feel physically beaten down, and yet strong and hopeful in spirit.  Now if only I could integrate the two!  

I scored 19/20 on the assessment quiz.  Funny -- I worked for years in a stressful, corporate environment.  Considering my sensitive nature I still functioned well in my job, but I ended up on disability -- 3X.  Duh ... explains a lot!   

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09/01/2019 11:02 am  

Wow - that was an interesting test! I knew I was an empath  - I got 18/20! What is interesting is the older I get (I just joined the 60's club!) the more empathic I become or should I say certain situations bother me more - like not being able to be around toxic and energy drainers, not being able to cope well in large settings or crowds, and often feeling like I don't fit in. I've always had these feelings, but lately they have become more intense. The good news is that my third eye is also opening more, and I'm able to 'know' what's going to happen more than ever before.

Thank you Lovendures for sharing this test and for opening this thread.



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@numerologist, like you, I also have become more empathic as I've aged.  I'm 67 now.  There were a few items on the test that never bothered me when I was younger -- e.g., I loved living in the city, including all of the people and activity.  The same was true walking around large shopping malls.  Not true now.  I now live in a smaller (although too crowded) town outside a larger city.  While I sometimes enjoy visiting the city, it can only be in very small doses.  And shopping malls make me ill.  I also never used to be sensitive to chemicals, perfumes, medications, and certain fabrics -- again, that has changed, especially in my late 40's, as I entered perimenopause.

Which leads me to my next question -- as a woman, do our empathic and psychic traits intensify as we enter menopause?   I believe that they do.

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09/02/2019 10:03 am  

Interestingly enough, for me, some of those questions I could answer yes or no, depending on perspective. Crowds for example. I love some crowds, they give me energy. For example, I love being in big crowds on a beach boardwalk, or at a concert or theater. Basically places where large crowds gather to have fun. Parties, or shopping at the mall at Christmas-totally different story. I get my Christmas shopping done in September or October, so if I have to go to the mall, I don't have to feel stressed myself. 

I have a very logical mind, so things like startling easy or multi-tasking are not issues for me most of the time.  It's those kinds of no answers that always had be question if I was an empath, but I can look back on my life and see that I am one, tho maybe a little different from many who can't seem to compartmentalize for self protection.  

As for the connectivity, I had one of the most amazing visuals when in meditation 20 years ago or so. I was floating in space, and viewing an intricate pattern of gold chains that connected in a geometric pattern or web, with each intersection marked by a precious gem. I could see how we all had our spot (gem) where we were connected to this grid even tho it surrounded the entire universe. We each had our own intersection and gem to which we could connect. In researching to try and figure out what this was, it resonated with me when I heard the term Christ Consciousness Grid. I don't know if that's what it was, but being a Christian, it resonated because Christ espoused how we should all be kind, compassionate and forgiving to each other, not judgmental, or abusive. I liked that everyone has access and if they wish, the ability to connect and regenerate or center themselves. I actually tried to paint it in a very simplistic form decades ago it made that much of an impression. 

It's funny that I'm repeatedly seeing the term energy vampire. I do go and seek silence or refuge of watching a movie or using the computer in my room after a day of taking care of my parents. The other night I had a dream about my older sister. Even tho she's terminal, I had to cut off most contact with her in the last few years because I just can't handle her narcissistic abuse and stay balanced enough to deal with my parents. She was in my dream, and was being kept away from me by angels and guides, who were telling me it was necessary since she was an energy vampire. LOL 

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09/02/2019 11:05 am  

Hi to all of my fellow empaths out there! Thanks for starting this topic. It is interesting to hear about the similarities and differences between how we cope with being an empath. I have been reading about being an empath for years since figuring out what was going on with me. I only realized it after my kids got old enough that I could come up for air and had the time to devote to other things. I scored a 16 on the test. I feel like I am at a point that I understand what I need to do to protect my energy most of the time. I just try to make time to withdraw and have quiet time or spend time in nature to recharge. I meditate regularly. As far as why we are empaths, my theory in my case is that I needed to have such abilities to navigate a difficult family situation in my youth. Now it is just how I am and I accept it. 

It is only in the last couple of years that I have consciously tried to explore any abilities that I might have with regard to sensing the future. I definitely feel like there are times when I sense things more strongly than others and that the ability to do so is improving with age and practice. 

Regarding energy vampires, has anyone watched the tv show, “What We Do in the Shadows”? It is a dark comedy about vampire roommates and includes an energy vampire and an emotional vampire. I had a really good laugh at some of the things that they did with that. It is very creative and is based on a movie of the same name from a few years ago. 


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09/02/2019 5:21 pm  


Fascinating thread! And Cindy, your response really resonated. I also could answer several questions one way or another, depending on the situation/perspective. I also think I have learned to compartmentalize well. But when I really think about the questions, I score a solid 15. Interesting!! My younger daughter is clearly also an empath. I feel like my intuition has definitely taken a backseat in the last number of years due to the daily chaos of raising kids...but as they get older, I often wonder/watch for that to change. Thanks to you all for your posts - I learn so much when I read here.

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I think I had almost all of them but I always thought those were characteristics of an introvert and that was my personality. I can socialize but people do exhaust me. I feel very connected to people at the same time...and can usually "tune in" and feel their vibration/what they are about. Sometimes that is good but not all the time. I am learning to trust my gut/intuition when it comes to situations with other people. 

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