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Dylatov Pass Incident - February 1-2, 1959  


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02/21/2020 1:08 pm  

Hello Everyone - I haven't posted in about a year, but would like to get your opinions about the above topic.  It concerns 10 Russian hikers, most of them college kids.  They went on a hike in the Ural Mountains to get an advanced hiking certificate.  One of them dropped out and went home.  The rest continued.  Along the way they got off course a little bit.  On February 1 they set up camp on a mountain then everything went out of control.  When rescuers came, they found the hikers ripped their tent from the inside and left it.  They were wearing very little clothing and some had no boots.  Their bodies were recovered, but some of them had horrific injuries that the Soviets couldn't explain (there's plenty about it on YouTube)  There were many strange things going on that night. 

It's strange … I haven't thought about this story in a long time and a few days ago it popped into my head.  Now I'm totally engrossed and feel such a deep sadness for the 9 hikers.

Could the group do a reading about this to shed light on what really happened to them?  I would really appreciate your insights.

Thank you.



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02/21/2020 2:05 pm  


Oof, i don’t have a lot of confidence in my remote viewing.  However, I tried remote viewing this incident and believe these young people were injured by a nuclear accident or explosion above them, which caused their fractures and internal injuries.  In the hours after the blast, they were also affected by severe radiation and removed their heavy protective clothing while trying to cool their bodies.  In their delirium, they wandered in the snow and succumbed to hypothermia.  I didn’t see anyone else nearby.  The woman whose tongue was cut out either did it herself or someone did it for her because her swelling tongue was making it hard to breathe.  Horrific and tragic.  Like the Chernobyl accident, the Soviets covered this up.


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02/21/2020 2:46 pm  


A few years ago I saw a remote viewing website that had done a remote viewing on the same topic and got something similar to what you got.  How interesting.  You have so many wonderful gifts, perhaps remote viewing is another one. 


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02/23/2020 11:48 pm  

Ditto what @lovendures wrote about @bluebelle.  Such a tragedy.